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Oh my, life just keeps getting mroe complicated, doesn't it. Illness, life changes, and all that jazz. Things with Owen are continuing to go well. He's still waking up all the time at night to eat, and mostly not eating all day while I'm at work, but that's ok. We both mostly sleep through the nightitme feedings so I'm not completely tired like I thought I would be.

On the up and down side, I might end up getting to be a stay at home mom come the end of this school year. My DH is finishing up school and had a very successful job interview which would start in June (yup, long term planning). If all works out like it's looking as it will, he'd earn enough for me to stay home with Oe. The only downside (since there always is one) it would involve moving from Massachusetts to California with a 1 year old. Eek!!! I love the idea of being able to stay home, and I'm just as excited about the idea of DH getting a job he'd love, but talk about a change in lifestyle. I'm not even sure what to keep my fingers crossed about.