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Did your babies cry when they were born?

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I was just watching a Baby Story. I think the mom was delivering in a Birth Center. It was a water birth and seemed very unassisted. The dad caught the baby. Anyway, when dad and mom pulled the baby out of the water he opened his eyes and just starred at his mom. It just really made me tear up because it was so beautiful.

I thought, "wow, they aren't even making him cry" the midwife did take him after about a minute of him starring at mom and rub his back which caused him to scream seconds later... Mom seemed kind of annoyed IMO but what do I know.

Anyway, I delivered in the hospital both times but the babes were put on my chest. Not held upside down and spanked or anything... They both cried right away.

Is it normal for them not to? I have never even thought about this until now is why I ask. I thought it was really neat!
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My dd came right out screaming at the top of her lungs before they even placed her on my chest. It still makes me laugh because my dh was the only one that I wanted in the room with me for her actual birth, but my mom was sitting right outside the door and we could hear her running up the steps to the room where my dad was to tell him before we even got a chance to tell her it was a girl because she was so excited that her first grandbaby was born
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Shoot, one of mine started screaming before she was even completely born. and she continued screaming for the next year too
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My first two screamed almost immediately after the shock of their entry into the world hit their system. My third....it took quite a while for him to cry. I'd say at least a minute or two. He just looked around for a bit while I held him. It's funny...he's a very laid back child as well.
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My DD just looked at me like, "Oh, there you are." Then she looked at DH like, "Hi Dad." She was just calmly taking it all in. She cried after several minutes.
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My DS never cried at all. He came out bright eyed and looking all around. Very peaceful. Nobody made him cry either. I imagine it was just his temperment, as he never cried as a baby or toddler either. Hope I'm so lucky this time around
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My baby let out a cry at first, and then went on to wimpering. It was nice that he cried, b/c he was born by c-section, and b/c of the screen I couln't tell what ws happeing. there was a lot of tugging and what not, and the doctor commented on how the baby didn't want to come out.So when I heard the little scream I knew he had been born.
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Originally Posted by JessicaTX View Post
Shoot, one of mine started screaming before she was even completely born. and she continued screaming for the next year too
Yup, this was my dd too!
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I have a picture of my DS taken when he was only half-way out of me...his mouth is WIDE open in a huge scream. They put him on my chest and I started talking to him, thinking when he heard Mama's voice he would immediately calm down and gaze lovingly at me. Uh, nope. He was majorly pissed that he had been yanked out of his comfy home and he let everyone know it.
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I think he cried...how pathetic is it that I don't remember? I was in a whole different world, I think (and that was drug-free - imagine how out of it I would have been if I were on meds, LOL!). He certainly has a pout on in the pics of him at 1-2 minutes old, so I suppose he must have been crying!
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Krista cried instantly. I will NEVER forget that, because I was induced 5 weeks early with her, and the dr. had warned us that her lungs may not be developed enough to cry. So, the second I heard that sound I was SOOOO relieved!!!!
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#1 cried and she was born in a hospital. #2 and #3 did not cry and were born unassisted. Dh rubbed their backs and then they cried but only for a second.
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Ds didn't b/c he was unconscious and needed oxygen and for a minute there people really thought he wasn't going to ever cry.

Dd cried before she even was all of the way out. Which the Dr. DIDN'T want her to do b/c he wanted to suck the meconium out of her first but she beat him to it.
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Neither of mine cried when they were born. My DS's birth was amazing: as soon as he came out, they put him on my chest on his belly, and he lifted his head up, and just stared at me and DH with his huge blue eyes. It was so beautiful. My DD wasn't quite so peaceful, she squirmed and squeaked and wiggled, but she didn't cry either.
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My DD didn't cry at all until about 12 hours later, an hour or so after the HepB shot was given. If only I'd known....But no, when she was born she just looked all around, spreading her toes and fingers, then nursing. Born in a hospital w/ an epidural.
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My son did not cry immediately. It took a few seconds, but I remember it felt like hours.
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My oldest started screaming the moment she came out, and really hasn't stopped since then. My other two did not cry right away, and it really freaked me out, especially the youngest cuz her cord was wrapped around twice and she had really bad decels right before she was born. The midwives were rubbing her pretty frantically trying to get her to cry.
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my oldest didn't cry right away. they took him from me after about 5 minutes of him cooing at me on my chest to get his footprints, and only THEN did he let out a major protest!! But as soon as he was back with me, he was just very wide eyed and calm.

my second's arrival was so awesome because I gave birth at home and in the same room with us, was our female bullmastiff, Brahma. When my second popped out into the world and let out a little noise (nothing major, just some whimpering) before he attached to my breast....the dog let out this very primal noise, almost "announcing" the baby's arrival. It was an incredible experience.

Both of my babies were never really noisy until much later on. I feel pretty lucky.
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DH says DD was crying on her way out. But, as soon as she was out she stopped crying (as he caught her) and when they put her on me she wasn't crying.
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Not in your ddc but saw this on new posts.

DD2 was an unassisted waterbirth and she didn't cry (not until almost an hour later when we cut her cord). She was awake and gurgly for a bit and then napped for about 10 minutes.
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