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Midwife is "dropping" me from care...UPDATED PICTURES....Post 274 - Page 3

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Good luck sweetie!! I was a VBAC and asked about going "late" right off the bat. My first mw's in an OB office would get push back at 40 weeks and I'd have to do testing, etc. I ended up changing mw's and delivered spontaneously 16 days after my due date.

UC always freaked me out a little because although birth is inherently safe, sometimes problems do happen and I wasn't comfortable ignoring that. My little one got stuck on the way out - shoulder dystocia. Thank GOD I wasn't in a hospital though! Since I had no drugs, they moved me into a different position and reached up and rotated her shoulders and out she came. Then she decided not to breath for the first 5 min or so so they breathed for her - but since her cord was still intact, she got oxygen from me. So I was grateful for not being in a hospital, but very grateful that I still had skilled hands at the ready when needed!

Take heart and good luck!!
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I can't wait to hear about your beautiful home birth, mama.

Keep relaxing. Your baby knows the time.
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Congrats January. What a relief it must be to have a plan and not have to stress about it.
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Good for you for taking control of your birth, mama!
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She was relieved this morning when I talked to her and said that you were still doing well. She was going to try to find an internet access place to check her emails. I know she wishes she could be there with you and take those gorgeous birth pictures that she does.

I am excited for you and hoping that this will happen soon for you so you can enjoy that sweet new baby. I am sure your kids are anxious to meet thier new sibling.
I have 3 1/2 months left till my little one is due and my girls can't stop asking if he is big enough to come out yet. I've tried telling them it will be well after Christmas but that just doesn't seem to suffice at this point.

I'll be praying for you and watching for your labor or birth post.
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Mimiharshe? Any word? She hasn't posted since yesterday morning... does that mean she went into labor??!!
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I've been following this post as well...happy peaceful labor vibes to you Mama!
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I've noticed she has been quiet too. I hope you are holding your sweet new babe right now and that you had the birth you dreamed of and planned for!!!
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Could this be labour?

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Originally Posted by mimiharshe View Post
I just keep visualizing a waterfall that my baby is gently flowing down into a large circular pool of water (my cervix dilating) and coming up into my arms. It's beautiful. I do hope things pick up soon. I will keep you all posted. Your encouraging words and support are part of my strength. Thank you!

what a beautiful birth image.

wishing you a wonderful birth.
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Thinking of you and sending beautiful labor vibes. :
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That is so exciting!

Oh, I miss giving birth......
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I haven't read all of the posts but good for you for trusting in your body! You can do this! I'm sending you positive labor vibes!
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WOOHOO!!! Sending every positive vibe I can. Happy birthing Mama!!!
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Thinking of you! My HBAC baby was born a long 17 days after my due date. What finally worked for us was not doing the dishes before bed. We had been doing them every night so the mw wouldn't see dirty dishes in the sink. Of course, the one night we didn't do the dishes.......
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Happy laboring! Stay rested, hydrated and positive! Your body is doing this!
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January, I've been following your story and sending you positive birthing vibes. Can't wait to read your birth story!
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Yay Janauary! You can do it! This is so exciting.
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