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Originally Posted by courtenay_e View Post
A couple of midwives I know suggest benedryl to help you sleep through prodromal labor at night. I wish I would have known them when I was pregnant with my two! I had six weeks of it with both of them, and by the time they were born, all I wanted to do was count fingers and toes, kiss the top of their head, put them to the breast in side lying, and go to SLEEP!!! It is exhausting, demoralizing, frustrating, and a hundred other things I can't put words to (was for me, anyway!). On the other hand, when I went into active labor, I had them fairly easily. I wish that for you, too, mama. Break a leg (sorry, we have thespians in the family, so I can't wish you luck...how about this, break a bag of water!!!). You'll do GREAT!
Wow, how funny - I was going to include something about Benadryl in my post but for whatever reason I didn't; guess it was because you had just done so!
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Just wanted to send you some good vibes in your laboring efforts! I can't imagine going to 44 weeks! I carried my baby 42 wks and 1 day and then I was ready to get her OUT! Are you going in for another NST or have you been monitoring baby with a doppler?

I really hope you are able to get some rest! I wish you a beautiful, easy birthing!
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Saw this thru new posts, and am subbing. I'm worried, and hoping to hear everything went ok.
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hey mama!! i am thinking of you, sending you lots of love and strength!!

i went to nearly 43 weeks, and i know the feeling of "labor" all night makes you CLINICALLY INSANE :

......love and strength, trust in the Universe...love and strength, trust in the Universe........ s
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Good Luck!
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Sending bunches of positive vibes your way. Hugs and strength Momma, you are doing great...
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Just started following, have read all your posts, lots of prayers for you and baby! You are so strong and amazing and you CAN do this!!
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Originally Posted by Nora'sMama View Post
Hi, I have been watching this thread and thinking of you, OP, although I don't "know" you online! I hope you have your sweet baby in your arms very soon.

I was wondering, are you monitoring with a Doppler? Have you considered going in for a non-stress test and leaving as soon as you see that the baby is fine?
Thanks for the good vibes and thoughts everyone. Every time I log on I can't believe all the support on this thread!

I had a NST on Friday and baby is perfect! I have felt baby moving around today. Maybe my doula can come by tomorrow and take a listen for me. She's great.

I've tried to sleep twice tonight and have been woken up by contractions that hurt. I'm having a hard time not tensing up. I feel so so so sore! I'm trying to stop them so I can sleep! I just had a yummy hot chocolate, and am about to take a hot bath and have some wine. We cleaned the spa tonight, so I'm jumping in that tomorrow. I need a break to make it thru when the contractions pick up again! I never take medications, but if I don't get sleep, I will look into the Benadryl. I rather that than a c/s b/c of exhaustion!

I will keep you all posted as usual. I don't know where I'd be w/o MDC. The knowledge, support, information and inspiration of all the mamas here is priceless!

Thank you.
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I'm still up, although I sure don't have the excuse you have!

I'm really glad to hear the NST was great and that baby is moving around a lot. Is your doula going to be with you while you are in active labor?
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You're doing so beautifully My VBAC labour was a week of gentle stuff then 50-something hours of mostly strong labour, it's a pretty common pattern. Your baby and your body know just what to do! I'm so looking forward to your announcement
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I got a little rest, but by 3 am, contractions were coming on again and have worked their way to 5 minutes apart. I have been resting in between, then flipping over to knees and elbows, breathing through the peak and then sticking my bum in the air almost as to stretch my uterus...kinda feels like needing to stretch a spasming muscle, ykwim? I called my doula...she's coming over to listen to heart tones. I just am at a loss. I have done positive affirmations before and all during this pregnancy. Dh was telling me last night my body knows what it's doing and I totally agree. The thought that keeps coming in my head though is that even if my body knows what it's doing it may not be what I want...but what it and the baby needs...and that's where I'm at a loss at this point. I do trust my body and the baby, but I'm really trying to tune in to what they are trying to tell me at this point...
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This sounds a lot like the VBAC that I saw--days and days of contractions. It was a very long labor, almost as if the mama's body needed to take it slowly, so it did.

Let us know what your doula says, and try sleeping/resting between contractions all throughout the day too. Sleep when you can.

DARN! This is my husband's username. Sorry about that. It's onlyboys!
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as if the mama's body needed to take it slowly,
Just what I was going to say! It sounds as if your body knows that you need a slow dilation/effacement/etc. Hope this morning is relaxing for you...enjoy this lovely weather and send the kids out to play...I'm still thinking of you and hoping for your sake we hear good news soon
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I don't want to scare you but just prepare you, the VBAC that I attended as a Doula was long (like another mama mentioned). I think it lasted somewhere around 50 hours with contractions 5 mins apart. Again, I'm not trying to scare you but just prepare you for what you may be facing. In the end the VBAC was a huge success, I'm sure yours will be too. Just rest as much as possible because the majority of VBACs tend to be slow. Your body is laboring the way it needs to. Focus on getting rest and keeping your body relaxed and loose. You can do it mama!
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sending prayers your way. Mama. It's sounds like a healthy, slow labor maybe what you both need. nice slow build up, you know?

I've have several very slow days long labors. Frustrating at the time, but in the weeks and years since it's very clear that that was the birth we all needed.

Long labors aren't scarey. I'd take a week long labor over my 40min labor any day of my life. I'd say the same as a doula. well paced where mom is on top of things. As long as she's eating, bathrooming, resting and patient for letting it unfold as it does....it's ok.

One positive is that it gives you lots of time to think and adjust and enjoy (and eat). I hope you are taking pictures No time for that in a 30-40min birth.
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You are an inspiration! Keep up the good work. Your baby and body know what they're doing, even if it's driving you nuts!

I had a slow start/stop/this-has-to-be-it-sometime labor with this last baby, and it was tiring - and I didn't go nearly as long as you have. I'm so glad I ran across your thread, I'm just sad I didn't 'meet' you sooner. You are a great mom and mdc-er to share this experience with us.

I hope you are in the midst of the flurry of labor right now or are even holding your new babe in your arms as I write. What a strong woman you are already. Lots of luck to you!
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did you get your hands on some of that earth mama oil?? gosh...i dont know where you live or how fast i could get some to you, by the time it arrived it would probably be too late because its the weekend plus columbus day on monday. i wish you were my neighbor, i would come sit with you!!

come on little one! the world is waiting for you! you must have lots of wonderful things to teach us about patience. here's to open minds and hearts! this little one is trying to remind us crazy adults that life is not about planning and scheduling.
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Hi Mama
Time to pop in and say hello! was not a HBAC but I did have prodomal labor (five minute apart cx) with both kids; Kiera lasted three months (no, I am NOT kidding - I was on bed rest) and Devin's lasted about a month. I just tried to ignore them as much as I could; I know it is so hard to believe it is possible. Try to tune in to your little one as I know you are doing and just know it will happen and it will be wonderful. Take good care...
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Another one of the "prodromol labor" mamas. The good news for me at least is that once things finally "kick in" (after nights of contractions) is they go quickly. My blessing is that so may it be by you.
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Prodromal labor here, too, then a nice smooth birth when my body and baby were ready. I'm checking in a lot and hoping your little one is safely in your arms soon!
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