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How many children do you want?

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And tell me what number you are on also?

This pregnancy will be baby #2 for me. I want 3, I think. Who knows really as I only have one right now, and I will be solo parenting this time around. But I think I would like 3.

How about you?
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honestly? always was pleased with two and never expected to try again. But because I'm with a new partner after a divorce and my partner has no children of his own, it made me really want to have just one more.

lol, sometimes plans change I guess.
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We'll probably have 5. I want to be pregnant one more time after this and we want to adopt at least one child.
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Hmm, 2 dozen? Of course I will be 41 when this little one comes, so we might have to adopt again <grin> I started out wanting 2. Later we thought 3 might be nice. We were sure we were done after 5 - till we adopted 5 more. Then we were blesses with more babies... I can't believe there was ever a time I didn't really want them. Now I have 5 younger children, 5 teens, and 5 adult children. They are all very cool people!

Seriously - I do hope we might be able to have 2 more... or 3.... I wish I wasn't so old already!

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This is #2 for us, and we are thinking we would like 3. Both DH and I are from families with 3 kids, so it seems to be the magic number for us :-)
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This is baby number 4 for us. BEfore this we said somewhere between the three we have and six. So now it will be, somewhere between the four we have and six.
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This is my first and I want 3 min and 9 max. I am willing to compromise on the max but not the min. I think 3 is my DH's max but once we have our first I am hoping he might get more excited about a large family.
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We wanted 4, but it took us 3yrs to get pg with #2. Between my age and our mutual fertility issues, I don't know that we'll get to do this again.
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5-6 sounds good to me
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geez, I always thought i'd want 3, but i'm hating this pregnancy so much i think i'll be closing the factory after this one (#2).
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We are two and through for sure.
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This is #2 for us. I always thought 3-4 would be nice. My husband thinks 2 is a good number. So we've decided we'll see how we feel after we've got 2. I was an only child and have always wished I had siblings. DH is the oldest of 4 and thought that was too many...
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This is #3 and our final baby. I will be 42 when its born. My old body can't take much pregnancy anymore.
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This will be #2 for us. I've always wanted 4, but dh thinks that's too much. He's open to three, though, so that's what we're going with for now.
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This is #2. We have always figured we would have 3. But, you never know how things will go...
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We always said we wanted 5-6. Now we have 2 with #3 on the way and think we'll probably stop at 4 we're going to try and wait 5 years or so before 4 comes
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This is #2 for us, and will most likely be the last, although I will concede that you never know . I will be 36 when this babe is born, and am not sure I want to have another baby when I'm pushing 40.
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I'm on #2 but I really want 3 or 4.
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just had #2 six months ago. it was a big change for me, emotionally and physically. i never really wanted kids so much but after my 1st, dd, i knew i didn't want her to be an only child and i fell in love with being a mother. i love my ds #2 but i feel like i'm done, i'm 27. but it's not set in stone. i definetly want to wait at least 4-5 years before we even consider another. i think all you mama's with many kids are great and amazing and my hero!
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We always wanted 3. Number 3 has decided to join us so we will be finished after this one. I'll be 37 and I feel like we will have a complete family.
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