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I can relate. I notice if we DTD soon after I nurse I have way less desire, plus I am pretty dry so that adds to it. But I agree, I am not going to change my nursing habit to make it better, cuz I knwo I have years and years of DTD and not so many to nurse my beautiful boys......I have to get creative with making SO happy in other ways at times and it keeps him happy though it can be frustrating to ME!
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I could be mistaken, because we're talking middle-of-the-night here, but I do believe A. skipped a feeding and slept 5 straight hours from about 8:30 pm - 1:40 am!

Now, I know lots of you guys have babes who sleep that long routinely, but mine never has, and his big brother never started sleeping longer stretches on his own. (I broke down and let him cry to achieve our first 3+ hour stretches, when S. was NINE MONTHS OLD! I was afraid I'd murder him if I didn't do it, and, luckily, he only cried for 42 minutes total, with 16 minutes as his longest un-comforted stretch... Still have some guilt, obviously... )

Anyway, now I have hope that perhaps this child will be a bit more typical and "grow into" better sleep so I don't have to be a mean mommy again!

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Congrats willo! Laia was always a "short haul sleeper"... we nightweaned around 18mo and that was when she finally decided to sleep through the night. Well, okay, she would do 4-5 hours at a time from about 8-9 months but I don't believe the textbooks that call 5 hours "through the night"

Thankfully Ro seems so much more laid back!

The walk home last night did NOT do good things for my prolapse and tear repair. And I have to do it again tonight! Ugh. And then Mike told me Laia cried for hours (eventually crying herself to sleep on his lap) since I wasn't there. And Ro refused to eat again.

I guess it's good that we were already 95% sure I'd be staying home cause this is crazy!
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Can I hop in and join you ladies this month??

My DS was born June 23 in a natural hospital birth (was almost an unintentional UC - I got there already pushing and had him 18 minutes later). I went back to work (part-time) two weeks ago and we're all still trying to adjust. He's in daycare 5-10 hours a week and with DH the rest of the time (I work 16 hours a week).

Right now we are trying to figure out why he screams at the breast when I try to feed him (unless I'm lying down), spits up so much, and has the occasional green, foamy poo. We're thinking he's not getting enough hindmilk so I started trying block feedings (of two hours) yesterday and he ate CONSTANTLY (and only with me lying down, of course)! I thought it was supposed to make him MORE satisfied. Maybe my breasts are adjusting? I plan to stick it out for a few more days and see if there is improvement. This morning I have actually gotten him to eat a couple times sitting up in our "milky chair"...right now he is sleeping on my lap.

Anyone else here done block feedings before?

Happy belated birthday to Willo and Robbins!
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Happy October!
Willo-dd did the same thing last night! Only I actually would have preferred that she did eat--I woke up painfully engorged and she woke up crying from hunger.

Barefoot--Hi We did try block feedings and it helped the green but not the foamy. I think dd has a dairy intolerance, so I'm eliminating that from my diet and I think it might be helping. (I kind of wish it wouldn't--I love dairy!!)

To those with no sex drive due to breastfeeding--I'm right there with you. I think for me, breastfeeding is so intimate and we do it all day, so I really just have no *need* for any more physical intimacy of any kind. I feel kind of bad about it, but I'm exhausted and don't need sex right now, so if dh is ok then I'm not going to push for it...
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We still haven't DTD since Ev was born : We go for genetic counselling soon so maybe after that I'll feel ok with it. I'm still worried about that teeny tiny chance of getting pregnant.
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Add us to the no-DTD camp. Though we have dr's orders to fall back on. Though the way my "undercarriage" is feeling this week I don't need a reminder to just say no. I am seriously sore!

I know I should be looking for other intimate acts/moments but I'm sooooo tired and we never seem to have non-baby time. I remember we didn't get back into it till dd1 was around a year so....

Welcome barefoot!
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vannienicole! I'm so sorry things are so rough right now. I don't have any brilliant insight, but I wanted to let you know I will be thinking of you.
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Oh. Dear. God.

He has a TOOTH!

I'm half proud, half sad (growin' up too fast!) and a little scared for my nipples.

Couldn't resist sharing, though! :
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quick post before i eat lunch

sorry you are having problems vannienicole that sounds rough. i hope the LC can help you

happy belated birthday willo! i'm 33 too

i am SOOO uninterested in sex. breastfeeding really saps my sex drive. i worried about it after my first birth but this time i know it will come back someday. in the meantime i do feel sorry for dh poor deprived man. but yeah, if it isn't the lack of desire there is also the WHEN factor. by the time both boys are down for the night we are crashing out ourselves. the stars are just not aligned right now

ebin is doing well. his dream sleeping is over and he is waking during the night. still manageable though. and he's started grabbing toes! and really trying to grab everything.

i agree that there is so much 'disposable' baby stuff. and while pre-baby you think you need all kinds of things it is really a reality check how fast they grow and grow out of all of it. i still have my exersaucer walkabout from isaac and we just brought that up from the basement to use. ebin likes it for a short while. we don't have a johnnyjumpup and are lacking in doorways to put it. don't have a floormat play thingy this time and i was contemplating buying one 2nd hand but he'll be crawling around before we know it anyway. the one thing we just recently bought is an AWESOME BOB stroller. it was almost $400 but our first stroller is dirty and gross and squeaky because we took it camping multiple times (and it has seen 3 years of heavy use). and i know we'll get a good solid 3 years of use out of the new BOB. it isn't a double but isaac can sit on the front footrest (which is handy because he wants to ride a lot still.) (i can't remember if i posted here about the bob already).

i spent $100 on a ring sling when ebin was born and i already can hardly use it i grocery shopped with ebin in the sling and isaac in the race car cart on tuesday and just about died. he is so heavy it is so painful. so i guess i should sell it. i'm feeling bad i spent so much $$ on it to only get 4 months of use. but it *was* handy i have to remember and i used it a lot. time to move on to the ergo but last time i tried it he wasn't digging it. i went to a baby expo and looked at chinese style double shoulder carriers but i feel like i can't possibly spend another $70 on carriers. especially since the stroller purchase was a major stretch on the budget. they were like 'oh you could still use it with your 3 yo' uh...my 3yo is 40 lbs and i can hardly carry him down the stairs now. i just have heavy babys and it makes babywearing a pain in the neck (literally). is it painful for everyone or am i just a wimp???? i'm guessing ebin is 18lbs or so.

ok. must eat. it is rainy rainy here today. and we took dh to the airport for a conference in vegas this morning. 4 days solo with these 2 boys!!! yipes. sometimes it royally sucks not to have family around.
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jstar, I sympathize on the heavy babies! Willa isn't 18 lbs, but she was 16 at her 3 mo checkup a couple weeks ago, and growing fast. She is SUCH a load at times. I feel like I'm getting a great workout even not going to the gym. The ergo has been a godsend for that, though I think she's mostly a fan of it when she's sleepy and can hunker down and go to sleep in it. She gets more impatient when she's awake and wants to look out. I've started putting her in my wrap facing out for that, though it's not quite as comfy for long walks as the ergo is.

I need to relate some of this thread to DH, who complains about the fact that we only DTD once or twice a week now! He thinks it's so little. I do still have some sex drive, and i'm lucky in that it doesn't hurt, but my drive is definitely a lot less than pre-baby, and often Im just way too exhausted and value sleep far more than an orgasm. I know DH is often tired too, but somehow it doesn't seem to affect him the same way :-). I dont' think he realized that less sex was likely to come with a baby, at least while I'm still breastfeeding.
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okay, so green foamy poop seems to be a hot topic of discussion at our mom's group here too!

bjorn was doing this and i was worried about not enough hindmilk too so i started nursing him first on whatever boob i nursed him on last. so if i start a feeding with the left one, nurse it flat, then start up on the right one, he usually won't empty that one so i start with it next time. it has totally helped and the poop is back to mustard!

he also often screams at the breast because he gets impatient with how long my letdown is taking. he fusses at it and pulls off and screams, then it lets down and he happily nurses.

he's clamping down like crazy at the end of his feedings and pulling off quickly with my nipple held firmly in his gums- ouch!

i find that if i nurse him lying down he is gassier and doesn't sleep as well, and spits up more.

i started work teaching preschool in my home three mornings a week with a full time assistant, bjorn, and 8 preschoolers. it's going great. i couldn't have a better assistant and bjorn, so far, has been the easiest part!

by the way, i loved all those pictures recently posted!!! they are SO cute.

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Wanted to share some pics, I am really proud of the one where I am nursing Jolie, we were on a pretty big hike and I didn't have to stop to feed her, DH was really impressed so had to take a pic.

I second the block nursing, I was having that issue a while back and block nursing is all I do now, It worked perfectly for us.

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So, it sounds like I have the opposite problem of many of you. My sex drive has been much higher since DS was born but he wants constant physical touch, so it's really difficult to find time unless he is just completely exhausted. Unfortunately he is a very light sleeper.

He's still a really slow weight gainer-he's about 12.5 pounds now. I'm worried about what his Dr. will say about that at his 4 month wbv on Monday. But other than being a slow gainer Joseph is great-he has plenty of wets and dirty diapers, is happy, and healthy; so I don't feel like his weight should be an issue. I hope I'm worrying for nothing!

DH is leaving tomorrow morning for a conference and will be gone for 4 days. I think I'll have a long weekend!

I'm getting really stressed about work. Right now Joseph goes with me 2 mornings a week and it's not a problem for anyone, but we have a new pastor starting in a few days and I don't know if he'll let me continue. Daycare just doesn't make sense for us since we would only need it 2 mornings a week (6-8 hours). And we don't want him in day care if we can avoid it. Once again, I hope I am worrying for no reason since I haven't talked to the new pastor yet.

But, on the up side, I think I may be getting an Ergo for my birthday! DH didn't have time to do any shopping before my birthday so I get to have input into what I'm getting!
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I sure have missed everyone! We got moved from AZ to CO, just the two of us and Perrin... For a preggo I did really well..

Eric got the job here(thank the universe), we found a great place to rent, Perrin was an angel the whole trip!

I am feeling happier and more settled these days... I am currently about 10-11 weeks pregnant so I guess it is time to start lookin for a MW!

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Hi Everyone,

Wow, I have really been out of the loop.....just can't seem to find time to read posts & chat on-line.

Ian will be 3 mths old on Saturday & he has already doubled his birth weight. He is so long & chubby...definitely going to be a giant like his 6'4" Dad. My anemia is totally gone, although I have been feeling extra tired lately. Allergies? Or just having a 3 mth old? Ian still needs to eat about every 3 hours or so, sometimes 4, but that's ok. I take a nap with him in the morning & that usually helps me to feel ok. I know it sounds sappy, but I just love every minute of him. He is such a wonderful baby & I want to savor every moment.

Oh, he's also started biting my nipples. Can you say Yee-Ouch!?!? He is drooling a lot, so I guess it's pre-teething. The only thing I can do when he bites is have him stop nursing for a bit. It's not like I can reason with him.

DH & I have not had sex since baby was born. I have a little desire but not too much. Definitely not feeling great about my body.

DH has also been traveling & working a lot. He was in the EU for a week last month & is about to head back for another week. Then he will be away for 2 consecutive weeks in November. I have some help from my Aunt & a friend, but it's not always enough. Guess it's part of the price we pay for DH having a good enough good for me to stay at home.

Happy Belated B-day Willo!

I will try to keep in the loop more.

Oh, as for green poop, it seems like almost once an evening, Ian has a greenish poop. Since most of his poops are the normal mustard stuff, I don't think too much of it.

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Hi! Gabe will be 15 weeks on Sat and he was 18 lb a week ago when I weighed him at the gym (we don't have a scale). He's just growing and growing.

Molly: I am so jealous that you can nurse in an Ergo! I love your pics. I wear Gabe in an Ergo all the time but have to take him out to nurse. He cries when I try to nurse him in it.

The No Sex Club: Add me. We DTD last night for the FIRST TIME. I am absolutely terrified of getting pregnant. I want about 4 years before I have another babe. I had some spotting a few weeks ago and I don't know what that was all about. For a long time the thought of sex just grossed me out.

Gabe is sleeping in the Ergo on me now so I should prob go to bed...
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Okay, I am going to attempt to write more now that the little man is down for the evening. (he is sleeping longer stretches since last week)

Happy birthday Willo! I just turned 33 last month! :

As for the baby equipment, I also did not want to have a bunch of stuff either. But after having the baby, I have found some of it to be very useful. The bouncy seat is the only way I can get a shower everyday. I put Little Ron in it and bring him into the bathroom with me. The swing has been another great way for me to get something to eat, or do a few things around the house. Plus, he has taken naps in it a few times. The Boppy pillow is an arm saver for nursing! And the Arms Reach Co-sleeper is where he sleeps now, and helps me get a better nights sleep than I was when he was in bed with us. I loved having him there, but I would be stuck in one position all night and that made me so sore. And I would not sleep well either, so it just was not working out. We may look into getting a king sized bed sometime, that would be wonderful for co-sleeping!

As for DTD, we have not either. I am afraid of it hurting me (I tore and had stitches, I still don't feel "right" down there), plus I am afraid of getting pregnant again. We want more children, but I am not ready to get pregnant yet. I would like more time to enjoy our son and just allow my body to heal more from my pregnancy and giving birth. Plus, finding the time to actually do it would take a bit of planning. I hardly have much time when I am not holding the baby, or taking care of him in some way or another. I actually feel odd sitting here at the computer without him in my arms or in the bouncy seat next to me.

Anyway, I guess I've said enough for now! LOL!! It is nice to hear there are others out there who are going through the same things!
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Happy October everyone! It took me awhile to find everyone. I was still looking for the September thread. Doh!

We are still in the no-sex club here too. Breastfeeding really saps the drive out of me. FOrtuneately, dh is very patient and understanding. He's been through this before with dd#1.

We also have the clamping and head turning, resulting in a stretched out nipple, while nursing. Usually when distracted, like when dd runs by. If Sean is realllllly tired or realllllly hungry, he nurses like a dream. Hope we can resolve the clamping thing before teeth arrive.

Sean is really heavy too. I pretty much only use my sling when I know I will be sitting down with him, like when we went out to eat the other night, or around the house. I bought a Beco for extended walking wear. So far its been great. I couldn;t believe the difference it made at the grocery store. I didn;t feel tired or sore at all. Wore it at my duaghter's school picnic too. So far so good, but I wish the padded part of the waist band was longer. The padding doesn;t reach around the side for me , and can dig in.

Well, there are blue footprints in the kitchen I need to go cleanup after my daughter was painting earlier today. It was so much easier relxing when I only had one child...
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