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Saying goodbye to personal care (hair dye, nail tips, etc)

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Last time when I was preg with Violet (17 months) I stopped getting my hair highlighted and nails done.

I WOH as a teacher and the district (middle school) I am in is _very_ fashionable. 90% of the female teachers all have cute pedicures when they wear sandals etc... (I do too- I get the best designs on my toes :P)

I like getting low lights/ high lights and I like my tips.. It is a nice thing and its a confidence thing with me (nonono no dr phil therapy here :P)

What are your thoughts on being pregnant and continuing to dye your hair and get nails done? And I HAVE to keep getting my eyebrows waxes to prevent unibrow
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I'm a teacher too (high school), although my district isn't that fashionable. I'm comfortable having my hair dyed while pregnant. I can't speak to nails, though; I can't get them done even when not pregnant because the fumes bother me.
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I've always been told it's ok as long as you're not letting it sit on your head for EVER, and make sure you're getting good ventilation as well. I actually went through a 3 hour hair color/cut while I was pregnant with DD, and she's the healthiest happiest baby.
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There are some easier/less fumey ways to do this. I have a friend who just shaped and painted her own nails when the smells started getting to her - much less intense and MUCH cheaper. OR have a girlfriend do it. It's not perfect, but she thought it was more fun.

As for eyebrows, you can tweeze as well. I usually tweeze every couple of days just to make sure my uni doesn't come back. I honestly wouldn't think twice about hair dye. If the fumes bother/worry you, get one of those painter's masks at Lowe's and put a couple of drops of lavender essential oil on it or something.
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Brow waxing never even occurred to me as something to cut out...I can't imagine it would be harmful, the wax doesn't even smell (not to me, at least) and it's on and off so quickly.

I don't usually wear nail polish, so that's not a biggie for me. My first pregnancy, I avoided getting my hair coloured, but I think this time I will probably have it done once or twice after the first trimester is over. Definitely will have it done close to my due date for a pick-me-up and so I don't feel like a total grunge in the weeks after baby is born!
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I think getting your hair highlighted is fine when pregnant -- you just wouldn't want to be around the chemicals every day. I know my hairdresser stopped doing color on other people when she was pregnant because she would be around it all day, every day.

I did get some pedis last pregnancy, too. Not something I regularly do -- maybe twice a year. I don't remember the smells bothering me. I figure that our bodies tell us what is OK and not, so if the smells get to you while you are waiting, then don't do it. If the smells don't bother you, go for it.
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I've heard that highlighting is okay because it doesn't touch your scalp (much) and isn't on that long. With my first, I didn't dare do it - and now, looking at pics of when she was born, I looked like absolute hell!

My compromise this time is that I'll wait until after the first trimester. I only have to get my hair highlighted about 3 times a year, so I'll only end up doing it once during the pregnancy, so that can't be too bad.

As for nails - I LOVE fake nails and I would do them in a second, but I just don't have the time for the upkeep. On the bright side, my real nails are becoming a bit more impressive due to my prenatals though!
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I do don't do any of that when I'm pregnant, but I am super paranoid.
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I won't touch highlights even when not pregnant, so I'm not the one to ask there.

Wax - petrochemical, but ya know, I don't think I'd worry too much - maybe there's a place that would do sugaring instead, or use a beeswax base? But, really, I wouldn't worry anyway. And that's coming from someone who wouldn't touch hair dye

I don't like colored nails, period, but then I have really nice nails undone and unpolished . . . I don't know what to suggest, actually - a manicure doesn't have to contain nail polish. I can't imagine that there aren't any ecofriendly, more natural nail polishes on the market yet though . . . aren't there mineral polishes or something?

There's my non-help of the day for ya
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Oh - I bet you could use henna hair dye. You might have to get a friend to do it though Check around to see if you have any hippie-ish, crunchy-ish salons in your area (they could exist, I don't know for sure though . . .)
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I do it.
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I know some salons will pluck eyebrows instead of waxing, so that's a possibility.

Not sure on the hair dye (I don't color), but if I wanted to do it, I would probably at least wait until the second trimester.

For nail polish, it may be more than just the fumes. I read a while back that nail polish has pthalates in it, and I think there's some concern it can be absorbed into the body. But I don't have a lot of info on it (can't even remember now where I read it ). I also read that Whole Foods carries pthalate-free nail polish, so I bought a bottle of that. Of course, when I take it to the salon for the rare pedicure, they still put a bunch of other stuff on my nails, so it probably doesn't make a difference .
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I use semi-permanent, non-ammonia dye while pg.
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I don't dye my hair but I did stop getting my nails done when I was pregnant. I can't imagine why waxing would be harmful, though. I did that through my first pregnancy.
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