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I'm just past 9 weeks, and am starting to have to unbutton the top button. I don't remember when I transitioned to maternity with dd, but it wasn't this early. Of course, it is normal to "pop" earlier with subsequent pregnancies. I do remember I spent a month or two in pants that were just one size up before going to maternity (it was really hard for me to find maternity clothes for work ... I'm so tall, all the pants were floods on me . Anyway, I think this time I'll probably just go straight to maternity (or all elastic), and it will be happening in the next few weeks at the latest.
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I've lost about 3 lbs so my clothes fit great at the end of the 7th week. I'm not holding my breath though ... I know that as soon as this nausea is gone, the lbs are gonna pile on. I still have the mat clothes form 2 years ago so I am set (I got pregnant in July last time and in August this time so all the same clothes will work for us!!)
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I can't button my jeans any more and they feel really uncomfortable. I am okay in my shorts that have a really low rise but, that won't work much longer. I'll be out shopping soon.
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I'm not even close yet. (7 weeks with #2) Actually, two weeks ago I went to Old Navy and bought some new size 2 jeans!
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Regular jeans. My pants are all low waisted though; If they went around my waist that would be a different story!

I was eying some maternity jeans and cords at old navy on the weekend but couldnt justify buying them yet ... maybe next week?!

I am just putting all my summer clothes away and will see what winter clothes I have stored and what will work for pregnancy. I also have a tub of old pregnancy stuff and post pregnancy pants I kept and Ill rummage through that and figure out what I really need before going back to Old Navy
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I'm just past 9wks now and still in regular clothes. Sometimes I unbutton the jeans, but that's because they make me nauseous with how they hit "just wrong". They're actually a bit looser, I lost a couple of pounds and have definitely gained some boob mass (up 2 sizes now). My bras don't fit at all, and some of my shirts don't fit right, but the pants are just fine. I think they will be for a bit yet, but I'm starting to feel better some of the time now, so things may change soon...
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Originally Posted by LittleRockstar View Post
Does it count if I'm in my regular jeans, but the button is undone? I'm going to have to go shopping soon.
I spoke too soon. I did the laundry and now I can't get my pants on. What am I going to wear tomorrow? What am i going to wear to go shopping? I was a size two when I got pregnant the last time. I am no longer a size two - so those won't work. Uh-oh.
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I'm still very much in regular clothes (well, one pair of slim-cut pants aren't comfortable), but I have a few things going for me. I'm tall (5'11"), large-framed, with a long torso, and this is my first pregnancy. I also lost about 30# last year, so I have a lot of bigger "regular" clothes that I'm pulling out again. The pants are ridiculously loose in the legs, but they are comfy and don't look TOO weird.
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Originally Posted by gabbyquilts View Post
i am still in all regular clothes, but I am just at 6 weeks and i am kinda scrawny. I hope i pop soon becuase i want to start getting "pregnant woman" attention, lol.
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I'm 10 weeks, 1 day today and I'm still in regular clothes. And this is my 5th pregnancy! I would have thought that I would be needing to at least unbutton by now, but so far everything is still fitting. : I'm having pregnancy amnesia and cannot of the life of me remember when I started wearing maternity clothes with the other ones. The only thing I remember is that I had definitely been wearing maternity clothes for at least a couple of weeks when I lost #4 at 15 weeks. So I'm expecting that sometime in the next few weeks I'll get to go shopping! Yea! After the miscarriage I gave away all my maternity clothes so this time I get to start fresh with a whole new wardrobe!
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I am still in regular clothes but I'm only 9 weeks. Although my work pants are starting to get tight my jeans are OK
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I'm 8 weeks and still wearing normal clothes. I have retired my smaller jeans though and am sticking to the baggier pants.
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All regular stuff still, but I am due at the end of May, so just barely pregnant, lol.
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Regular clothes, but i'm due right at the very end of May

I do have to unbutton my jeans by the end of the day, LOL
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I am still in regular clothes. My stomach is starting to resemble a gut, though.
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I decided to wear my maternity jeans today ... ahhhh, sweet relief. They were SO comfy!
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8 weeks and regular clothes still... but I lost some weight while TTC so I've got a bit of growing room

I do remember having to buy a new outfit at 12 weeks with DS2 for DH's holiday party at work... I could still get away with my old stuff at home, but nothing dressy fit.
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