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June 2007 Moms ~ Welcome to October

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It doesn't look like anyone else has started an October thread for us, so I'm taking the initiative.

Today is my birthday! I'm 33 today. : When did that happen?

I'm in the middle of moving our toys from the main floor (in the family room and almost everywhere else) to the former-nursery-turned-playroom. I wish I'd done it with my mom while she was here, but the weather was too hot for me to get anything done. It is going slowly, and everything is topsy-turvy in the meantime. Oh sigh.

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: Happy Birthday Willow!! Do something you want today, try to relax and have fun!

Today I "have" to take DS to the liabrary. He asked DH and DH said "sure you can go to the libray with mommy today". As in I don't have other things I need to do today.: Don't get me wrong I love the library, but I wasn't really thinking of going today, and now DS will really lose it if I don't. I could say "no", but I am not in the mood to deal with a really winey, crying 2 yr old because dad said he could go to the library, but mom didn't, KWIM. Oh well, I am far too sleep deprived to argue with a 2 1/2 yr old, best to do something he will enjoy to keep us all happy.
By the way, all that wonderful sleep DD was giving me a couple weeks ago is a distant memory. She is waking up 3-4 times a night, and about 2 of those times decides it is time to get up for the day. She lays next to me and talks and talks, as cute as it is, I am thinking that at 4 am it is cuter when she is sleeping soundly!
Off to the library I go!
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happy birthday willo!

i can't believe it's october already! where does the time go? i always seem to post at the beginning of the month and then get shy and just lurk for the next 29 days : but i'll try to be better this time...

carina had her 4month WBV last week and had a reaction to the shots - fever and general crankiness for 2 days. it's really making me think about not doing any more vaxes or at the very least, spacing them waaay out from now on. it's such a tough call.

on a good note, she weighed in at 16lb 2oz and is 25in long and is doing great overall! here's a recent (and delicious) pic:

so, here's a question for other moms of more than one: how do your and DP's relationships differ with each child? i know that each one is a different person and all that but is there any favoritism going on?

i ask this because my dp is feeling much more love for the baby than he is for ds and it's breaking my heart a little. i understand that 5 year olds can be annoying and are more "demanding"/challenging in a certain way but i'm feeling really protective of ds and also frustrated with dp. we've talked about it and are working our way through it but i'm just wondering if anyone else is dealing with this at all.
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I haven't posted around here much recently, as I've been ridiculously busy and trying to limit my net usage, but I just came here with a specific query and found a brand new monthly thread so I feel I should participate!
Well, when Cara was first born I really struggled to adjust to my new role, and was worried that I was developing PPD. Now I'm happy to say I'm absolutely loving motherhood and have never been so content. Yay! And I'm also loving co-sleeping and babywearing, 2 things which actually kind of pissed me off/stressed me out to begin with!
Major change round here is that I started back at university last week. I don't have too many hours of teaching, and lectures are mostly on Monday and Tuesday, so my boyfriend is taking those days off work (and trying to get weekend shifts instead), and a friend is having her for 2 hours on Wednesdays. It's great that she's getting more one on one time with daddy (I hadn't left her with him for more than 20 minutes before starting uni), and I resent him a lot less because I feel a lot more equal, and he's fantastic with her. EXCEPT, she absolutely will not take a bottle, which is a big problem if I'm actually going to get the vast amount of work done that I need to (it's the final year of my undergrad degree and I can't believe how much there is to do). So that's a bit of an issue.
And Cara, well she is just lovely. So alert and social, adores smiling and giggling at anyone who comes near her. Don't know how much she weighs now but she's getting more chins all the time! lots of photos on my flickr!
And Happy Birthday Willo!
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Happy Birthday Willo!!

These baby pictures are adorable!! Thanks for sharing. We sure have a beautiful bunch of babies here in the June group.

Violet: I sometimes have the same feelings about DS1 and DS2 when it comes to DP. But DP is not DS1's father so I think that adds to the feelings. I know DP loves Aiden but I am very sensitive about anyone being mean to him, he's still my baby even though he's almost 5

It is FINALLY starting to cool off a tiny bit here in SW FL. I am really missing MASS and hoping to move back within the next few years. I long for that nice cool fall weather and taking mid-day walks with the kids.

Evan is still pooping up a storm. They said the rosephrin (sp?) antibiotic shot may do that but he got it 9 days ago. He's down to 4-5 poops a day, he pooped 12 times in one day the day after he got the shot : Before the shot he was pooping every other day. Aiden did have a stomach bug so I wonder if Evan caught that? Who knows. He's still pretty crabby so I think something is bothering him.

Evan grabs stuff now! He also sits forward in his car seat and in my lap. He wants to be sitting up at all times so we've brought out the Bumbo seat we got as a gift. I didn't think we'd use it but he likes it a lot. It makes me happy to see him developing on schedule, I am still worried he suffered brain damage from having low oxygen and being on the heart-lung machine during surgery. But there are no signs of brain damage at all
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hi everyone! happy birthday willo!
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Yay willo!

Exhausted, back later...

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happy birthday willo!!!

oh what cute babies!!!! thanks for sharing pictures.

jilian, i'm so glad everything seems to be happening on schedule for dear evan!!

i haven't given lucy any shots yet and i'm already stressing about what to do at her 4-mos wbv. ugh!!! besides that though, things are going well. dd1 started school today so we're back to having to get up early. lucy is still just such a sweetheart. i am so glad she's joined our family! we're all completely smitten by her. i can't believe how fast the time is going! we packed up all the 0-3 mos stuff last week. i wanted to give it all away, but when it came down to actually doing it i'm just not ready. hopefully soon though as it's just taking up space right now. sniff, sniff, time goes too fast!
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Happy Birthday, Willo!!! My birthday is tomorrow-I'll be 27-not sure when that happened either!

Jillian-What do you think of the Bumbo? We got one and I still can't decide if I like it. DS seems to like it for very short periods of time since he always wants to be up looking around. But he's so skinny that he has a hard time sitting without slumping down-I wasn't sure if that was okay. But, he's not in it for very long at a time and it gives me a minute or two to make lunch or go to the bathroom-the ability to go to the bathroom alone is amazing!!!

DS has discovered the incredible acoustics at church and has decided he loves to sing with everyone else. Unfortunately, he doesn't want to stop singing with everyone else! It's pretty cute, but I've taken to nursing through the sermon just so that others can hear.
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Happy birthday!!

on Bumbo seats: We borrowed a friend's when Willa was trying to sit up all the time, a little before she turned 3 mos. She likes it, but not for long stretches. She'll get really happy and seem like she's having fun for a minute or two, and then arch her back and strain to get out of it. We don't use it too often. And Robbins, she actually has the opposite problem of your DS. She's so chubby, with such truly massive thighs, that it's gotten really hard to fit her into it, and even harder to get her out! I try to pull her out, and the bumbo seat comes with her. It sounds like it really varies with the kid, though - I've had a few friends whose LO's adored the seat and loved being seated and watching everything going on around them. A couple others tried it, and their kids were never interested.
The item we've borrowed from a different friend that seems a true hit for her, and that is guaranteed to make Willa laugh and smile, is the jumperoo. What do you all think of them? I know they can be somewhat controversial because of the way they have babies sit, and im not convinced it's the greatest thing for her developing spine. But on the other hand, she loves jumping so much, and has SO much fun in it. I've decided I'm ok with it as long as we dont' use it too often or leave her in it for too long. Has anyone else tried this (or the similar johnny jumpup)?

on an unrelated note - can i tell you how happy i am with this whole borrow-large-plastic-items-from-friends thing? There are SO many - far too many, IMO - baby items out there, all of which someone will tell you is "indispensable." They can be pricey, are usually only useful for a few months, clog up your home, contribute to rampant consumerism of poorly made plastic objects, etc, etc - all sorts of reasons why i didn't want to buy any. On the other hand, some are actually useful - and it's hard to know ahead of time which ones your baby will actually love. I was lucky that a bunch of friends had babies the year before i did - I was counting the items i've borrowed the other day: infant car seat (definitely use, for obvious reasons, though we don't drive much), snap n go stroller (useful the few times I've used a stroller instead of babywearing, and in the airport), swing (hardly used it), bouncy seat (not at first, but now she loves it), bumbo seat (hardly use it), jumperoo (it's great), excersaucer (eh, still in the basement, haven't even tried it and probably never will), two sizes of baby bathtubs (used the small one once then decided we like taking baths with her ourselves in the full-size tub better), moses basket (great for the first few months, already returned it), play-gym mat (definitely useful, she loves the dangling toys), baby bjorn (used it for a month or two, then realized i far prefered other methods of babywearing - ergo and wrap - and bought my own).
Anyhow, just funny to see how useful and, in some cases, useless, the items have been, but with all of them I'm glad i was able to try them, use or not use them, and - the best part - can return them when i'm done with them instead of trying to store them myself! If i hadn't had friends with the items, i suppose craigs list or a baby-item exchange would have accomplished the same purpose, but i'm all for recycling baby gear. So much of it seems like it gets so little use, and is then discarded, which is really sad.
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I've borrowed a few things too, namely a snap and go which I use very occassionally when I have only one kid and am not wearing him. my friend who loaned it to me is due any day now with her second and she's going to borrow my moby wrap!
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Hi everyone! Glad it is October, but still no sign of fall here in TN! It is supposed to get to 91 degrees this week. YIKES!!

I want to jump in here, but the little man is hungry, so I'll check back in later. :2bfbabe:
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Creed is getting so social now, grinning like a fool at nothing all of the time and even laughing when tickled once and awhile. I love this age! He has figured out how to scootch around while laying on his back and can cross across our giant bed (two full sized beds put together) within a few minutes so the easy days of him just staying still like a blob are over. He is loving teh sling now and is super content in it though this of course brings comments from friends about spoiling, etc.... Why the heck would I want to hear him cry when he is clearly content hanging out with me? (Kinda a duh moment.....)
Most of the baby equiptment I have in this house I use for the baby I do daycare for. (walker, bouncy seat, johnny jumper) Though he loves the sling too...thank God I have two! BUt Creed adores his swing. It buys me a few minutes of peace to shower or cook dinner. Its a lifesaver with 3 other boys!
He is only waking once a night now, right around 3 every morning. We just went through a few nights of CONSTANT nursing and fussing.....growth spurt. Thank God he is done with that!
Loving the pics of your beautiful babes!
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I'm so glad Sean is feeling better! I bet the dairy will make all the difference too.

My 1st day back at work (yesterday) went well but I'm still planning on giving notice and leaving at the end of October... I just don't have that much of "me" to go around! We'll see... the money I make is pretty crucial so some will depend on how quickly our house sells. Fingers crossed it goes fast! I'd like to move by November if possible.

And tonight will be tough...Tues/Wed I work nights and will be walking home around 11pm. It's a solid half hour at a brisk pace through some marginal neighborhoods so I'm feeling a little nervous.

But over all, not a bad start!
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Happy Birthday!!!

Ok ladies this is going to be a total me post but I do not know where else to go and I know I have not been here much and am sorry.

ok so hubby and I have DTD like maybe 5 times since Sadie was born I just have no drive at all none I feel so awful and when we do do it I really really have a hard time getting into it I just have strange feelings about it it is almost like I feel like I should not be doing it.
My hubby says I just think of my self as a mom and I think he is right I just have a very hard time thinking it is something I should be doing.
I hope this makes sense any insight would be great we fight all the time right now I love my husband and I want to want him again I just do not know what to do .
I remember feeling this way when I had my first but I do not think it lasted as long or was as bad.
Oh to add to it we have some family staying with us so I do think about them hearing us and such ugg I just want to want to so we can all be happy.

any help or ideas would be great
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Blueberrystamps, I understand completely, here is a product that I just found and I have to say it is AWESOME!!https://www.emerita.com/pages/sexual...5Fpart%5Fdesc=

it is a bit pricey but really, really works for me, I feel the same way you do quite often. So, try it, I really promote it, it is all natural, I really can't speak more highly of it.
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Amanda, I find that breastfeeding effects my sex drive. I have a hard time climaxing while bfing - as soon as I stopped with my daughter I was able to and now I can't again. It could be hormonal or emotional, not sure. but I'm not going to stop bfing to make sex better! Molly, interesting about that cream!
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Thanks for the advice so far ladies I also think the breastfeeding has some to do with it but I am also not willing to change my breastfeeding relationship I have sooo loved tandem nursing.

I might have to check out that cream it is all just strange I love him and I am attracted to him it is just crazy LOL
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