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Oh, the pics are so cute!! thanks y'all. I am trying to put mine in my blog but keep getting an error message, so will work on it today.

We had a good time last night...no one could guess what my kids were (Red Riding Hood and the Wolf) which was frustrating for dd, poor kid. But ds really got into it for the first time. My neighbor made us...by us I mean the kids...these homemade cannolis, rice krispy treats, and cookies. RIDICULOUS (and also consumed by me and dh last night).

I got up and ran 3 miles this morning sort of on the spur of the moment and it was one of the best runs I've had in a LONG time. nearly effortless, I made it up every hill without feeling like I was going to die, and my legs felt nice and strong. Not sure why but I'm not going to think too much about it.

Anybody else read RW this month, the articles about how to survive the holiday eating? They are really good and really realistic...like, if you drink several cocktails and eat appetizers, how many calories it is and what kind of run will help "make up" for it.

must do errands...we are going to Vegas in a few days and I'm suddenly out of all toiletries! take care mamas.
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Thanks for the reminder to pick up the new RW, beth .

towsonmama ~ when it's just chilly (30s/40s), I wear tights, long sleeved shirt and a fleece vest. Also lightweight gloves and a hat that I can tuck into my tights if I get hot. Last year I ran a 5K in February and it was 12 degrees. For that I wore two pair of tights, special socks, short sleeved shirt, long sleeved shirt, windbreaker, neckwarmer, hat and gloves. I was toasty warm once I got running .

I'm fairly certain I have torn cartilage in my knee. The pain feels exactly like it did the last three times I tore my meniscus (yeah, 3 times...) complete with the popping and getting stuck. At least I know the surgery is quick and the recovery fast. I'll find out definitively next Tuesday morning. I just want it fixed so I can run and bike again. Pretty much everything except swimming with a pull buoy hurts.

Great Halloween pictures everyone. We have some cute Dingo-kids !

Oh, and totally unrelated, I am embarking on a TV-free month for the entire family. I've uplugged both sets, unscrewed the cable connectors and put the remotes way up high. So far the kids are taking it remarkably well, and, as I suspected, are much better behaved today.
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Originally Posted by HomeBirthMommy View Post
We had such a good time trick or treating last night! Here are a few pictures:
Wow that was a serious amount of candy!
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Originally Posted by moonshine View Post
I was holding her, and felt her go. I realize that it was all for the best, but how do you get over that??
It just takes time. Today is Day of The Dead and I made part of our altar to honor our Dalmatian that died last Nov. 9. I still miss him but it doesn't hurt as much anymore, I can remember more than just his last day.

Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
What's going on here?!? The same unheard-of diagnosis three months apart and across the street in two women in their 30s. I checked -- she went to a different hospital, so it was a different doc making the diagnosis.
That's a little spooky.

Originally Posted by Megs_BK View Post
I remember after our dearest childhood dog was hit and killed, it took so long to stop hesitating when we opened the screen door, expecting her faithful body to be lying right in front of it. :-(
Oh Megs, that's so sad!

Thank you all for posting pix! What cute Dingo pups out there in Halloweenland! I didn't get a single kid at the door last night but I'm keeping the candy bowl on hand through the weekend because I know that there is a high probability someone will show up a little late! Thank goodness the candy doesn't appeal to me at all. It's all leftover from all the piñatas of the year and it's all nasty (IMO I know lots of people must like it though). NOw, if there were Twix bars involved I'd be in serious trouble!

I need a run sooooooooo badly. Today is my mom's last day here and I'm so ready for her to leave. It makes me sad that that is how it is but she is just not normal. She takes everything personally and I just can't stand knowing that no matter what I say about anything (I like Twix bars, hmmm how will she turn that into a personal attack? I know she will!) she can find a way to be victimized by it. :
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Great pics everyone! I'm definitely a slacker on pics, but will try to post some tonight or tomorrow. Ds was Pikachu, dd a black kitty, and I improvised a black widow spider costume. Taos really gets into Halloween. Everyone, kids and adults, dresses up and goes down to the Plaza in the late afternoon to trick or treat around the shops there, and just to mingle with friends. It's really fun. Unfortunately, I bought way too much candy for our own neighborhood, after being warned by at least 6 people that we would be swamped. Guess it was a slow year, because I have 3 bags left!

I have an MRI of my back and a pelvic ultrasound scheduled tomorrow afternoon to try to figure out what the heck this groin pain is. My doctor couldn't figure it out either. : I'm so so so sick and tired of this ice pick sensation in my crotch all the time and of not getting any decent exercise in.

Plady, burn some sage and drink a beer when your mom leaves - you deserve it! I'm right there with you with the toxic mom thing.

Happy Dia de los Muertos everyone!
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Cold weather is my fav running weather. I like layers, a light shirt and a heavier one, my running shell, a nice warm hat and an earband (so that I can take off the hat and vent out the top without freezing my ears), pearl izumi wind-proof running/cycling pants, wool socks. This year I hope to find some better wicking running gloves and find/make/repurpose a good pair of mittens to go over them when starting out. I get hot easily so for me being able to take off something mid-run when I'm out for an hour is important. Mostly though I find I can put some of the warm weather stuff underneath.

Swelling is down on the ankle already. Hope to be out logging some miles next week. I miss my long runs!
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I'm stressed. DD's pre-op blood work came back abnormal. It's a blood clotting issue. The nurse said her "PT" blood test results were low. It was 1.1 and it needs to be 2.0-3.5. I took her in for a second draw this morning. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that it comes back normal today. You just don't want to hear that any kind of blood work is "abnormal" KWIM?
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Po7, keeping you and dd in my thoughts today.

Our Halloween pics are now on my blog!

Towsonmama, I LOVE Hermione and the bee! Adorable.

I am trying to keep the candy-eating to a minimum, but I had to eat another cookie because they will go bad if I don't, right? :
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Will try to remember to post Halloween pics later, Nora had a blast.. .I was bad mommy, she cried after we put Elmo on, but I made her wear it anyway (although after about 30 seconds of seeing the neighborhood kids dressed up, she was ALL about Elmo), she only wanted to go to one house to TOT, but she wanted to go to it like 8 times, fortunately they are nice neighbors and thought it was funny...

we have too much candy left over, definitely slower than last year, but so far I've only eaten two small pieces today... not sure how long that will power will last

Just finished a 5.5 mile tempo run, avg about 9:30 pace, except for stopping to walk a couple times to adjust my f*#&& fuel belt...

I'd really like to leave it at home but Im trying to get used to wearing it for my long runs, it is still in the 80s and 90s here and I need the H2O!
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hey it's november, time for a new thread. i'll start it later unless someone beats me to it. i've scrapped my plans to run today because dd has a fever. : so we're hanging out, trying to snuggle the sickies away. meanwhile, there's a photo in my blog of halloween.

pof7 - hoping you get some better news soon

geo - that's very odd. kind of erin brockovich-ish, i mean, if there was something in your town's water causing rare diagnoses.
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po7, eeek! I hope all is well, and the last draw was a fluke.

poppy, that was DH's first reaction when I told him. Actually, his first was extreme relief, then second was wondering if there was something in our environment. Of course, mine seems to be pretty clearly related to dairy, and hers related to bad asthma.
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Well, it wasn't a fluke. We are getting a referal to a pediactric hemotoligist.

I pray that there is nothing wrong.
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i'm going running in 20 minutes. I fly out to my event tomorrow at the crack of dawn. everything is seemingly under control, but I may be coming down with the really nasty cold that's been going through our office.

i'm almost packed, so feeling okay about everything right now.
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Hey, I started a new thread!

And HERE it is
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po7~ That's not something you want to hear. I hope everything turns out okay.

Originally Posted by mamabeth View Post

Towsonmama, I LOVE Hermione and the bee! Adorable.
Thanks! "Hermione" was a real trooper when she kept being mistaken for Harry Potter. After about the twentieth time though she turned to me and in her best obnoxious teenager voice (she's only 4) said "Hello-o-o, I'm not wearing glasses and I'm a girl. WHY do they keep thinking I'm Harry?"

Thanks for all to the cool weather running gear tips everyone! I'm going to make a list of stuff to look for at the big sale next week. They're also doing gait analyses--while serving wine and cheese. That should make a cute combo once the wine gets flowing. Can you imagine the TM carnage?
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Originally Posted by towsonmama View Post
Oh, yeah. I guess that would be helpful info. It's in the 40's in the mornings right now but that will drop to the high 30's in the next couple of weeks. The running book I'm reading really sings the praises of vests. Of course, I think ALL of my gear is cotton right now. I'm thinking I should invest in a few key basics.

Okay, y'all. I'm not going to be the slacker of the group. Here's our trick or treating gang...



aw! we had a hermione too - will post pictures when i actually get them off the camera!
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