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Originally Posted by ~MoonGypsy~ View Post
Oh January! My heart sank when I saw this was your post.

Have you tried contacting any other MWs? It is illegal in AZ for them to assist a VBAC, but I don't get why she's dropping you after going out on a limb to begin with? That really is a huge bummer.

Is there anything you need? Anything moving along?
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ooooh I hope so! I am rooting for you big time!
Many manyprayers coming your way and when your done with those labor vibes, send them my way
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Mimiharshe!! You have been on my mind since I read your post an hour or so ago, and I had to get back on hte computer to write to you. My heart goes out to you and I hope at this very moment that your body and baby have synched up to do the deed.

I know how it feels to be at odds with the medical establishment. DS was breech until very late (37 or 38wks), and breech at onset of labor is an automatic c-section in washington where I live. Scared the bee-jeezus out of me. I did everything I could to work around the system, and luckily I was able to get him to turn using yoga so I didn't have to resort to subversion.

I am worried about you, though! Even though I don't know you and it's none of my business (funny thing about this community! It inspires one to reach out!! ) I felt that someone on this board should issue the word of caution.

No one wants an unnecessary c-section if they can prevent it. And you are the best judge of how you and the baby are fairing, I agree. But be cautious that what you are doing _is_ risky and beware the you may want a homebirth so bad that it may cloud your judgement about what is safe for you and the baby and what isn't. There are cases where c-sections are necessary- where they really save lives, not just liability. And it sounds to me like you may be walking that line. I urge you to be viligiant to signs of hazard and not do a homebirth at all costs. If you feel there is anything not right, please remember that allopathic medicine is good at crisis medicine and should be used in those events.

I hope I didn't rain on your parade. It just struck me that it's easy to root for someone who is bucking the system. But it's easy for us to do that when we don't have any responsability. We would never know if something went awry. Please do let us know how your'e doing. You're going to be on my mind, I know.

I am sending labor vibes your way.
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My mw (in phx also) gave me a deadline :

Baby came by it, actually. 43.5w by lmp, 42w by ultrasound done at 20w.

DP and I had talked about a UC since we were so "late".

I actually had an u/s the day I went into labor, the day before dd's bday, to quell the fears of those around, even our mw. Our apprentice mw was cool and calm and trusting of my feelings.

My placenta (looked great on last u/s) was FOUR pounds. Largest and healthiest my mw's had ever seen. Duh, I said. I knew that

Your baby will come, and it will be beautiful, peaceful and wonderful. You're in my thoughts mama.
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"beautiful, peaceful, wonderful"! : )
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Not normally a poster here, but wanted to let you know you're in my thoughts as I'm in a *kind of* similar situation. I am 37w5d with my second, and this is my 1st homebirth. We just finished paying for our midwife, and at the end of the appt, she "dropped" the fact that 2 days past my due date, she's going on vacation. For a week. She "insisted" I would have him by then, but come on????!!!! No one short of God can accurately date a birth.

Once the shock cleared, I phoned her and asked about alternate midwives since she'd insisted that "I'd have a midwife...it just might not be her." I had told my husband earlier in the day that I would come to peace with the situation on one premise....a particular midwife she sometimes does back-up work for had to be the one. Well, she listed a couple of names, one being the one I'd insisted on. I'm still waiting to hear back from the 2nd midwife, but I feel a sense of peace. At first I was angry about the whole scenario (what was she thinking?!?!?!) and felt so let down and betrayed. But then it occured to me. In some ways, I haven't totally felt comfortable/gelled with this midwife, and neither has my husband. There are things that just don't mesh and have come between us. It occured to me that maybe the plan for my birth is actually different than I'd expected, and I'm intended to have this second midwife. Maybe the plan for my future was to meet this woman....who knows?!?!? I guess only time will tell.

I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone. It's so hard to see the purpose of things when you're going through it, but there's always a reason. My mom keeps telling me, "God has a plan for you." Only time will tell what that plan is, but I'm trying to reach an inner peace about things that have become out of my control.

Wishing you happy labor vibes.....
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i have been thinking about yoiu since I read your post.

How are you?

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Thinking of you, Mama. How are you?
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wishing you a peaceful, beautiful birth. i'm sure i'm not alone when i say i can not wait to read your birth story!
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Originally Posted by multiplemomma78 View Post

Has she tried to strip your membranes while using evening primrose oil? I know that can work if your mw knows what she's doing and if your body is teetering on the edge. I completely agree with not doing anything like the cohoshes and castor oil, but what about homeopathics? My mw suggests some that can work and should be gentle enough even though you are a vbac.
Oh my, I wouldn't do that. If you strip the membranes your water could break, and having a foreign substance in there could introduce bacteria and cause you to have an infection.

So far, it sounds like your decisions are really good ones. It is entirely possible that they miscalculated yor due date, and that your baby is just not done yet...

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Good luck, Mama! Thinking of you.
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I'm changing my due date!

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I'd go with 2.

Sending positive vibes your way, mama! Keep up the faith! You will know what is best for you and your little one.
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Oh My, choices

Either one, really. I think the main concern with "getting a baby out" (I hate that phrase) by the due date has to do with a worry about amniotic fluid being enough. So, I suppose if you remember to drink your water, you should be fine. I would also keep track (mentally, not with a chart or anything like that) that the babies kicking, squirming around patterns are the same (which I am sure they are).

My Mother always says that babies come out when they are ready. Personally, I think forcing a child into the world with bestow issues both physical and emotional upon them. (This is excluding medical emergencies).

I wish you the best birthing experience Mama, for you and your little one.
Don't let all this bother you too much! This is your last chance (this pregnancy anyway) to just *be* pregnant. Pay attention to your body, be amused by it's awkward heaviness, and be delighted in it's beautiful roundness. (Can you tell I miss being pregnant?)

Plus, a UC sounds really fun! Especially with a Doula you are excited about. That is *exactly* what I want next time. If you have an emergency situation (you wont) you can just say that the baby started coming really fast, the MW didn't make it, but the Doula lived closer. They won't go out of their way to get to your MW, since they wont have any need for her. I would, though, make sure your DH and Doula knew all the pertinent information, like your blood type, and allergies and anything else medically important.

Lots of Love,
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I like #2.

I've tried to be very vague about my dd and I've always added that I'm a 41 weeker. I don't want anyone wondering why I'm 'still here' ykwim?

Here's hoping you have a great UC!
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Wooo MimiHarshe!

You can totally do this! I really hope that everything goes wonderfully for you because I want to use your story as an example to DH so that I can convince him a homebirth after c-section is not only possible, but wonderful and beautiful.

Good luck. Stay strong.
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I actually came here for your friend Lynsey. She called me from Disney and is wishing you the very best right now. Good luck January. Sending you peaceful relaxing vibes. In my experience it's the only way to go into labor. That or maybe a night out with some girl friends and a margharita sp? I suggested that to several of my doula clients and withing hours of the drink and socialization they went into labor. I think it's because of the relaxation. If you have to choose an option, either would work!

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I have been keeping up with this thread for a couple of days now. Just wanted to add that I too am thinking of you and sending lots of "come on out and meet your mama!" vibes your way!
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Originally Posted by Jlcampbellkidz View Post
I suggested that to several of my doula clients and withing hours of the drink and socialization they went into labor. I think it's because of the relaxation. If you have to choose an option, either would work!

That's funny, and it might work. For my part, though, I thought I was going into labor during a major storm and I had a drink to stop it. I would also have a little bit if my BH contrax got uncomfy.

However, now that you have a plan, there's no need to rush the baby. It'll be here soon enough...

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