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12 yo son and deordorant

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My son uses OLD SPORT deordorant and it doesn't agree with his chemistry. He smells like chewing tobacco (yuck!) Also, he has underarm stains from it. What have others found to work on their son? Thanks in advanced for your input.
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My boys have used "stones" ....with no problem .....you can get them at trader joes or any health foo dstore...I like them also !
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Tom's Of Maine makes a nice all natural deoderant.

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Tom's of Maine
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Smelly Boys

I have a 15 year old son. He participates in a lot of sports. Tom's of Maine just did not do the trick. He uses Right Guard Xtreme Sport. It is not too perfumey and keeps him dry. (Although with any 15 year old, it only lasts through one sport session). I have also taken to keeping an extra in the glove compartment for him. When I pick him up from school and we are headed out for the afternoon he needs to freshen up. A clean shirt helps too. I found that boys, as opposed to my 12 year old daughter, really don't understand how necessary all of this is, unless you spell it out. I hope this helps.:
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Glad you have gotten some good suggestions here.

Funny you should mention this topic, as my 12 year old son wernt to 6th grade camp last month, deodorant was on the list of "things to bring," and my 12 year olds haven't needed deodorant at that age. We must just be late bloomers.

Asked dh if ds would be made fun of b/c he doesn't use deo. yet, wondered if I should send some even if ds doesn't use it yet, of course dh thought this was funny, asked me if I wanted to pack some axillary hair while I was at it, etc.
DS was fine.
But now I am wondering, what percentage of 12 year olds actually use deo.?
My kids are more like 13 when they begin needing "protection."

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I have never used the stones, although I've seen them for years now, they really work?
Can anyone explain them to me?
I am really interested.
Also, even though it is a mainstream, aluminum based product, I have to mention that "Old Spice" deo. sponsors the 6th grade "puberty talks" in the public schools here, and ds actually brought home a pamphlet containing a diagram of the penis which included the foreskin as normal anatomy!
I was quite impressed! Don't think I have ever seen an ad or literature showing a penis in its entirety.
Wondered if some parents might have some explaining to do?

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I'd recommend Lavilin or Weleda Sage. My whole family has smelly body chemistry--I have a cousin who's even tried internal meds for it, and Lavilin is the first thing I found that really worked. Then either it or something else changed my body chemistry, I speculate that maybe the Lavilin finally eliminated whatever bacteria was causing the worst odor, and I've been using Weleda Sage ever since with an occasional application of Lavilin every 6-8 months. The Lavilin is expensive ($15), but I'm still on my first container after 3-4 years.

I encourage y'all to consider the difference between deodorant which stops odor but allows the body to sweat freely, eliminate toxins and regulate heat and anti-perspirant which interrupts the sweat, toxin elimination, and heat regulation processes.

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Copslass check out this thread over in Health Home: http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...?threadid=7753

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My son has also just started using deodorant. There's some good ideas for homemade deo in the (?) crafts forum, or was it health? Also a proven remedy for body odor is chlorophyll, which comes in liquid form or in spirulina, or alfalfa tablets. Parsley too! It cleanses & purifies from the inside out!
Don't forget trusty old baking soda! You can put a little in your powder and sprinkle it on your pits.
I love the weleda sage stuff! It's some of the best!
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A friend told me that the cure to his underarm odor problem was to rub his armpits with alcohol on a cotton ball. Presumably this works because it's killing odorous bacteria. It's cheap, too!
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