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Hooray! Back from the ped...

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My daughter Ruby had her 2 month check up today and since she was not offered the hep B vax at birth, I was really stressing out about the shots. I read as many threads as I could and last night I looked at the mmwr report for some stats so I would be prepared. I was thinking of selectively vaxxing but realized I didn't know enough about any. When the doc asked I simply said what many of you have advised "I am delaying until I finish researching".

The response I got was great! She said she understood and wanted me to do research. I asked her if she knew any good websites. (She gave me one that did not give many facts...played on fear). The only vax she pushed for was Prevnar, and in a gentle way. I declined.

I feel so relieved...after reading some of the posts on here I was expecting a big fight. In fact, according to my neighbor, the peds partner (who is also her husband) is wayyy more of a bully about vaccinations.

I am thinking of writing a thank you letter to her for not bullying me . I know if i do decide to vax, it was because it was MY decision, not something I felt I had to do. Thank you to Mothering.commune and to previous posters for giving me the courage to delay (possibly forever) vaccinations and for showing me the resources I need to become a better informed mom!
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womnderful news!!!!!
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Oooooh. Writing a short letter of appreciation sounds like an excellent idea !!

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Excellent idea !!

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I think that's fantastic. I had similar fears about DS's 2 month appt, and also got a very positive reaction from our ped when I said we were delaying. Good for you, and good luck with your research.
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