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Originally Posted by Queen of Cups View Post
I've never had a bad experience. I've nursed my three year old in public even! And, I've tandem nursed my kids in public once or twice, I think. I did find nursing shirts to be very helpful in that instance.

oh, yes.
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Can't think of a single bad experience, and my 3.5 year old still insists on nursing outside the home sometimes (more at people's houses than in actual public though).
I have nursed on the arrival hall in Heathrow Airport, in line with a few thousand people, on planes, in a business meeting, in a bar and various more normal places.

Of course I have never nursed in the US, that might have helped.
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Nope. Mostly neutral, occasionally positive. I nursed at the dentist's office the other day while I was getting my teeth cleaned (this wasn't my plan... I did bring books in!), and my hygienist, who has a little 4MO nursling at home, talked to me about and asked me questions about EBF!
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I've nursed for six years, no problems. Lots of inquisitive toddlers and a few nosy grandmother and men have looked in the sling but no negative comments beyond, OH!
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I've been nursing on and off for almost 4 yrs now- never had a bad experience.
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Never a problem here, either. I like to think that the kinds of problems I read here are the exceptions, not the rule.
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oh never mind
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So far so good!
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I'll take topless breastfeeding over clothed formula feeding any day of the week.

Whatever it takes to keep the breastmilk flowing...
ITA -- I would rather see MORE of a nurseing momma and a lot less of fourmual !!!!!
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up untill yesterday I could have said me but low and behold...I was asked to cover up last night at dinner. :
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I'm been nursing almost 5 years straight and never had a problem in public.
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I never had anyone even look at me strangely. We nursed for 5.5 years, but I think she stopped asking in public at about 4.
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No comments in the 9-1/2 months we've been nursing!
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Nope, never. I was a bit nervous myself when starting out, but I've never received a negative look or comment. Well, when I was first starting out I tried to nurse DS under a blanket and a woman told me to stop that silliness (using a blanket). Does that count?
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Never. DD is 18 mos. and we NIP, NEVER had one neg. comment, have had a few posative ones though. And now I am NIPping and visably pregnant, LOL, still nothing...
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I've been NIP for the last two months and haven't had anything weird happen to me! I went to the Columbus Zoo and a woman told me it was nice to see a mother nursing her baby.. she did with all of hers too.
I hope to God that I never have a bad experience.
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Never a bad experience in five years (and counting) of nursing!
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I've been nursing for a total of 6 years (spread out over 10 years) and never had a negative comment until a few weeks ago. So, I probably shouldn't be posting on this thread, BUT. . . I wouldn't classify it as a completely bad experience. After all, I've been eagerly waiting for some idiot somewhere to say something .

In this case, I was nursing my 3 mo old in the furniture section of a large thrift store when an employee came over and announced there was to be no breastfeeding in the facility. As I was calmly reassuring him several times that it was indeed my baby's right to nurse where ever she pleased, an elderly woman came over and started yelling at him that BFing was perfectly natural and that he was the one with the problem. How cool was that? The employee then threatened, "I'm going to go get my supervisor! Is that what you want?" Um, yeah, that's exactly what I want . And I admit I was rather disappointed when he never came back.

I took my purchases to a cashier and explained to her that some employee and freaked out on me for BFing and she said, "Oh dear. I just don't know why Americans can't get over it." She got a supervisor for me and he was very apologetic, asking if I wanted to file a formal compliant and explaining that most of the furniture employees are hired for their brawn and not brains .

So, what do you say, was that a bad experience or a good one ?
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7.5 years of bf so far, and never a problem.
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Thankfully, never a bad reaction to DD NIP
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