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How's the Christmas list coming?!

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I'm sure I don't have to remind anyone that we have less than 3 months left before Christmas! Its been a few weeks since we had a post about our lists so I thought I'd just bring it up again. What do you have completed and what is pending?

Raglan in the Round for DS
Raglan in the Round for nephew
Cabled Footies for sister
Wave and Shell shawl for mom

Vest for DS to wear for Christmas dinner (not started)
Socks for DS's speech therapist (not started)
Felted potholders for mom (using handspun thats not totally spun yet!)
Kimono wrap for niece (about 1/2 done)

Other UFO's
Teddy bear for friend due next week
CPH that is stalled due to boredom only hood/edging is left
Tilted Duster barely started and already bored with
One boot left + felting for DD's winter boots

Non-knitting Pending
Quilt for DH (top is 1/2 done)
Fleece blanket for BIL (barely started- tied blocks, what was I thinking?)
Embroidered purses for Mom and sister (1 is 99% done)
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You're way ahead of me already!

I'm also doing a "Waves and Shell" shawl, but it's for me.
I'm going to take it with me in November when I have my followup procedure done at the hospital.
I just cast on for it today.
I'm doing one extra pattern repeat, so it will be a bit wider.

As for other knitted items, everything I plan to knit for Christmas is for my Gram.

*cotton blanket...1/5 done

*kerchief...will be using KnitPicks Shamrock in "Kelley"

*washcloths...if I get the above 2 mentioned items done in time

I'm also going to give her a couple of those "Chico bags".
I think she'll really like those.
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Oh I'm rocking....I've managed to reduce my list down to 4 people, 2 of whom are kids and are getting toys.
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Wow, you all are on the ball!! Great job
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I should specify that my reducing had nothing to do with actually finishing things. It had to do with decided that some weren't worthy of hand knit goods.
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Originally Posted by OtherMother'n'Madre View Post
I should specify that my reducing had nothing to do with actually finishing things. It had to do with decided that some weren't worthy of hand knit goods.

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I'll only finish if there are 40 hours in a day.. or I stop going on ravelry

3 warshcloths

convertible hunting mittens (1 just about done)

in queue:
3 hats
2 scarves
1 shawl
15 warshcloths to make
2 pair or fingerless mitts
1 purse
many socks

and something for my kids
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*Quinn bag for DH's cousin
*one of two socks for bil

In progress:
*second sock for bil
*shawl for DH's grandma
*LTK raglan sweater for DD

*2-4 sets of felted coasters for people in DH's extended family
*pair of socks for sil
*pair of socks for nephew
*(maybe) pair of socks for DH

Other pending: 2 pairs of baby socks for friends having babies, one in October (eek!) and one in early November
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I haven't even started thinking about it. : I usually do knitted stuff for close friends, a few members of DP's family (the ones we speak to ) and my mom and aunt, but this year I've no idea. Have been too busy doing charity knitting, also I have some birthday knitting and new-baby knitting to complete. Maybe I will bake for holiday gifts instead.
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Ok, I guess it's time to face facts!

Green = finished
blue= started
black= only a dream

Dad: Neck warmer
Mom: Hat, scarf, shopping bags
Brother: Neck warmer
SIL: Hat, scarf, purse, shopping bags
S1: Hat, scarf, purse, shopping bags
S2: Hat, scarf, purse
S3: Hat, scarf, purse
Niece: Hat, doll
Nephew1: Christmas ornament
Nephew2: Christmas ornament
Nephew3: Christmas ornament
Nephew4: Christmas ornament

It's not really even. I will probably add/subtract projects over the next couple months. If I can't think of more projects for some of them and/or run out of time, I will buy some small gifts instead.
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You guys are silly, Haven't you heard there is no Christmas this year?
Apparently a group of knitters were outraged and threatened strike. It's all over the news...
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npy im behind
finished - 3 washcloths, baby bibs and booties, 10 knit foods

on my list

6 coasters
10 washcloths
3 pairs of mittens
1 pair of socks
6 bean bags
1 hat
2 back screbbers
3 scarfs

oh boy i better go knit instead of taking a nap hu.
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Clapotis for Grandma
Cabled scarf for Aunt

Moonlight Sonata Shawl for MIL

In queue:
Luna Moth shawl for mom
socks for step dad
hat and scarf for sister
and whatever else I figure out to make for everyone else
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Yikes Ive got so much to knit :

Sweater for DD
Hat for DP
Sleepsack for a friend

2 kimonos for twins
2 hats for twins
I would love to get to socks and finally start on some longies for my 6 year old (somehow I keep putting the longies off )
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Well, we are maybe doing a gift exchange with immediate family on dh's side. And SIL and I wanted to make gifts together for everyone again this year. We want to do a little cloth baggie with soap, and bath fizzies, and a candle or something. I am thinking washcloths would be a great addition!
So i may just be making washcloths

I still do need to make a pair of socks for MIL, and a pair for my mom. I may sew something cool for my brother, something useful. And dd's birthday is in Nov. So I may sew/knit a bunch of doll cloths and finish up her waldorf doll, and fix mine.(that will include a crochet cap and hair for hers, I just got my book to tell me how to do one)
I am finishing up dh's sweater this week, then I am starting on a sweater for ds. I finished up dd's yesterday. I am also starting on A Cardigan For Arwen as soon as my yarn comes. In a light pumpkin color.I got a good deal on debbie bliss on ebay. We all need some new socks too.

Besides all that, I am doing diapers. And covers. This baby is gonna need something on it's tush come early March. I also wanted ot knit the baby bolero from One skein, and a few knit covers, and maybe the alchemy sweater I saw, in a 6 month size. Plus, I wil be sewing some clothes.
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My X-mas list is small this year since I am doing baked goods and the kids will be making things. We are doing a homemade x-mas for family.

Swing thing for DD (1/2 way done)
Sweater for DS#1 (got the yarn not started)
Sweater for ds #2 (got the yarn not started)

I am trying to finish one thing before starting another.
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every time I see this thread I laugh because I have not even started my xmas list. Although I am teaching 12 yr old DS to crochet and he is working on a washcloth for my mom for xmas so that counts right?
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I always laugh when I see this thread title, too. Christmas? I'm still thinking about October. Then I might think about Christmas in December. I don't even know that I"ll be doing much shopping this year, or if I'll just find a few treasures for each person. I'm just not into all the gifts anymore.
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