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Ugh... I to apologize a lot to Laia. I'm very pro-GD and totally anti-physical punishment but I've found myself smacking her hand and although I feel horrible about it (not hard smacks, but still) it seems to be the only thing that gets her attention.

Basically I've done this 4-5 times now when she has done something to hurt Rowan. Like, if Rowan is nursing and Laia walks over and smacks her full in the face. Which she has done a couple of times. Or when Laia does something "on purpose" that hurts Rowan...like kicking her, or smacking her chair (the thing that sent us to the dr office the other week). I used to think little kids didn't really do things "on purpose" but no more! Much of the time things just happen, but every now and then I see Laia stop and think before doing something she knows she shouldn't. And it drives me crazy.

So yeah.... lots of apologies and also a less GD mama than I was 4 months ago. I'm sure it will get better. Right?!?!?!?
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Elizabeth- Glad you had a better day!

Wombat- a little slap on the hand isn't so bad, don't get on your case too much. That sounds like a tough situation.

AnnD- 60g of protein is for pregnancy, I think you can get away with a little less while nursing. If you're having trouble, find some high protein snacks that will temp you. Some Luna bars have 10g protein & you can get them at Target for $0.99. Lemon is yummy. Also, if you eat meat of any kind, it's easy to just eat a little extra (a normal serving is the size of a fist & has 25g). If not, again, find some high protein snacks & eat them. There are other bars that have other nutrients in them. You must make eating well a priority. It's hard for me too so I totally understand. With me it's getting enough fruits & veggies.
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Are any other babes making tons of raspberry noises these days? Willa discovered the sound a couple weeks ago, and now she's making raspberries (or, when I'm feeling less polite, fart noises) pretty much nonstop. She's in love with her new skill, and I have to say, it's pretty funny to listen to.
She's also way into foot-grabbing these days, and can entertain herself for quite a while trying to get them into her mouth. All kinds of new discoveries. She's still not rolling over front-to-back (which I always heard was easier) but she's doing back-to-front occasionally (most of the time, though, her one arm still gets stuck underneath her).
I've started putting her facing out in my EllaRoo wrap, and she really likes it. THe Ergo is still my favorite for long walks, and definitely if she's going to nap, but sometimes if she's wide awake she gets frustrated not being able to see out quite as well.

AnnD - I sometimes feel like I'm not eating enough either. I dropped down to my pp weight pretty quickly which I was happy about, but now I think I'm losing more weight than I'd like. I eat a ton at times, but sometimes when DD is demanding and there's a lot going on it's just easy to have meals go to a back burner. I'm thinking I should keep some healthy snacks on hand so I can grab something quickly more often.

We were supposed to go out of town this past weekend, and I actually canceled it because of Willa - it seemed kind of crazy to because of a baby (especially because she's always been a great traveler), but last week she spontaneously started sleeping 8-9 hour stretches again. The last time she did that (at 7 weeks old) she stopped once we started traveling a bunch. Since I'm going back to work in a couple weeks, I want to do everything I can to encourage her new chosen routine and not disrupt it by things like travel before she gets really comfortable in it. Plus it wasn't that important a trip and the tickets were on Southwest so totally refundable. In the end, I have to say I was relieved not to have to deal with the hassle of travel, and Willa had such a happy weekend at home that I think I made the right decision. DH had to go anyway (he gets back tomorrow night) so I've been doing everything alone for a few days. Definitely makes me appreciate how much he helps when he's here!
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Clay: It must be hard having one little one hurt the other. I think it is normal mama instinct to do something to protect the smaller one. Don't beat yourself up over it, at least you recognize the behavior and want to do something about it.

I've been wanting to post something similar to this topic. I struggle with the shift in feelings that having a new baby has brought. For so long it was just DS1 and I, I even spent a year as a single mom so it was REALLY just DS and I. We are/were very close. He was 4 when DS2 was born. Now I feel like my feelings have shifted. I still love DS1 intensely but I also love DS2 and feel a stronger need to protect him - often from DS1. I feel bad being so guarded of DS2 but DS1 can be accidently rough. I yell when he pats DS2 roughly on the chest because I worry about the incision from his heart surgery, and I worry about his chest. They had to break his sternum with a saw and it has metal rings holding it together. It is pretty much healed but it does take a full year to heal completely.

I'm not sure if I am extra protective because of DS2's surgery or if these are normal mommy feelings. I just feel like I'd rather not have DS1 touch DS2 and that makes me feel horrible. DS1 loves his little brother so much and is so sweet with him. I just feel so protectice. I also feel like I don't have the time or energy to play with DS1 like I used to, and I feel like we are not as close as before. Sometimes I am not even sure what to play with him when the free time comes. We used to be so attached and in tune to each other
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My DS#1 asks me, "Mommy, why don't you play with me anymore?"
So, yeah, the guilty feelings are SO normal.

Wombat-- I'm sure your swats aren't terrible. I guess the question is, do you feel they are doing the trick (providing the correct discipline/response), or do you need to work on finding some other strategy? It's tough when they are so little. I agree that they do some naughty things "on purpose", and I am thoroughly in favor of correcting mean behavior especially, but it is so, so hard to find the right punishment at such a pre-logical age. Sorry you are struggling with it.

A. slept a five hour stretch last night, so I am now convinced that a little bit of supplemental formula was the right thing for us to do. I still hate it, but it will grow into love/hate if A. really does become a "normal"/"good" sleeper, like his brother refused to be!

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Just chiming in! We are all battling colds here. Well, so far DH has kept his at bay and he's been a huge help. I was slammed with the worst cold I've ever had and was in tears the first night. I had such horrendous sinus pain that I thought I had an infection. Luckily that subsided so I could concentrate on my kiddos. I finally caved in and called the doc to see what I could give Annie to help her sleep. We have had 3 nights of little sleep and today she napped so little. She won't get better if her body can't rest. She is sleeping with DH right now.

I can't believe how much I am in love with my little girl. I just want to snuggle with her all the time. I do miss having as much time with her as I did with DS. I love how aware she is of what is going on...especially what momma is doing. Everytime I sneak a peak at her, she is looking at me. She laughs so much and is already showing signs of sitting up on her own.

I had a blood test taken a few weeks ago to find out what my body is intolerant to. My primary is fruit! My secondaries are grain and dairy. So, the only fruit I can have is rhubarb, tomatoes, ground cherries, and melon. I can eat dairy and grain but not together and they have to be 6 hours apart. My goal for these diet restrictions is 4 weeks. I will then see how I feel and see if I can slowly incorporate some fruit back into my diet. This is depressing.
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Jilian- that's it exactly. Laia and I were/are so close and now it's like she's he number one threat to Rowan! Laia loves Ro, absolutely loves her. But toddler love is a lot for a babe to handle, and a 2.5yo just doesn't have the control (emotional, physical). I hate it, but so far the only times Ro has gotten hurt it's been because I was a split second too slow in protecting her from Laia.

Sometimes I think about how careful we were with Laia and how Ro has already been to the dr and had head bumps and bloody scapes. And she's only 4mo! I want to keep the intimacy with Laia but at the same time I'm hormonally/socially/emotionally set to protect Rowan from her own sib. Which makes total sense but still stinks since I sort of feel like I'm failing the both of them!

Willo- I don't know. I've only smacked her hand for things that have hurt Ro, and then it's usually just shy of instinctive... she grabs Ro and yanks, I smack her hand while grabbing Ro out of reach. For the intentional disobediance type stuff she gets a short "time out" type thing. DH and I also take time outs (and explain why we are taking the time), and her toys get time outs when they are hit/kicked/thrown (since those things cause boo-boos and the toy needs to lay down to feel better). Anyway, she sort of shrugs off the time outs, which is totally fine at this age and roght now they're mostly useful in changing the setting/redirecting energy/removing the problem.

The hand slap though... I don't know. I really dislike it and have been very GD with Laia till now. But it does get her attention...she stops what she is doing, she gets quiet for a moment, and then says something like "I not do that anymore". And she doesn't. So I really don't know. I'm hoping that once I'm home full time and she isn't getting different messages from different care givers and when I'm not aready stressed from 7 hours at the library things will be better
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hola ladies

the aggression towards baby has increased lately in our household too. last week was BAD on the 3yo behavior front. this weekend and today went well though.

isaac loves to push the baby's stomach. i frequently find him pushing down on his tummy with both hands going 'push! push!' of course i say we do NOT PUSH the baby. but the baby is cracking up while all this is happening. (like he likes it) wierd!

i have the sniffles. my 3 boys (dh and sons) have all had colds for over a week and i was just *waiting* for it to hit me. today i have sneezed a million times and have the thing where water will randomly run out of your nose without warning. nice!

i am not feeling too down (a little here and there). but i am definitely having postpartum anxiety here and there. i know it is the sleeplessness and the hormones but it is still a drag. i should head to bed because everyone is sleeping so i should too!
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Originally Posted by acp View Post
Are any other babes making tons of raspberry noises these days?
I've never participated in the monthly threads for our birth-month, but I finally saw this one and refuse to be intimidated by the fact that it's already 9 pages long!

I saw the raspberries question and I had to pipe up and say that my little Willow LOVES blowing raspberries ALL the time, but she really, really gets into it when she's frustrated. It is SO funny. She's got such a little personality and often is quite persnickity. I love it.

Someone mentioned doing the deed, and I have to admit that in the 4.5 months since Willows birth, DH and I have managed it twice. And before that, only twice during the pregnancy. So, 4 times in a year! I'm BFing (mostly) and I wonder if that effects my drive. I don't know. I do know that DH would love it if I'd get in the mood though...and I really want to want to, but it just doesn't happen.

As for Willow, she's sleeping very well. usually anywhere from 7-10 hours a night, going to bed at midnight. She's rolled over a few times, both from back to tummy and tummy to back, but I'm not sure those weren't just accidents. Not taking any chances though, so if I have to leave her in the living room for a second, she goes on a blanket on the floor.

Anyone else's baby moving across big distances yet? Willow isn't crawling or even really scooting yet, but somehow she manages to push herself from one side of her big blanket to the other when her favorite duck is over there. I'd say it's a distance of about 4 feet. She's pretty quick. I have to really watch her.

Have had to re-establish some things with DH, especially concerning how infrequently he has been home and how infrequently I was getting a break during which I had NO children to care for. As it was, even when I was "getting out of the house" one night a week and going to my best friend's place, I still wasn't getting a break because I had to take the baby with me. Whereas, when he would go watch the football game at his buddy's on Saturday, he got to go free and clear, no kids, no worries. This week is supposed to be the first week I get to go to my friend's house by myself. And I do NOT feel bad for looking forward to it.

He and I have also been trying to spend some more time together, talking, just being with each other, reconnecting, reminding each other why we like each other. It seems to be working.

Ok...so how's that for my first post in this thread? Good grief. Sorry it was so long. Good to see so many familiar faces!!
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cjanelles- I have a similar situation with DH. He works (it's the commute that 's the killer) & travels a lot & I rarely get a break from DS. DS is a great baby, but I just need a break sometimes. I feel like DH feels like it's a chore to watch DS sometimes. Unfortunately when DS is fussy it's in the evening when DH is home & is tired. I wish sometimes on the weekend, he'd just say "let me take Ian, why don't you do something for yourself". I can ask, but I'd like the offer sometimes. Oh well. It's so hard b/c DH works so hard for us, I don't want to get on his case.
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Amy, we have the exact same situation. but we have our 2.5 year old too!
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'm BFing (mostly) and I wonder if that effects my drive. I don't know.
Last time we tried to DTD, I said to DH, "I think I'm broken."

I am just so not into it anymore. If I never DTD again, I would be happy.
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I really would appreciate some positive energy today. We are going to our 1st MW appointment today and I am really hoping to hear a HB, after 3 MC even though we now have a beautiful boy I am super nervous.

I know you guys have many other things to think about, but I would appreciate any energy...
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Stephanie-You'll be in my thoughts today!!! Let us know how the appointment goes!

Originally Posted by acp View Post
Are any other babes making tons of raspberry noises these days?
Yup! It is so cute, and he knows it! He'll go between raspberry noises and blowing bubbles for about 15 minutes. So cute.

I'm feeling so much better this week-it's been an easier week for Joseph. He's still very needy but not nearly as fussy, and I haven't been getting as many negative comments. I did go to our parents' group meeting at church this weekend-DH and I are the only AP parents so it was interesting. I love all the other parents, but we make such different parenting choices that it is hard for us to relate to the rest of the group. I have to work really hard to not be judgmental about other people's choices-this is so hard for me.

Joseph rolled over five times on Saturday from his tummy to his back, but now he won't do it again. I guess he's proven he can do it, so why show off!?!?!?
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Originally Posted by StephNelson View Post
I really would appreciate some positive energy today. We are going to our 1st MW appointment today and I am really hoping to hear a HB, after 3 MC even though we now have a beautiful boy I am super nervous.

I know you guys have many other things to think about, but I would appreciate any energy...
I will send vibes...
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Ro had her 4mo visit today... 15.5 pounds, 26.5 inches, and her noggin is 16.5 inches around! I think she actually weighs a bit more since she kept throwing a leg over the side and "pushing off" the table.

She got 3 shots today though... Normally we'd only do one, maybe two at a time but since we're losing our "good" insurance in a week or so I wanted to get as much done as possible while it's still covered. So I kind of feel doubly bad for Ro... not only did she get a shot, she got three jabs! The nurses did the first two at the same time but that third one. Poor kiddo. She nursed and was fine 10 minutes later but oh gods did she let everyone know she was not happy!

Other than the shots she had a good visit. Our ped is wonderful and the two of us were talking about how toddlers have a real knack at taking up space in the family bed... we have the two girls/dh/I in a queen. She has her 1.5yo dd/two large dogs/one cat/partner/her in a queen. And with the cold weather they are moving downstairs to be closer to the woodstove heat and will be sharing a futon that is smaller.

Kinda fun when your ped co-sleeps, nurses her toddler, etc.
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Hugs steph! Hope all is well!
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Steph- Good luck! Waiting for that 1st HB sound can be nerve-wracking.

Ian rolled over from his back to his tummy & then did the reverse (& not just because he still had his arm under him). He really did both!!! He's a rolling machine!! I just love watching him do these things.

At this rate, Ian will be 18-19 lbs at his 4 mth visit. I love that he is thriving & growing, but the rapid growth is freakin' me out a bit. DH was 6'4" by the time he went to HS. I guess I really just don't want a kid that's "different", as it was hard for DH. Not to mention that I'm only 5'1" & he'll pass me out in no time. He'll be out of his infant car seat before we know it. I never expected he'd grow out of everything so fast. Now we need to buy a new stroller & a new car seat. Luckily, I have some gift cards for Target for the car seat. Whew!

I'm researching strollers like crazy (no, I don't wear my baby all the time) & just can't figure out which ones/what types to get. I know some who have a jogging, lightweight umbrella & the other kind with the tray. 3 strollers seems crazy.
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i just got a BOB stroller and i love it. LOVE iT! it was $$ but i wish i had ponied up the money for ds1 because it is nice.

welcome to posting cjanelles

i feel like my dh has the attitude it is work to watch the baby but i know it is mostly FEAR on his part. he was never very confident with ds1 because he didn't have the boob to soothe him and i can tell he is a little scared to watch ds2 too. but i think the more i 'make' him do it the more confident he will feel. plus, ds2 is EASY compared to ds1. i know he is capable -- i just don't make him do it ever. i told him that this weekend i wanted him to watch both kids while i went to the spa for a lip wax (i feel like a hairy beast! i need some maintenance). he asked if he could watch the game at his friends and i said sure. then i was thinking 'oh so much for my trip to the spa'. but later on i realized i should have just swung by there and dropped the kids off with him and gone. i didn't even think about it but when i mentioned that idea to him he said 'yeah' i could have. so i need to start thinking more along those lines.

steph - hearing the hb for the first time is amazing. i'm thinking positively! both times i thought wOW there is somehting in there. i'm not just sick as a dog for no reason

still no rolling here.

and ebin woke up at 11, 3, 4:30, 6 and 9:30 last night : ugh. too many naps for him yesterday i guess. he was jolly at 4:30am.
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Steph, I’m sending lots of positive, healthy baby vibes your way. I hope you get to hear a nice, strong heartbeat. Please let us know how the appt went when you can.

Amy, where will you be using the stroller most? I think that will help in your decision. Do you jog? Will you be using a stroller on rough terrain? Or will you be using it mostly on paved streets and sidewalks? Do you need a lightweight compact stroller? Does it need lots of storage underneath? I’ll review my stroller for you if it will help.

My fave is the Maclaren Quest. I bought it at the year-end clearace in 2003 and still use it today. I think I paid $150 or so for it. It is super lightweight and you can easily lift it with one hand and open it with one hand. (it has a nice handle on the side for easy lifting) It steers smoothly and the handles are tall and angled so they work for tall and short people. You can easily steer it with one hand. The only con is that the storage basket underneath is tiny, but it does the job for us. I love this stroller.

I also have a Jeep all-terain stroller. It is just ok. It is way too heavy to be a jogging stroller. It has lots of storage underneath. The front where can either be locked or swivel and I like that. It reclines fully and the sunshade is huge with a little window to peek in on baby. I think I paid $100 or so 3 yrs ago.

I had an Eddie Bauer stroller and I hated it. I gave it to my ex in the divorce The sunshade was too small, bad steering, and it only reclined to two positions; completely up and halfway up. Not worth the money at all IMO.
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