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Wow, I have totally slowed down I was doing pretty good, but then we had company and then we all got sick so now I need to get cleaning and decluttering again!!

Get paper clutter under control
master Bedroom Simplify, simplify!
Pie cabinent clean drawers
Scrapbook area (in master bedroom) find it under the clutter

Items: 321/700
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Making small progress: More paper piles are gone. Also donating a super-huge bag to the charity bin.
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Since my last post, I've been trying to do a little here and there and I got rid of about 50 things. Some paper clutter, some garbage in the fridge, 8 soups that got really gross, a ton of ketchup, mustard and salt packets (82 actually, but I didn't count each one, only each category), a ripped pjs of DS', some clothes of mine, and other assorted nonsense. No matter how much I purge, it never feels like enough.

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I sold 3 more diapers for a total of 139/500.
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The week started out slow only 25 items by Wed. But I cleared out 65 items in the bathroom. Tossed out old lotion, makeup, brushes, books, magazines, ect. Which brings my total from 308 to 398. I still have a long way to go but I am seeing a light at the end.

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We've decluttered so much that I'm not sure what else I can get rid of! This month is "organize my master bedroom" month, for me. We re-arranged it last night, and organized my craft area. So I guess my goal for this month will be to:

1) Go through my old portfolios and start getting rid of stuff. I'd like to slim my collection down enough to fit into 1 portfolio. I currently have 4 or 5.
2) Go through my fabric and get rid of the stuff I know I'll never use. Get rid of tiny scraps. Cull it down so I can get rid of my beast of a shelving system, and keep it in a few baskets that look nice on a shelf.
3) Clothes! I have so much that looks like crap on me! I need to let it go.
4) Computer stuff. For some reason, we're hanging onto 2 keyboards, an extra mouse, and who knows what else. I have it all hidden away in a cupboard right now. Out of sight, out of mind. But that cupboard could be used for more important stuff. Like the pile of books currently stacked next to my bed...

I'm aiming to get rid of 100 items. Far less than my old goals of 1000 items or more per month. But because we've decluttered so much, I really don't have much to work with here!
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Got 14 scrapbook items out, and my scrapbooking desk has been found! 1 actual goal done!!
3 magazines gone also!

Get paper clutter under control
master Bedroom Simplify, simplify!
Pie cabinent clean drawers
Scrapbook area (in master bedroom) find it under the clutterdone!

Items: 338/700
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I'm making some progress.

2 files of papers, 1 recipe, 1 magazine, 12 scary pantry items, 2 old cheeses, 2 cookie sheets, 1 shirt, 2 bottles of dipping oil received as gifts in the Stone Age, 1 wedding cake topper hand-made by me and falling apart.

That's 24 for yesterday. I hope I can do more today, the month is almost up!

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i've been slacking but i did drop off a load at goodwill today. Can't count it b/c it's all already been counted, though.
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This is an awesome thread! I am new to the challenges, its late in the month, even later in the year, but I am motivated! I want to declutter my bedroom this month by

* cleaning out the closet
*cleaning out the dresser
* hitting a consignment store
*donating the extra clothing

I am not sure about the # of items, it looks like 2007 items for this year is the goal, can I just sit in for the ride?
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can i jump in? our (small and badly laid out) home has been causing serious marital stress of late but today i decided the issue was not needing to clean more often, since that doesn't seem to get us anywhere, but some serious decluttering and organizing. seems like a never ending process.

started today with ds's room and threw out 3 huge bags of stuff, and it looks like a different room altogether. throwing out tons of paper airplanes and limiting him to keeping 10 at a time may make a huge difference!

i also sorted through his clothes and our hallway basket of coats, hats, gloves etc.got lots of stuff for goodwill and to sell.

next steps:

- organize my office space
- homeschool & craft supplies
- kitchen

urgh...i'm overwhelmed again! any tips,seasoned declutterers?
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I'm looking forward to a (hopefully) productive weekend.

Today I cleaned the living room-dining room carpet and the kitchen floor. Cleaning the floors involved removing lots of clutter and small furniture out of those rooms. I feel like I have a clean slate, and I should only put back in what I want to be in those rooms (i.e., no clutter). I will do that tomorrow - I have the whole weekend.

I need to do surface clutter this weekend (i.e., housework - dishes, putting away some random groceries, putting laundry away, tidying up the laundry room). The office needs some surface decluttering as well.

If I do any serious deep decluttering I think I should focus in the garage. Soon it will be too cold to work in there. I got a lot done a few weeks ago, but it's getting a bit messy in there again.

Saturday the swap shop is open for donations. We'll see if I can get a Rubbermaid tub full and get there before they close. That's a good challenge!

Slowly, slowly, slowly it's really shaping up around here.
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i have to be at work in 4 hours but i can't sleep. so i thought i was having unexpected company earlier tonight. did a superquick clean and de-clutter. gonna say 3o things de-cluttered in the process.
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Okay back on the bandwagon. I guess I've underestimated the amount of pure crap in my house again. I have 92 more items. So now at 195/150. Oops!

I guess I'm going to aim for 300 total items now. 195/300
Watch me have to raise it again! I need the inspiration. Closing on the new house is in 20 days! :
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i finished the hutch and the 2 main level closets. between good will and the animal shelter, i donated 45 items. i'm up to 151/100.

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Fell behind last week when DH's grandma died and we were out of town for the funeral. Then it took a few days to get life back to normal.

I managed to get rid of three more items, though!

the spice rack hanging on the wall in the kitchen. i consolidated everything into a cabinet.

two infant items. one large, noisy toy with lights and music. my girls have outgrown it. we gave it to a family with a new baby. the other item is a dining booster seat, the kind with the snap-on tray.

That brings me to 373/500. Maybe I can make my goal. I've got some halloween costumes to work on this week. Ugh.
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Sent 3 items to one of my declutter swap partners! haven't received mine yet lol, so I'm still negative.

12 toys
1 roll happy birthday wrapping paper
1 shoebox
1 net hamper thingy
1 yucky tablecloth
2 books on pbs

Finally 21/150
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2 more piles of paper
1 sippy cup
1 Klean Kanteen that froze and ended up mangled
2 boxes
6 old food items

= 12

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in the past few days:

13 magazines
6 bottles of liquor (no, I didn't drink them )
10 scary fridge items
8 books

I listed 21 items on half.com and i packed up a bag of stuff to sell on secondspin.com and cash4books.com, I just need to actually sell the stuff and then I'll count them.


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I think my goals this month were things to do rather than a numerical goal, but I'll have to check. I've done 64 so far.
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