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I cleaned out some candy we'd piled up from various holidays. Not sure how I should count that. I also found homes for some items. So, technically they weren't thrown out, but they are gone from the corner of the kitchen!

I'm going to count 5 items decluttered.
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I decluttered/organizes my DS toys today. I am giving away over half of them to a needy family.
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I unexpectedly gave away 3 more items to a Freecycler this morning

108/200 now...
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What a weekend!! I got rid of one bank, 4 stupid little trinkets, 1 game, 45 baby things (clothing), 7 books, 64 cds/dvds, 1 coin collection, 9 pieces of jewelry. DH got on board (though not exactly willingly) and got rid of about 100 items of clothing!! I don't think I'm going to make my goal, but I'm really happy about this weekend. Also, I have a ton of stuff in the sell pile, they just aren't sold yet. When they go though, it will probably be hundreds more. And the only things I threw away were the game, bank and trinkets b/c they were broken. Everything else was sold or given away.

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I got some more decluttering done in the kitchen today. Mostly cleaned out the plastic stuff like kid's cups/plates/bowls and rubbermaid leftover containers.

68 items total!! every time we eat out the girls want to bring home the kiddie cups from the restaurants. They were really starting to pile up. That brings my numbers to


I'm too close to my goal to give up now. I'll have to find the time to get more of the kitchen done or the girls' closets.
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Well haven't gotten even close to my goal. I plan on doing more next month so I add what I didn't do this month to my goal for next month.

7 catalogues/magazines
5 other miscellaneous items

75/250 :
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I got rid of 38 items of clothing my youngest has outgrown. I'll give them to a friend tonight to give to her granddaughter!

That gets me to 484/500!

If I can get rid of just 16 more items today I can make my goal!!

Not sure if I can do it. We've got Halloween plans about to be underway...shoot. Well, I might be up late throwing out those 16 items! I'm determined!
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wow this is my first time seeing this..is a november one going to start. I definitely need the motivation!!
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YAY I just decluttered 1 ENTIRE SHED FULL OF JUNK (left by the owners of the house we just moved into) so now our xmas stuff and garden paraphenalia can get out of my dining room & patio and into the shed where it belongs. and one busted rusty swingset frame as well + one ancient refrigerator The real estate finally got someone out to haul it all off :
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I made my numerical goal, and even got rid of some bulky items (the baby gate and a drying rack) that weren't being used. Still didn't get to that dang junk drawer. Next month!
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Sold some stuff yesterday - 49 rubbermaid bins all with lids! We used them to move since we did it so often! It feels great to have more attic space
Recycled 5 magazine, tossed a pair of shoes

115 garbage
50 Sold (woohoo sold our closet - I mean treadmill) 49 rubbermaid bins
81 Freecycled/Gifted

I am on a roll & ready to start on November!!
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Any of your declutterers up for November here's the thread!
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I made my goal for 500 items but it was hard.
The last 100 items was the hardest.
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