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Oprah on circumcision today?

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I got this today:


I live in the UK, and we don't get Oprah here, but thought others here might be interested in seeing this (and I'd love a report back on what it said!).
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: That bothered me. So it reduces sensation for both partners, but he'll never know the difference and it reduces STDs. I hope Oprah gets a new doctor!
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I am definatly watching.....I hope everyone does because if it is biased and we got some letters going maybe she would revisit the topic.......with a nocirc rep
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I'll watch,as long as I can keep myself from throwing anything at the TV. Can't really afford a new one at this point, so if it gets too bad, I'll have to turn it off. :
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From Oprah's website re: Today's Show:


He says there are some reasons that circumcision makes sense—religious or family traditions, hygiene, and reduced risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases and viruses.

There are reasons to not circumcise as well. Some people consider it disfiguring, and doing it will reduce sensation during sex. "In a circumcised male, the bottom part, the underneath part of the penis, is the most sensitive part," Dr. Oz says, using a cucumber wrapped in a sock as a demonstration. "If you've not been circumcised, about half of the erogenous tissue on the penis is actually that foreskin area. Plus the foreskin covers over the glans—that front part, and that's the most sensitive part of the penis—so it doesn't get rubbed on, so it stays a little bit more preserved for when the foreskin eventually does pull back during intercourse."

The American Academy of Pediatrics doesn't take a position on circumcision. "They say it's up to you," Dr. Oz says.

For boys who haven't been circumcised, it is important to learn the proper way to clean themselves. Uncircumcised boys are 10 times more likely to get an infection than those who are circumcised, Dr. Oz says.

To do it correctly, "You pull the skin back and you can actually get under here and clean this corner out. Now these edges are where something called smegma resides and that stuff can get pretty nasty if you don't clean it up. But here's the bigger issue. As a doctor I care about this. Most guys who are uncircumcised have the foreskin leading off. This touches the pants and it gets scarred after a while. It can get pretty taut. Sometimes it goes over the tip of the penis and squeezes down on it and that can actually strangle the tip of the penis. That's called a phimosis. When we see it, that's an emergency. And so for folks that have not been circumcised, that's pretty important to keep in mind."
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Well, she let this topic come up on her show. I guess that's good. I'm trying to be optimistic that this could provide a chance to educate. Do you think NOCIRC or DOC will get involved? Should we send letters to Oprah or ask these organizations to contact her?
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OMG is that guy really a doctor?

He's clearly got absolutely no idea of how a complete penis works. That's absolutely pathetic.

How the he11 do you all get to adulthood over there, with people like that watching over your health?
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Sounds like Dr. Oz is cut.

I would say that DOC should contact him regarding his responses about the intact penis.
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Idiot :

So full of misinformation and propaganda :
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I think what we need to do is to have paul fleiss,regretful mothers, mothers of intact boys-who facing the stupid harassment by doctors and most of them giving the wrong advice like thank goodness this mom was with it otherwise a poor baby would have been circ over banana pudding because the doctor saw yellow -said infection- and gave her 'cp' even mentioned sexual dislikes-we need to show this world how stupid doctors are
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Dr. Oz is a Turkish-American heart surgeon.

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Originally Posted by glongley View Post
Dr. Oz is a Turkish-American heart surgeon.

then what is he doing giving advice of foreskin and circumcision ?
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penis models not required!!

scrubbing not required!!

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I've never cared for Dr. Oz in the first place, and even less for him now...:
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Dr. Oz is a Turkish-American heart surgeon.
Well that surely explains a lot...namely his idiocy regarding the intact penis. Geez. Seriously, I can't even take a regular Oprah episode without wanting to throw things at the TV. The sad thing is that I know many people who take the opinions of "experts" on Oprah's show as gospel...so if this Dr. Oz is going to come on the show and spout all this garbage, I'm thinking a lot of people are going to listen. Really gets my blood pressure rising!!!

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Sounds like Dr "Oz" should go float away in a balloon....and take his bad advice with him!

What, they couldn't actually get someone who knew what they were talking about? Apparently not.
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I just watched it. It made me want to puke. :
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Originally Posted by norajane View Post
I just watched it. It made me want to puke. :
Anything positive?

Did it seem very pro circ?
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Originally Posted by carriebft View Post
Anything positive?

Did it seem very pro circ?
I just watched it. It was very pro-circ. The only positive they gave for being intact was increased sensation during sex.
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well, what did we expect from a woman who raves about rubbing foreskin on her face. :
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