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George W. Nixon

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"Fall guys, intimidation and leaked personal attacks on enemies are back in at the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. How Nixonian. How disappointing."

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Political enemy number two is ABC News correspondent Jeffrey Kofman.

Kofman filed a story that reported on morale problems of troops with the Third Infantry long stationed in Iraq. He had a quote from a soldier who said, "If Donald Rumsfeld was here, I’d ask him for his resignation." The Texans didn't ‘ppreciate that.

After the piece ran, Matt Drudge says he got a call from a White House aide who anonymously leaked the inflammatory secret that Kofman is (young readers, please do not continue)…Canadian. A Canuck, reporting on our boys? I never...

Oh yeah, the leaker also disclosed that Kofman is gay. It so happens that Kofman is very openly gay. (For the record, he used to work at CBS News, but I don’t believe I ever met or talked to him.)

The Drudge Report ran a headline about Kofman’s connection to the dreaded C-word. It also linked to a profile of him in "The Advocate," a gay magazine. Chuck Colson would be so proud.
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I meant to write more to that article quote - but had to get DH ready for Kindergarten.

I really do have this impression that the White House under this administration is a dark and scarey place - full of nasty underlying paranoia and power plays. Such things go with the power territory - but it does remind me of the Nixon administration more so than other administrations - some ARE worse than others, and I find the cleverness of this author really revealing. Don't tell me you know him, too, Joyce? BTW T I really enjoy getting Truthout, and have sent it to many people. Seems they are having a rough time meeting their quota for this month (vacation months : ! I hope they quit getting hasselled by the gvmnt and keep up the great work!!
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Have you read about someone in the WH outing

the wife of Amb. Joseph Wilson as a covert CIA agent? Her career has been ruined, and several ops may have been damaged by this revelation to Robert Novak. There will probably be an investigation of this, as it appears the outing was in retaliation for Wilson's saying that there was no evidence of Iraq trying to buy yellowcake form Niger. My understanding is that an outing of this nature has serious consequences as US security is involved.
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