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Yay Dr. Callie!!!!
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Way to go Callie!!!
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Yay oh esteemed Dr. Callie!

I do the natural - but I really don't want the sugar. I also use juice sweetened jelly rather than traditional sugar jelly. But I'm still off the sugar wagon...full on cravings all the time here.

I'm hitting the wall here. Taking care of everything is wearing me out. And poor dh is starting to get crabby about the neck brace. It does look really uncomfortable.

I didn't run, I opted to sleep. E is on the wake every two hours schedule. It's kicking my butt...on top of everything else. He did pop a 5th tooth. I'm guessing now until the next three come in my nights are gonna be sleepless... le sigh.
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: :congrats callie! : :
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Trying to catch up here. I hope to be able to keep up a little better this month.

After reading through the first 3 pages...I'm now craving peanut butter! Any kind will do!

Congratulations Callie!

Plady...that is very unfair indeed!

I keep trying new routes around my new house for running. I see all these people running and walking up the road my neighborhood is off of. At 8AM there is way too much exhaust for me. I only get out a few times a week, so it may take some time to figure out what's going to work.

My poor cousin had west nile virus about 2 years ago when she was pregnant. She's a 5 mile a day runner. Just for fitness and stress. The virus attacked her right hip/leg and she's had lots of PT, but her Dr is saying she won't be able to run again. She's really depressed. I hope she finds some other answere's or other PT.
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Momabelle, that sucks for your friend. Is she seeing a PT for athletes? Even DH who isn't exactly a top athlete, saw the PT at the sport medicine facility here. He got really different care than at his first PT. At the sports medicine group, they started with the presumption that all individuals will return to their sport in some capacity.
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Go shake your bootchie and celebrate! I lift the remnants of my glass of wine to you, lady!

And now, any time you ask me a question, I will answer in my best Audrey voice, "Yes, Doctah!" [watch Little Shop of Horrors for a review]

First anatomy test today. Most of us bit it hard. Just don't care! Big picture in mind.
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Originally Posted by Megs_BK View Post
And now, any time you ask me a question, I will answer in my best Audrey voice, "Yes, Doctah!" [watch Little Shop of Horrors for a review]
YOu may have to wrestle CheryAnn for that!

Congrat Dr. Callie!

Hmm, it's funny, I hadn't been thinking about the sugar in the crap PB at all, just the partially hydrogenated oils.
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Originally Posted by Plady View Post
YOu may have to wrestle CheryAnn for that!
Sorry, I claim Audrey! I played her for eight performances back in April '05. She's MINE! See evidence here. that was a blond wig, though, duh.
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Dr Callie, congratulations!!!!!!! You must be elated. Now you can go enjoy your trip to FL even more!!

Wow, Megs, you go girl. And way to go on keeping perspective on your first test (didn't you just start school??) Anatomy is a killer, isn't it?
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WTG, Callie!! Congratulations!!!

Megs, I won't wrestle you. You make a gorgeous Audrey! I wish I could really see you play her. Your production looked really professional. Here are a couple photos from my production a year ago. It was a dream come true to play her, so I really get the territorialism. She's a great character. I don't have any "in action" photos. But here are some pre and post action photos.

Doesn't she have a sweet smile? I love her teeth.


Here's the drag queen version. The hair is my own. So is the nose.


Here's the greatest accomplishment...the building of a plant (5 puppets worth) with Seymour (who actually knew what he was doing) in 8 days because no one else got it done. She's a beauty!


The glueing on of "tongue hair" that allowed us to so easily slip down her velvety throat. Ugh. I was so tired.


And from my myspace. It's puppet 4 of 5 and the one I worked on the most. In that pic she's on display in "Seymour's" shop window in our little town.


Oh, I love her. Both of her. I got to relive it a little bit a couple weeks ago when I got to do "Somewhere That's Green" at a wine tasting event here in town. Don't you just miss her like crazy?!?!?!

Just got back from an amazing weekend!! Got to bed at 5am this morning and up again at 7 to go to work. We decided to go back for the last session tomorrow night which means another 4 hour drive each way. We'll leave in the afternoon and get home around 4 am again. Ugh. Up for work at 7. But, it is so worth it. I can't wait.

And...drumroll please...when I get back I am committing myself to a training schedule. My body is getting bigger, flabbier, and more achy. It needs the exercise so badly! I'm excited.

to all...I'll jump back in the swing of things here when I get back on Wednesday. Unless I'm sleeping. In which case it will be Thursday. But, it will be. I need you guys!
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Ugh-I'm up with freaking insomnia and my baby is actually sleeping. : I've been up for over 2 hours and I'm still wide a-freakin' wake. : I've got to get up in two hours and dh leaves to go out of town for a couple of days, so no chance of catching up on the sleep.
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HBM~that stinks! hope you are snoozin' away..............

RR: day off yesterday, running 6 some time today. must shower now, busy morning ahead. Marathon in 5 days (my first)!!

ND~are we meeting up somewhere this weekend???? I hope so! You've run marathons before, haven't you?
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Congrats Callie!

RM- Are you nervous for your marathon? It's funny because last year when I started running I said that I had no desire to ever run a marathon. Now I know that at some point I will do one. I'm shooting for not this next season, but maybe the season after that. I have to wait until my kids are old enough to stay home alone on the long runs because of my single-mom status. But that works out fine because next season I want to concentrate on tris.
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Congrats, Callie!

This PB stuff made me laugh because I bought something at Trader Joe's a while ago called "Better'n Peanut Butter". I think it must have been one of my crunchy days because I've been so weirded out by it ever since that I haven't actually opened it.

That race list has me a little intimidated. Maybe if I keep plugging along I'll catch up with some of you dingoes eventually. I didn't get to workout yesterday so I'm hoping to do intervals on the TM again today with a goal of five miles.
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abs are done for today. i have my running stuff, so I hope to get out this afternoon and do a speed workout on the trails. I have a bunch of meetings today, so I'll either be so behind that I can't get out, or so fried that i have no choice but to get out.

Oh, and pertaining to my goals for the week - made a batch of liquid soap last night. that takes a couple of days with all the cooking, but it's in process.

Caillie - congratulations!

towsonmama - don't mind the race list. pick a 5k and get listed too or a big goal for a spring race. you don't have to be the fastest, but getting out there and doing events is really inspiring, even if you come in at the back of the pack like I do

okay. off to play with my website.
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Check the label on the Jif/Skippy/StoreBrand peanut butter. Most things have reformulated since they had to declare the transfats. It might not even be there anymore.

Though I wouldn't know. I hate anything but the natural stuff. Raised by hippies and all...

Hopefully I'll get my new laptop once the apple store opens at the mall here. (10 am).
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Congratulations Callie!!!!!!!!! You are inspiring me to get back to work - I have been such a slacker lately :

babybugmama -

Pof7 - one of my dd's ahd her tonsils and adenoids removed for sleep apnea when she was 2. It made such a huge difference - sleep, behaviour, growth, everything.

My kids have always had the all natural peanut butter. I must confess that I love Kraft Crunchy PB. The kids have tried it and they don't like it - they don't like the sweetness, the nuts, or the texture. They are used to the good stuff and I occasionally enjoy the sweet stuff. Now that I am not eating wheat anymore, it really cuts out the amount of PB I eat - rice cakes just don't do it for me and I don't like bread enough to buy the gluten free stuff.

So dh is back to work today after 3 weeks off. It was great to have so much time together but I am sooooo ready to get back to school and Shantiquilts. Both have been sorely neglected for an embarrasssingly long time.
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PB: We buy that huge family sized can of Jif. DH goes through so much peanutbutter that if we were to buy the natural organic stuff, our grocery spending would be even more ridiculous than it already is. DD & I eat it occasionally, but not all that often.

RR: I only got 2 runs in last week because I was fighting a cold. When DD got sick, I assumed it was the cold I had been fighting, and was amazed at how much worse it was for her than me. Yesterday, when I realized I was coming down with the plague of death, I realized she had something else and not what I had. So I had one day of feeling pretty good followed by getting sick again with something much worse. I'm at the start, the fun sore throat part, so we'll see if I manage any running this week.


1. Stop getting sick.
2. Do yoga if I feel up to it, or at the very least meditate.
3. Run when I can.

My funky heartbeat is back, and it drives me nuts. I've been wondering if I should go to the doctor about it, but I really think it would be a waste of time. My mom and my sister have the same thing, and I believe it is due to stress. I got it for the first time the week following my 20 mile run. I wasn't sure if it was related to running 20 miles, or how freaking terrified I was to run the marathon. Anyhow, it has persisted on and off since then. It seems to be worse (at least I notice it more) when my blood pressure is up. Paige? Jen? Any thoughts on this?
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Ohmygarsh, CherylAnn, you are beyooooteeful! You look amazing as Audrey!

Ah, what I would do to stand in front of a crowd and sing "Somewhere that's Green" again. I love that music because it fit perfectly in my range and style. Well, some of "Suddenly Seymour" was a stretch if I tried to use chest voice the whole time. But I think it stretched me as a singer and made me better.

Our production was pretty good, but had the usual community theater quirks. Mr. Mushnik would NOT memorize his lines. Ad lib's the game, y'all! Argh. And the Docter was a scene chewing ham... but not in the right way for that part.

Anyway, blah blah blah. Must get going on the day. All of you who can today - RUN!
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