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Do you have a crib? What do you use it for?

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I feel bad because my Dad bought us a really, really nice crib before we knew we were going to co-sleep. It converts into a toddler bed and an adult bed, so it's not like we won't get use out of it later, but for now, it's clothes storage for DS!

What do you use your crib for?
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Nope, and I'm so outspoken against them everyone knows better than to get me one! But, really, I'd smile and say thanks, he meant well. Then I'd never use it.
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yes, the crap catcher my parents got it for us before ds was born.
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its where everything goes that I dont want 2 yr old DD to get into. Folded things that wont fit in the dresser/baby stuff for the new baby (swing etc)/toy overflow, etc.
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I didn't want to buy a crib, but my mom talked me into it. I made sure to buy a convertible one, so hopefully we'll get some mileage out of it.

It made for an awesome playpen before DS was pulling up on stuff! He actually got to a point where he took naps in it and slept the first few hours of the night in the crib, but not so much these days.

Mostly it holds the clean laundry until I get around to folding it!

Sometimes I get bummed that I was talked into buying a crib, and I think that it was a waste of money. But really, it is a convertible, so we'll get some use out of it.... someday. It is a beautiful piece of furniture and will make a nice guest bed, I think.
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dd1 has a crib that is converted to a toddler bed, we use it for her stuffed animals, and she does some light reading in it during the day dd2 has a cosleeper/ mamas bedside table. It works great for stacking books etc....
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DD sleeps in hers...it can also function as a clean clothes basket during the day.
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right now, its being used as a central repository for putting up on ebay/decluttering.

Its perfect too! it has bumbers, so house guests can't really see its full of crap. But yet, I can walk over and peer in when i need something to ship out.
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I have a crib and a pack and play. DD1 never slept in either one as a baby, although she did use the crib as a sidecar and then a toddler bed later on. The crib was basically a giant cat bed for about 15 months, and the pack and play lived at my mother's house (where amazingly enough DD would actually sleep in it; cosleeping at my mom's house means sleeping on the floor, and DD would never go for it.)

Now DD2 actually sleeps in the crib for the first part of the night, because I have to nurse DS down repeatedly to get him to sleep at night, and we wake poor DD2 up. She joins us later on in the night once DS is settled.

And the pack and play makes a nice place to dump all of the random baby and kid toys at the end of the day so that DH and I can actually live in a neat house for an hour or two a day.

I have these grand ambitions of someday teaching DS to sleep part of the night in the pack and play, to give my poor boobs a rest, but in my heart I know I'm delusional. DS is a smart, smart boy, and he ain't goin' for it no way no how...
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Our crib was a gift from the in-laws. We kept it set up, just for show. My in-laws are dead set against co-sleeping... they're convinced that any child who co-sleeps is going to die of SIDS. I've long since given up on trying to explain anything to them. We kept it set up for a long time, just so that they could pretend that we don't co-sleep. I *never* claimed to use it, but they just felt better seeing it there. My brother recently came and took it away, his wife is expecting, and they're going to use it as a co-sleeper, since their mattress is not one that's safe to co-sleep on.
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i've had one with three of my kids.

the first slept in it for the occasional nap. the second never did...the third has asperger's. she's always flat-out refused to sleep with me...she'd scream til you put her in the crib. the fourth...well, i don't think she EVER touched it...an over-priced clothing-holder.
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We use our crib as a side-car although he won't sleep in it. Hopefully one day.....
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We bought ours for dd1. It is a convertible crib. We got lots of use out of it with her, she used it till she was 4. With dd2 we use it side carred to our bed. She takes naps there and sleeps about half the night in it.
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With my first it was a playpen while I showered, once she started crawling. My 2nd sleeps in it.
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for the first few months of her life it was a great place to store stuff. Now she sleeps in it for the first few of night and then the rest of the time i sometimes change diapers in it or just use it for storage.
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We have a crib and a bassinet. The crib holds laundry that we haven't gotten around to folding yet. The bassinet where the baby takes naps during the day when DH is home with him. He pulls it into the living room so it actually does serve a purpose. What's amazing to me is that during the day he sleeps in it wonderfully, at night though.... forget it. He knows... He knows....
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another vote for a great, big laundry basket. Would he be hurt if you exchanged it?
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It's there for looks and to store clothes in lol

I keep it around plainly for looks (some family members and authoritative figures frown on co sleeping). He has not once (boober) been in that crib and he is 6 months old and won't be for a very very long time...in fact the last time it was used was with my almost 2 yr old when she no longer wanted to be in our bed (but still in our room) at 1 yr old.

(I'm serious, she chose to climb into the crib and sleep in it one night but now she has her tot bed or our bed when she feels like it).

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MIL bought us one before DS was born... I didn't really know what you needed a crib for (grew up co-sleeping), but accepted it and... its never really been used. We did side-car it for a few months, but now it sits up in my old room holding DS' stuffed animals and other random stuff... Occasionally I'll change him in it when we're up there
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no crib here. we had one when dd1 was a newborn, but we never used it, so we got rid of it.
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