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I like the general lefty-ness along with the hippy-leaning vibe. Not that I'm a full out hippy but I prefer things to lean that way than the other way. I wouldn't get on well at a righty-consumerism site.
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I initially joined for the vax forum (found a rec for the site elsewhere) and it took me ages to find the other forums. I was always more "natural" rather than "ap", and it was Mothering that really helped me head towards gentle discipline as ds got older.
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I had read Mothering magazine on and off for years but never knew there was a message board (didn't even really know what a message board was). I had already had my homebirths and not vaxed or circed and stuff like that but I was tandeming a three year old and a six month old and knew of no one IRL who was. I just wanted to talk to people who were doing the same thing. I found this site by chance and I keep trying to walk away but it just has SO much great info. I never could've started Homeschooling without MDC and whenever I'm feeling weak or scared about the way we're doing things I can check in here and feel all better. It has even helped me tons with my pets and opened my eyes on a lot of issues.

I have to say though I was really surprised at how not left and not radical the boards were compared to the magazine. It was kind of like the Twilight Zone at first. From what I hear the magazine is catching up though.

I'm especially happy reading this thread to see how many foreskins MDC has helped to save.
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Originally Posted by Brown Lioness View Post
it sounds silly, but i literally typed in mothering.com in an attempt to find out what being a mother is like (im childless).
(hehehe, the Google approach! )

my midwife mentioned it when I was in her care, but I didn't get hooked till DS was 5-6 months old. none of my friends IRL had babies, at least not near his age. so i stay for the community of women who care about the things i care about.
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That's a good question. I don't even have kids yet so I'm not exactly here to ask questions

I guess I just come because I enjoy it. I learn something every time I visit MDC. Also, I like how people are honest, and I like how honesty isn't taken as "OMG quit bashing me, don't judge me!"
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came here from a different (more mainstreamy) message board when I started questioning vaxes and got a lot of *shame!* faces from people. One person pointed me here, then the other board became a pay-for-use board and I said "Poo on you! Mothering is the shiz." and stayed.
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I came to meet other nursing fanatics who all sleep in one bed with all their kids and prefer tie-dye to any other color.

But I stayed because of Kama.

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I was on a "simplifying your life" forum and kept asking NFL-type questions that hardly anyone responded to. (I had never even heard of NFL.) Finally, another poster took pity on me and recommended I come check out the MDC forums.
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A friend recommended it and shared the URL with me. I do wish that I'd encountered MDC when I was pregnant though... I would have done a lot of things differently post-birth as a result.

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I think the lady who owned my diaper service turned me on to it. I can't even remember how I got into CDing and that was only last year

Anyway like pp said I just feel like there are so many educated women on here whose parenting decisions are not simply based on heresay, but have evidence to back up their decisions.

This is very important as I feel, I have always been kinda different, but here I feel FREE... even when I don't always agree. I am more open to so many things and after learning I could if I wanted to eat my placenta...nothing seems weird

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I first came here on information on cloth diapers.
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Originally Posted by Brigianna View Post
I came to the homeschooling board, and quickly discovered some of the other forums, and thought it was a generally decent board... then I discovered TAO and got sucked into the borg.
"do not resist. you will be assimilated. "

I'm such a dork! LOL.

I was recommended by a fellow site member. Been on and off since I found I was pregnant with the Twinkies.
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i was on a way mainstream board when i was pregnant with my first ds, and they were talking about about all the "crazy" things you all did over here and i just had to check out what they were talking about . In the process i realized, hey, this is more like my style. I ended up not circumsizing my son after being here for awhile, and i'm so glad i did not.
I also agree that this board has the smartest women, by far. I have learned so much and become more of the parent i've always wanted to be, by reading and posting here.
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referred here for the circ board...got interested in the rest and here i am 2.5 years later!
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Originally Posted by UnschoolnMa View Post
[COLOR="DarkRed I dig MDC. It's a unique and interesting place. Not a perfect place for a variety of reasons, but that's alright with me. I feel comfortable here. [/COLOR]
Great post. :
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I came here to learn, but I stay for the humor.
I'm probably not crunchy enough to be here, but the conversation here is much more intelligent than what I've found on other boards, and I'm constantly challenged to do better because of it.
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I'm a hippie Christian, and others like me are sure hard to find.

I first came here b/c of Lactivism.
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I friend of mine from a natural mothers of color email list told me about this site. I came to learn more about natural living and have learned/experienced soooooo much more:
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I think I ended up here somehow when I was cloth-diapering DD and soon found out there were other co-sleeping, breastfeeding, ap'ing mamas out there - I didn't know any IRL at the time. What a relief!
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I was banned from everywhere else???
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