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Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post
Holiday Helper Thread- it usually starts in November and ends in late December...there's a thread over in "questions" and they're trying to work out the start date and who will be organizing it this year (it's all volunteer and it's A LOT of work for the organizers).

But I'll be adding a link to my sig once it's up and running. Last year they set up a website that mamas could search...anonymous "mamas-in-need" could post their family needs along with their family "story" and then "helper mamas" could search the database to see who needed what they had. Once you found a match you PMd the organizers to get the mailing addy for the family you wanted to help. It worked pretty well!
and the holiday helpers thank you thread is something beautiful :, to see all the generosity really soothes the soul and makes you make peace with life. it shows how mds rocks, and all the grear organization and amazing results of the whole thing is the living proof that mothers rule and should rule the world (and that sally field was right )
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Ohhhh Holiday Helpers sounds wonderful... We have loads of stuff that others might be able to use! I will be looking for that link so I can check it out!
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jeannie - from my own experience I never gave anything for teething pain unless my babe was in noticeable pain. Meaning, visably upset from pain. I was lucky with DS. His worst moments from teething came with his 2 year molars. Then we had an all out fever explosion that led to a seizure. Scariest moment as a mother! I have heard of some people usuing Hylands teething tablets. First I would try an ice cold wet cloth for the babe to chew on. Watch out for a fever. A runny nose or rash on the cheeks can occur too. I am sure that other moms have more advice as well.

This year DD and DS are going as sheep. I am making the costumes myself do I hope that they turn out cute!

We are almost over our colds thank goodness! What an ordeal... it's been over 2 weeks!
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Thank you to Marcy for posting that article, I REALLY needed to hear that! DD had me up like fifty million times last night, I have forgotten what if feels like to not be sleep deprived!
Speaking of costumes DS is going to be a dragon, I found a great outfit at a consignment store that I consign at and it only cost me $11. DD will be a pink bear, because I have a pink hat with bear ears and a fuzzy pink coat, so that was easy.

I have joined a co-op pre-school for DS and there are four of us, the other moms are lovely, but very un-granola, if you know what I mean. I was so irritated because the kids were doing fingerpainting today and the other moms were so worried about their kids making a mess, they all said that they don't ever do fingerpaints at home because it makes too much of a MESS!: Give me a break, they are 2.5 of course they are going to make a mess with FINGERPAINTS, thats a GOOD thing! I think they will be a bit put off to come here when I teach, I will most likely have CD hanging to dry and heaven forbid non-noisy wooden toys to play with:
Anyway, I actually am going to start my own co-op preschool, I actually just joined this one to get some ideas and a good idea for a handbook.:

Got top go, DD is snogging my shoulder searching for a nipple.
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then i had a crazy dream about buying chestnuts and waiting in line at a grocery store where the registers were in the ocean and you had to wade out to pay for your stuff and i was wearing a red satin dress
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Teething pain -- if you don't know if your kid needs a remedy, your kid probably doesn't need a remedy! My older son handled his teeth better than my younger son. I think we used Tylenol for a few nights for DS#1, but not much else. For A., I've needed to give him homeopathic chamomilla (IMHO, and per my MIL the professional homeopath--it is much better to give a single, carefully selected remedy than to use combo remedies) for teething pain about four times in the past week, and I've ALSO used Tylenol at night because he gets really upset/inconsolable about the pain at nighttime. (Just went to the doctor--no ear or other illnesses seem to be causing the problem.) I can see the bulging of the teeth right under his gums now, so hopefully these two are almost through. Then on with the next 18 baby teeth, right? :

We did get a somewhat better sleep last night--4 hours followed by three sets of 2 hours. Totally do-able. Phew!

A. will wear a frog costume because someone gave it to DS#1 (who wore it for about 5 minutes) and DS#1 insists that A. needs a costume, OF COURSE! DS#1 is going to be a pirate, and I've got his shirt almost finished (just needs cuffs, and he could wear it with ragged cuffs! ), we've dyed the silk sashes (which will be part of this costume, plus favors at his bday party next month, and, if I have time, I'm going to make a little vest so he'll be warmer.

Oops. The big one just woke from his nap and the little one just got tired of the Gymini!

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Photos up... http://www.flickr.com/photos/wombatclay/

We did a "costume aprty picnic" in the living room the other night...we werew supposed to go to a costume party at our UU church but my dad had a panic attack and we had to stay home. Laia was totally set on going to a party though so we bought a pizza, some silly cookies, got dressed up, and ate on the living room floor. She loved it.
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Great photos everyone! I have a bunch on my camera. I need to upload soon...

Teething...yup. I don't feel any teeth yet, but Sean is always yanking my hand into his mouth to chew on. He drooled so much today that his little chin was all red. I don't remember DD#1 teething. One day I noticed she had teeth and it was over! I don't think we are going to be so lucky with Sean, but we'll see.

Still no full rolls, but we did have a 3/4 roll. From his back, he rolled to his side and then twisted his hips and legs all the way to a tummy roll, but his shoulders stayed on the side. It looks like yoga. DD#1 thinks its hilarious, as she does of most things Sean does.

THanks for the holiday helper info Wombatclay. I'll be watching your siggy!
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love the article -- that's definitely us. thanks so much! and after reading ya'll posting about babies teething, i think that's got to be him. not sure why it didn't click with me before (actually, i guess i do, dd didn't get her first tooth till 8mos. and i wasn't even in this frame of mind yet). i'm sure that, plus being hungry at night, has got to be what it is. we had an awesome stretch of 8 hours last night tho, and i felt like a new person today. once in a blue moon is enuf for me right now
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Joseph is going to be Yoda for Christmas. I saw a pattern for a felted Yoda hat and made the mistake of showing it to DH. He's going to wear that with a pair of light brown longies and a side snap shirt. Oh, and supposedly I'm making a light saber. (Also, DH's idea-wonder when he'll learn to knit and sew so he can start helping with these wonderful ideas! ) Ideally this will all be done by Friday so he can wear the costume as much as possible.

Another thanks for the article-I finally got to it last night and it was a much needed pick me up.

Better run. I have a half dressed child wiggling out of his jammies trying to eat the keyboard!
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I love seeing little ones dressed up for Halloween, it is just too cute! Aiden is being a doctor and Evan is a tiger that looks like Disney's Tigger. I'll have to get pics soon.

Today I found out that a baby we went to a play date with now has a confirmed case of RSV The baby is ok, not hospitalized but receiving breathing treatments. It is a mild case. Of course I'm scared out of my mind that Evan may get it. He's at risk for a severe case because of his history. I have a call into his pedi to see if he can get a test so we can catch it early if he does have it.

I also found out today that I have a heart abnormality. I went to the cardi to get results from my first echo ever and I have mitral valve prolapse. It is what has been causing my dizziness and heart palpitations. I have to go for a stress test next week. They really cannot do anything about it since my blood pressure is already low. I shouldn't need surgery for it. Crazy huh? I'm 28 and they are just now finding it. :
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's to you Jilian.
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Jilian. How scary!
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Originally Posted by Jilian View Post
I also found out today that I have a heart abnormality. I went to the cardi to get results from my first echo ever and I have mitral valve prolapse. It is what has been causing my dizziness and heart palpitations. I have to go for a stress test next week. They really cannot do anything about it since my blood pressure is already low. I shouldn't need surgery for it. Crazy huh? I'm 28 and they are just now finding it. :
Jilian. I got tested for MVP when my first was about a year old. Turns out I just have a mild heart murmur that they only heard because I was waaaay too skinny. I was actually at the doctors to figure out why I was losing so much weight when she heard the clicking and sent me for a heart ultrasound (is that an echo?). I hope that it doesn't cause you trouble and you don't need surgery.

Oops, baby's calling . . .
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Jillian--that's yucky news

we went for L's 4 month appt yesterday finally. i changed doctors--didn't love her first one. the new dr. is great! the whole experience was so much better so i feel really good about switching. L is 12 lbs 13 oz now, so she's officially doubled her birth weight. she finally broke 2' too--she's 24 1/2" tall now. her dr. let me keep her in my lap for as much of the exam as possible, and while she is totally pro-vax, she was very cool about me wanting to delay this time. she also said they are happy to split the MMR but they are having a hard time finding a supplier for that. she did find a heart murmur, but said at this age it's common and she isn't worried right now.

in other news--L rolled front to back last night! she was up late and wouldnt go to sleep so we were playing and i rolled her over a couple of times because she looked like she wanted to, and then she did it twice by herself!
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Jillian, I'm so sorry about your heart news - that's a terrible thing to discover.

The costume pics are adorable. Willa's going to be a ladybug for halloween - a family friend loaned us the costume and it's pretty cute (though a tad big, even for my chunky girl). Wombatclay, what's the wooden gym with hanging things that you have in your photos? I really like it. We have one of the standard play mat gyms, and Willa loves it - loves rolling around and grabbing at things and all that - but I'd far prefer to have a wooden one. I don't know if we'll get around to getting it this time around, but it would be nice to have in mind for our next kiddo...

I think teething has definitely started. She's been drooling a lot and biting down and chomping on everything in reach for so long now that I've stopped using those as signs, but the last couple days she's had a few stretches where she's gotten uncharacteristically fussy and unhappy and just seems uncomfortable, and then, after a period where she usually takes long 1 1/2-2 hour naps during the day, she's suddenly started waking up from naps screaming after just 25 or 30 minutes. She still seems to do ok at night (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that doesn't change) but is having a rough time at times during the day. I tried giving her a frozen carrot and some hylands tablets today and both seemed to help. I'm hoping it never gets super bad.

She's definitely sitting up now - sometimes in a tripod position, sometimes pushing herself all the way up and holding it for a while. She always eventually topples over, but she's getting better at it and it's very cute. AdinAZ, Willa did those 3/4 rolls for a while, and I think they're adorable - totally baby yoga. It always seemed like it would take so little effort to complete the roll, but she wasn't really interested in it - more interested in whatever she was trying to get to that caused her to roll most of the way in the first place. She finally did do the full roll - both ways now, though still more often back to front - but she still doesn't seem to really know "how" to do it intentionally, if YKWIM. More like she just does it and surprises herself. Twice now she's done it during naps (she's a tummy sleeper) - I'll hear her and come in and find her on her back, 180-degrees from how I left her. She's quite happy about it, but a little surprised.
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Wiggly baby in arms...

But Willow is going to be a pea pod for Halloween.
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Wow, some of the babies are sitting?! That is amazing! Evan has perfected his back to belly roll and does it every time I put him on his back now. He's still working on his belly to back. I hope he gets it soon because I think he'd sleep better on his belly but I'm scared to try it until I know he can roll. It's silly but the whole "back to sleep" campaign has scared me, even though I don't fully credit it with the lowered SIDS rates.

Evan lifts his head really high when he's on is belly now, it amazes me. Aiden HATED belly time and never rolled until after he could walk. He has sensory issues and I think they are to blame. He would freak out when I put him on his belly and it would take a long time to calm him back down. So I've never had a tiny baby who could roll, it is so cute! Evan is up to 14 lbs now and he's 27.5" long, I can't believe it! He was just 6 lbs 4 months ago, where has the time gone?
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Thanks for all of the hugs too : I think I'll be fine, I've lived with it this long and have been ok. The funny part is that IV antibiotics are "required" during labor with this condition and I've had 2 children without knowing so far. I guess they aren't that important after all. The cardi was amazed that I wasn't having chest pains or issues during late pregnancy and labor. :
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Jilian- I have MVP too. For me it's really not a big deal. All you have to be careful of (usually) is taking antibiotics whenever there is a chance of bacteria entering your bloodstream (e.g. dental cleanings, surgery). Hopefully they can offer some non-invasive treatment to ease the dizziness. I didn't find out until my late 20s too. For most people, it's nothing to worry about. That being said, it's not nice when you first hear it. Plus after what you've been through with Evan, something like that is much more stressful.

I also have VERY low BP. Make sure you stay very well hydrated!!

I weighed Ian the other day & he's over 17 lbs at 3.5 mths, plus he is super long. Yikes!! Everyone is shocked to hear his age b/c he looks so much bigger.

He's also teething like crazy so I've been giving him Tylenol when it seems like he super uncomfortable. He gets so cranky & tired that he doesn't want to sleep, which just makes things worse. I actually have to force him to sleep. And there's no sign of a tooth anywhere.
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