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I wanted to chime in and ask a question...i was thinking about starting my own thread..but decided not to....ds 13 is unschooling and here in NC we are required to test once anually and i ordered the CAT survey edition...series of 6, 20 question tests. He has completed 4 of these test and has 2 to go and for the life of me he will not finish the last 2. The last 2 are reading comp and vocabulary. Difficult subjects for him. I have offered to sit a read aloud the questions..he refuses...this has to be done for legal reasons. What should i do? I would love for him to actualy finish this on his own to see where he places, just for my own personal reasons. I've even thought about doing it for him, but i'm not sure if that is a good idea. He thinks it's stupid and crazy that he has to take these test. He feels like he knows everything he needs to know to function in life right now. He's said that he doesnt need to learn anything else or prove to anyone what he knows or doesnt know. I've tried to explain that this is the law in our state and it has to be done. Any ideas mama's?
my first thought is what will happen if he does fail those areas?
I'd assume if he were in PS, and failed some areas, they'd ultimately keep him back a grade.
so if he's homeschooled, what do the state do with the test results? just compile statistics? do they have any power to step in and insist that he go to school or give him work or anything like that??

anyway, assuming that nothing really would happen, then I'd let him do the test. its his education, after all.
If there would be some legal consequences, then discuss it with your DS. and still, let him make his own choice.

just my 2c!