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Hello Mamas.

After DD i had two m/c so before joining this time i wanted to see the heartbeat. Well today we got the wonderful surprise of seeing two heartbeats - twins! Still in shock though in my heart i felt like i would have twins.

My due date is May 25th, but both my kids were 38 weekers so i am assuming these guys/girls will be before then too.

Anyway just wanted to say hi!

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Welcome and congrats... twice over!
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Congrats and welcome. So much twin vibin' around this DDC!
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Welcome and congrats! I have twins who are 13 months old now. It is WONDERFUL. Don't let the crazy lady at the grocery store tell you different I had a fabulous pg and birth if you ever want some pointers. And even if you don't I'll give you some Drink water, water, water. MY goal was one gallon of water everyday and then between milk and more water I was around 1.5 gallons. And protein, Barbara Luke has a great book out that recommends 176 grams of protein everyday and it helped me make big boys!


It's a wonderful wild wide!
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Congratulations and congratulations!!!
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What exciting news! Congratulations .
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Oh, Congrats! That is such exciting news. I'm very happy for you.
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Dont forget to sign up in the May Mama's DDC in the sticky above and check out the Bead Swap if you are interested it closes Oct 1st.
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