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October - Chasing the Naughty Dingos Running Thread

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A new month, a new thread
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i'm happy to report that i managed a bike ride yesterday. just a little over an hour due to other obligations, but I got out there and did a heck of a climb. this morning's ab work is already done as well.

DH completed a 50 mile mtn bike race yesterday. i'm proud of him for sticking with the whole thing and getting it done. Boy, is he sore and tired today. I don't think he was quite trained up to do it.

Goals for this week:
Mon: abs and run
Tues: abs and run
Wed: mtn bike ride
Thus: abs and run
Fri: abs
Sat: not sure yet
Sun: big mtn bike ride
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I did 3.7 this morning with the jogger. There's a big hill on my route that I usually have to walk some when I'm pushing Jojo, but today I ran the whole thing.
Thanks for the laundry tips. Geo, now that you mention it, I do remember you asking. Glad I'm not the only one.

BBM-how's your dh doing?

Eksmom-are you OK? Thinking of you.
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happy october everyone!

I ran yesterday morning for my first post-half marathon run. Ran 3.5 in 33 min but it felt slower than that -- I didn't eat before and didn't take water with me which was bad. I've definitely changed in how I run - I used to need an empty stomach with no water.

Geo - your break-in is scary! My dh's car was broken into when he was in college and it really affected how he behaves to this day. He's not so fearful about the house but definitely the car.
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Happy October!

Nothing new since my ramble last night. Just subbin'. Check y'all later...
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no run yet...kick me in the tuckus to get out there this afternoon.

HBM - thanks for asking. Dh is doing well. The honeymoon is over though...the relief from pain, IYKWIM? Now he's antsy and irritable about the neck brace. We'll get out later today and go for a short walk in the woods, see how he handles that.
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M - Lift and run
T - Yoga
W - Off
T - Lift and run
F - Off
S - Run
S - Yoga
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Geo, that sucks about the break-in. And what a huge pain to have to deal w/credit cards, online accounts, etc. I hope it resolves soon.

The Leaf Peepers Half yesterday had just about the best weather I'd ever experienced for a race. Maybe a skosh too hot....but after 4 or 5 miles, who isn't sweaty? My friend and I finished in 2:32 or so...it was her first-ever half and she just started running this spring, so she was kinda my hero. I had to kick her in the butt a little bit during the last mile, but we made it! I was hoping to get in under 2:30, but based on my long runs (which were sloooowwww) I really didn't expect to come close to that, so I was happy. OTOH, I really don't think I push myself very hard. I had plenty of energy left at the end and wasn't all that winded after crossing the line. I think I'm always so afraid I'll use up all my energy before the end that I wind up having more than enough left over.

But anyway. Next stop is DC for a 5K on Oct 13! Today is, mercifully, a rest day. Tomorrow might be too.
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Dingo Race List

Here's the race list. If you have something to add, PM me (easier for me to keep up with) or post.

calicocj - half marathon - October 27
towsonmama - Gwynns Falls 6K- October 28
kate~mom - JFK 50 Mile - November 17
JayGee - 15K Trail Race - November 17
mamabeth, HBM - Atlanta Half-Marathon - November 22
kate~mom - Midnight Emerald Nuts Midnight Run (4M) - December 31
Runningmommy - 10K -March 1
Runningmommy - 15K - April 12
Runningmommy - Indy Mini Marathon - May 3

The Preggo Dingo List
HollysMom - Jan 08
eksmom - April 18

Dingo Recipe Blog - send me a PM with your email address if you'd like to be added so that you can post.
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White Rabbits Before Breakfast!

Just subbing in, we found out last night that dd1 has the day off of school today for some teacher training thing. I love how even if your kid isn't out sick they still only give two days notice before a national day off of school. : Of course dd1 was out of school sick on Thurs and Friday so this is her fifth day off and we're all going a little batty.
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I have a question for all you health conscious dingos, do any of you eat non-all natural peanut butter? I love pb but it is impossible to get the all-natural kind here without paying a fortune for it. However, Skippy is ubiquitous. How bad do y'all think the transfats in it are? Will I go straight to crunchy mom hell if I fed that to dd1? Is Skippy the secret to everyone having cancer these days or is it a relatively benign modern product?
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So, lots has been going on, and if I'm not careful this could turn into a great big huge post.

First, some personals...

Geo, I'm so sorry about the break-in. I can identify with your DH, though. I like being cold at night and I love not having to spend $$ to get the temp the way I want it this time of year. We live in a ranch and EK's bedroom is on the front, so her window is always locked at night, but the room next to hers, we leave open lots of times. (Our room is right there, on the back side of the house "behind" EK's.) You've made me think twice about leaving any of the windows on the front of the house open. I'm glad you are all OK and that it wasn't any worse than it was; still, what a headache.

BBM, glad your DH came through OK. Hope the antsy feeling doesn't last too long.

Schatz, I may have missed it, but what's the latest on your mom?

Life exploded a couple weeks ago and we're still trying to gather up all the fragments. One of our dogs, Hannah, was lame for pretty much the entire month of Sept. It started with her right rear leg and spread to her left, to the point that it would take her ~3 minutes to be able to stand up to leave her crate. She was so pathetic, it broke my heart. We ended up driving her down to Greenboro, NC (2 hr drive) last Tuesday to see a specialist. They ended up keeping her for 6 hours so it was a long day. Turns out she has immune-mediated polyarthritis. We started her on prednisone on Friday and she is already almost back to her normal self, well, except for the excessive drinking and panting caused by the pred.

Friday was EK's b'day. Dinosaur cake pictures are here, but I haven't gotten the rest of the pictures uploaded yet.

My mom is getting ready to have her gallbladder taken out. It should be no big deal, but her hysterectomy in the summer of 2006 ended up being really tough on her, so I am nervous. She is seeing the surgeon this morning so I should know soon when the surgery is actually gonig to happen. The process of deciding that she needs it taken out has been going on forever and a day, so it will be nice to finally have a surgery date.

As a result of all this stuff, I've ended up canceling on a fun handbell event I was supposed to go to this weekend (and so I feel like a schmuck), and we're not going to the beach this month like we usually do. I am really low on time off at work, and am trying to save it for the spring. Me and my pregnancy hormones are wallowing in self-pity over all that today. Woe is me, blah blah. : We might try to go camping this weekend in an attempt to ease EK's pain about not going to the beach.

Pregnancy seems to be going fine. I'm still spotting. Again also as a result of the small fortune we spent on Hannah, plus my increasing awareness that pregnancy is not the time to butt heads with my parents, I've moved to plan B for the birth. I'm going to hire the woman who would have been my midwife as a doula and labor at home as long as possible before showing up at the hospital. Anyway, I am 11 weeks now and starting to get some of my energy back. Food is starting to sound like a good thing some of the time, in theory at least. I was supposed to go back to the OB last week but didn't with all that was going on, so I will see if I can go this week.

I miss running. I miss the actual doing of it, and I miss the way I feel afterwards. Turns out that I enjoy being active and busy more than I thought I did. I always thought I'd love to have time to just lay around and do nothing, but I am finding that I much prefer having lots going on and having the stamina and energy to tackle it all. Anyway, y'all run a mile for me, OK?
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Originally Posted by Plady View Post
I have a question for all you health conscious dingos, do any of you eat non-all natural peanut butter? I love pb but it is impossible to get the all-natural kind here without paying a fortune for it. However, Skippy is ubiquitous. How bad do y'all think the transfats in it are? Will I go straight to crunchy mom hell if I fed that to dd1? Is Skippy the secret to everyone having cancer these days or is it a relatively benign modern product?
my mdc credentials may be revoked, but we buy store brand peanut butter sometimes. i'd look for the one with the least amount of added sugar. really, only recently have i begun buying the natural stuff. my favorite is the U-grind it stuff from our local market, but i always forget when i'm there.

you should make eveyone that visits you bring peanut butter. my friend just headed off to Germany to visit friends, with four jars of almond butter. apparently they don't get it over there.
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getting excited and nervous for the Chicago Marathon....
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Happy October!!!

Plady, you can revoke my natural Mama credential too, since my DH refuses to eat anything but Jif peanut butter. I know there is too much sugar in it. DS and DH are the only ones who eat peanut butter with any regularity.

towsonmama ~ I thought of you this morning when I set out to run my intervals on the TM. I ended up running 5 miles total, and got the pace down to 7:15 for one of the 1/4 mile intervals.

Registering now for this 15K trail race on November 17th. Runningmommy, any chance you want to do it with me? It's north of Indy . My goals for the week are:

Mon ~ speedwork/intervals 5 miles DONE!
Tues ~ spinning class
Wed ~ 6 miles with the jogger on the rail trail
Thurs ~ spinning class
Friday ~ 1500 m swim
Sat ~ 6 mile trail run
Sun ~ OFF!
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Eksmom it sounds like a rough month. I was thinking of you too this morning. I hope you're able to get back out there and run sometime during your pregnancy -- even just for stress relief. I stopped spotting with Leah at about 12 weeks. Coincidentally I got the go ahead from my doc at 12 w 1 day to go ahead and actually run.

ok must work. 18 minutes to get something done.

more later.
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Hi Mamas

How are you guys?

EK's Mama, I am glad your pup is feeling better. Is your mom going to have a laparoscopic procedure? That should be pretty straightforward, I bet she will do great.

RM, are you excited? Only 6 more days to Marathon day :

We are very sick with a head cold here. We are hunkering down and resting up, repeating, "Thank goodness we are sick now and not next weekend" : All should be well come next weekend. Now must start offerings to the weather gods, I have no plan B in terms of clothing in the event of cold, miserable, wet weather......

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Hi Eks!!!!! so nice to hear from you. sounds like tons of stuff going on and no wonder you're stressed. Camping sounds nice though. I skipped running too the 1st tri and picked right back up in the 2nd, but even if you decide not to, you still MUST check back in here, you know! love the cake, too, you are amazing at them.

I'm trying to get many ducks in a row today....sale crap, J's 2nd b'day party (!!!!), other stuff. I did get out for a fun run yesterday, only a couple miles but then a hard half mile home with groceries. plus yoga! I was trying to make up for lost time, I guess.

HBM, about the clothes....I had to throw some stuff away that just was too awful after a couple years. I have noticed that the better brands (Moving Comfort, Nike, etc) smell a LOT less than the Target stuff and last longer, go figure, right? so when you're replacing.... reioutlet has some great stuff on sale right now.

Goals this week:
Tues-7 miles
Wed-2 miles
Fri- 10 miles

take care mamas! Happy October! We are finally in FALL and I'm loving it.
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dh did great at the Toronto half marathon. It was so much fun to watch it all! He finished in just under two hours and just a few minutes ahead of the men who won the full marathon race - they broke a record for fastest marathon run on Canadian soil and it was so amazing to watch them go by - we were standing 100m from the finish line. I saw a couple of pregnant mamas running and thought of all my Dingo friends

I will go into the city this week and buy new running shoes. I really want to run the Toronto half with dh next year. I love doing yoga and walking, but I am happiest when I run, asthma or not.
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