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Oprah on circumcision today? - Page 3

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Maybe DOC and NOCIRC should e-mail her show to let them know Dr. Oz's statements on circ were inaccurate
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Originally Posted by transformed View Post
Speaking of which-is there a sticky on this? I may be having ain intact little boy soon and I am clueless. :

Also, I dont know how to care for my sons cut penis. Its strange because the glans doesnt pop out all the way like my dh's

uncirced care:
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One Pro-circ comment from Oprah:
binker5about circumsizeing. i worked as a nursing assistant for three years in a nursing home. during that time i only had two men come in who were NOT circumsized. they BOTH had infections around the tissue of the penis. my advice would be to circumsize your boys. i did.
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Sigh... Its coming on in 2 minutes. To watch, or not to watch?
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ack...i cant watch it...i was going to, but umm, no...especially if this is going to be part of the conversation...bleh...


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Arrrrrrrrrgh !!!!!!!!!!!! I just watched it. I'm so tired of the ignorance of circumcision. On Oprah ! Makes me nuts.
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I'm so glad that my mom didn't see ophrah today because -she is still so unsure of me not cleaning under foreskin=and since this would have made her believe that there are benefits to it still-she's in jury duty-and if things make her fear that issues will come up she will be so pressuring me etc
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How awful! I just emailed the producers. I've always hated that guy and his smug snotty behavior. NOw I know he's a quack. God, I hope she does some kind of retraction (no pun intended!)

I wrote in my email that I thought she was the kind of woman that would do a show about the horrors, pain, and suffering caused by the uneccesary, disfiguring, and costly procedure of circumcision, instead of promoting the mutilation of baby boys. :
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I can not stand when people talk about the nasty smegma etc etc... how incredibly insulting is that to all the intact men all over Europe, Canada...

oh and to my SON as well. :
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Hasn't she done stories about the anti-female circ movement in Africa? Perhaps letters could point to that as well.
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That Dr. Oz is way off track. If all foreskins scarred down from doing their intended function of protecting the penis, intact men would never have been able to reproduce in the first place. Geez, I hope my labias don't scar down from wearing tight pants :
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A small bit OT, but for those of you that watched did you see how nearly ever hand in the audience went up when he asked how many of you are circ'ed. : Just makes me sad for the grown men too.
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Wow, it sounds like it was horrendous and I think I made the right decision in not watching!!! I figured that any message about circumcision from a woman who touts the benefits of foreskin-containing face creams is completely worthless.
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Some people consider it disfiguring, and doing it will reduce sensation during sex.
He doesn't say it reduces sensation in sex, the statement is preceded by
"some people consider". In other words he is attempting to pre-empt that
point of view.

He comes across as 100% pro-circ and a liar.

Scarring, emergency circ for males being strangled by a foreskin. The man is dreaming.
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I just watched it, not having any idea what the topic was today...well, I got so mad the tv is now off and I am on MDC!

He also mentioned of the the "valid reasons" to circ (aside from religious): "boys want to be like their fathers"...I couldn't believe he said that...like a tiny infant chooses to have it done!

I am just
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ok so the topic came up and said... AWESOME this will be GREAT oh DH is so going to have to watch this. Oh for sure dr. Oz can change his mind about non circ'ing!!!!


that is just CRAZY! i am going to write Oprah!!! i mean he could have said it a little less one sided KWIM?
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I too just wrote into Oprah. I was very disappointed with that section of the show (I didn't watch the other sections, I generally think that guy is wacky)... anyway just hope other will write in.
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Originally Posted by Ruthla View Post
Of course intact boys have more infections in the USA when parents and medical "professionals" don't know the proper way to care for an intact penis. I wonder what the infection rate is in countries where circ is NOT the norm.
My thoughts exactly.

I was furious watching this. I truly had a physical reaction like I wanted to puke.

I suggest HAND written letters, if you want them to get any attention. I am definitely writing.
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Because of the bit he said about cleaning and retracting the foreskin, I wonder if we can file complaints to his state's medical licensing board for spreading harmful misinformation
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