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Sidecarred to our king sized bed, our crib is basically a fancy bed rail that doesn't squish MAMA when I end up pushed to the side of the bed, and can take a laptop too! Now DD is playing on it sometimes b/c it's so hard and flat, it's great for rolling!
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Our crib has now been converted to a bed that N doesn't sleep in. : It holds stuffed animals and laundry.
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My mom bought ours, and it was pretty expensive, even second hand. My MIL had bought us a stroller/car seat travel system and I think my mom wnated to get something big too. We had told my MIL we didn't need a stroller but she said to get it anyway and if we never used it at least we had it if we needed it. She wouldn't be at all hurt if we told her we never used it. When I told my mom we didn't need a crib, she said of course we do and even if we don't use it right away, by the time the baby is 3 or 4 months she won't be able to sleep in our room anymore. She would be hurt I think if we don't use it. She did get a dresser and a change table too, and it is a gorgeous set and I do like how it looks, I just don't see us using the crib much. I've put DD in it once or twice to fold laundry when she hasn't wanted to be in the mei tei, but that's about it. It's set up, and when my mom comes to visit I plan to tell her DD is staying in our room until she stops breastfeeding over night but that it could come in handy for naps.

I like the idea of using it for laundry, I've been trying to think of a good place to stick laundry before I fold it.
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Another vote for sidecarred. When dd is done nursing in the middle of the night she crawls back into her crib and goes to sleep. I think she likes having her own 'space.' mama does too. I can't sleep with someone touching me although I love awake or nursing cuddles.
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I told MIL I didn't want one while I was pregnant, but she insisted on buying us one anyway. The only time it was used was for my niece when she and SIL came to visit for 3 days. I didn't even use it for crap... that's what my Co-Sleeper was used for.
It just sat there taking up space. It's in storage now, but when I get back to it, it will go into the yard sale pile.
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Until my first daughter was several months old the crib sat unused in her room. She slept in a bassinet beside our bed. By then I realized I couldn't possibly put her to sleep in a separate bedroom and we moved the crib next to our bed. But she slept right beside me for the most part. After awhile we removed one side of the crib and attached it to our king sized bed with cable ties, and slowly she migrated over there by the time she was a toddler. The crib has continued being sidecarred for babies #2 and #3. That corner of our room is going to seem so empty in a few years after nearly a decade of containing that crib.
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My cats sleep in our crib. It's one of the few places in the house where dd can't reach them.
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We have a convertible crib.

We use it as a bedside co-sleeper (with the front wall removed) to add room width to our queen size bed.

I sometimes wake up to find I'm the one in the crib, at least my top half.

ETA: my mom bought it for me when I was pregnant with my first for $75 from a newspaper ad, even though she knew I planned on co-sleeping. She thought I was silly to want to co-sleep and that I'd wise up once I owned a crib.

FTR: She is the one who wised up. When she has my daughter visit her for an overnight, she and my dad co-sleep with my daughter. And, gasp, she likes it.
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Newbie with a dumb question here.

I'm pregnant wth my first baby and we definitely plan to co-sleep. I know from friends of mine who co-slept (and from reading the above, of course) that a crib isn't necessarily necessary. I'd like to go without - MAYBE getting an Arm's Reach co-sleeper, though I haven't made up my mind yet - and eventually go straight to a child's bed when they're ready.

So my naive question: How DO you deal with naps, then? When they're starting to roll over, even, much less crawl, much less walk? What's the safety strategy for co-sleepers at times when you're NOT sleeping WITH them? I keep thinking about it and looking for references to it, and have come up short so far.

Sorry if this is in the wrong place; I didn't want to barge in and post a new thread if that isn't site etiquette. Still learning the lay of the land here . . .

Thanks for your time!
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Originally Posted by RoseDuperre View Post
How DO you deal with naps, then?
I held all my babies for most of their newborn napping. When my oldest daughter was 7 months old I decided I wanted to start putting her down more for naps so I could have my arms free, and what I figured out was to get a mattress. A twin size mattress was something we'd need eventually anyway, and we had a whole hardly-used room available for her. So we put the twin mattress on the floor in the room that would gradually become our daughters' and I began nursing her to sleep on her mattress for naps. After a while I began nursing her to sleep for the first part of the night there too, for those hours between her bedtime and mine.

One of my fond memories of my oldest daughter's babyhood is the way she used to crawl off her mattress, crawl down the hall, and find me.

My second daughter actually used the side-carred crib for napping when I started putting her down for naps, but she was about a year old before she was able to sleep by herself usually. (She had bad eczema and would scratch herself.) We have the twin mattress on the floor again for my son. Unfortunately, he can't crawl out of the room and down the hall to find us like his biggest sister did. We have to put a gate in the doorway so I can leave the stairs open for the girls.

I've actually found, with my second and third babies, I prefer to nurse my babies to sleep while sitting up (often at the computer!), and then putting them down (or continuing to hold them through their whole nap sometimes!). However, my first daughter was such a comfort nurser that the only way I could have ever put her down for a long time was by nursing her to sleep in bed. The mattress on the floor made it easy to quietly roll away from her when she finally zonked out after a long nursing. I enjoyed a lot of books on tape with headphones when my first was a baby, she took so long to nurse to sleep!
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My baby never took naps in a crib, he just wouldn't have it. Anyways, that was that for the crib, and I got him a floor bed. Really just a double futon mattress on the floor. His room is completely baby proof so him rolling off and crawling around would be just fine. He spent the night's with us in our room, but he still has his own space if need be.
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Thank you both for your replies! A twin mattress on the floor sounds like a great solution.
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We have a crib and havent used it for sleeping besides maybe once when DD was a newborn and I didnt plan on cosleeping (that lasted about a minute). Now I use it to throw clothes into when DD outgrows them before folding them and storing them away for the next one. It also has a change table type thing you can click onto it, which I use to put diaper covers, cloth wipes and diaper changing supplies on.
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I have two boys. With the older boy, I had both the bassinet and the crib, but within a couple of weeks he was in bed with us, where he stayed until nine months, at which point he couldn't settle while in bed with us (would wake up, see us, and want to play). Then he moved to the crib for both naps and nighttime sleeping.

My second son had a co-sleeper bassinet at first, but he was never actually in it, and usually slept on my chest. Then I discovered the wonders of a sidecarred crib.

I love love love it. I can reach over and pull him to me if he needs to nurse during the night, and then after a while when I wake up and see that he's done nursing and back asleep, I can scoot him back into his own space; then I'm free to pull up my big comforter, roll onto my tummy, and bury my face in my big fluffy down pillow, without having to worry about suffocating the little guy. If he wakes at all, he's still close enough for me to soothe (sometimes all he wants is to hold my hand, which just melts me). I find that I sleep better this way.

Also, there's now room for all of us--we were squished before, especially because my husband sleeps with his elbows sticking out at right angles from his body, and because our three-year-old joins us sometime in the early hours of the morning.

Now that I've discovered this wonderful arrangement, I'm getting rid of the bassinet. I am going to buy a pack-and-play, though, partly to use when we're traveling, but mostly because I'll soon be caring for a friend's infant, and will need a place for her to sleep.
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MIL bought us a crib... originally we had it side-carred to our fullsize bed... but we never used it and when we moved, it got set up in DS' "room" - which is my old room and just kind of a jumble of our stuff - his crib, clothes, my desk & sewing machine, lots of books... and my old black rat snake As such, its mostly a clothes/crap catcher that I occasionaly clean out and make look 'nice' again for a lil while...
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my d/s crib makes a lovely light pine clothes hamper!!
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We have just, as in Saturday, put it up sidecar-ed to our queen sized bed and I loooooove it. It feels like I'm sleeping in a super king size bed. Nate seems to like the space although I usually put him in between DP and I around 5 am. Those are nice early morning cuddles, unlike the feeling of being squished all night long.
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He naps in it, sometimes. I'm glad I have it, because it works really well for Baby Puppet Theater...we also enjoy putting DS in it and doing the Elevator, Escalator, and Stairs for him...he doesn't get it, obviously, but we think it is hilarious.
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I had a crib! I used it for clean laundry, when I didn't have time to fold it
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I use mine for ds's to sleep in during the evening while I'm getting stuff done. I put him to sleep on the bed, transfer him to the crib, and then around the time I go to bed he cries out, I transfer him back to the bed, and we sleep happily ever after.

Until last week, I was really paranoid that if I left ds in the bed while I wasn't there, he'd fall out. He wakes up in his sleep and starts to move without opening his eyes sometimes. But we've been successful with naps on the bed lately, so I think he's doing okay.

For the record, I think cribs *can* be very useful! I'm a single mom and get lots of stuff done after ds has gone to sleep, and I have - gulp - had him fall off the bed.
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