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No repeat of that one long sleep stretch. Oh well!

We're on our third virus of the school year--I woke up with a sore throat and A. was "phlegm-nursing" by the time we got up. (Suck, snuffle, wail!, suck, snuffle, wail!) Happily, both of us seem okay once we're upright and our heads drain a little.

I'm another wimpy one who can't really handle the single-shoulder sling, even with a little baby. I love my EllaRoo wrap, though, which is still comfy for up to a couple of hours of walking with my weak-ish back and ~13 pound baby. (No weight check for weeks, so that's a guess.) I still want, but haven't sprung for, the Ergo... I sure wish I could "rent" one for a week before deciding to spend the money. The EllaRoo is too much of a pain to wrap/unwrap each time, but, if I make it loose enough to pop A. in and out, I get back strain. I need him tight to the body to be comfy.

I am sad because ALL I wanted for my birthday was to go out to dinner with two couples we know. DH planned it a month ago! But one couple decided they had to schedule their 7 year old's bday party that afternoon : , and the other couple can't afford to go out. Seemed like no problem, since we had $200 in gift certificates to this nice restaurant (right on the beach, but only minutes from home so I can get home to nurse without losing precious dining time), but the husband doesn't feel comfortable letting us pay!!! Crazy, since we aren't actually paying (my in-laws gave me the gift), and now I don't get my little party. It's a small thing, but I've been kind of depressed about it all week. (Admittedly, also due to missing my mom, who's been gone 9 days, so now I'm home. Alone. A lot. I should "get out more", but I can't bear to wear the baby when it is 80 degrees AGAIN.)

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awww, that's too bad about your birthday dinner willo going out to a nice dinner with friends sounds really great to me too *sigh*

sooooo on the topic of sex . we've done it twice but it's just been soso. i'm really self-conscious about my body right now and it's impossible for me to really relax and be in the moment.

wombat- sorry the working and walking has been so rough. how much longer do you have to stay there?

steph - glad to hear the big move went well.

i love seeing everyones pictures too! beautiful babies and lovely mamas all...
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Hugs willo...I hope you get some sort of fun party...

I really like the moby but I never use it any more because of the "too tight/too loose" wrapping problem. And since I have to re-wrap each time sometimes I'll have it just perfect but I can never be certain it will be wrapped exactly right the next time! It's what I like about the ergo...since it's more structured I know that it's going to fit more or less the same each time I put it on.

Do you have a local mom's group, LLL, NINO, holistic pediatrician's office, birth group, AP group etc where there is someone who could let you borrow an ergo? Sometimes I see things in freecycle or on our local AP list asking for an item to borrow/try. Actually, my moby is currently being "test driven" by a new mom!

VioletIsadora- I'm working till the end of Oct.

I set up a "meet the ped" visit for Nov 13th since when I stop working we will lose the health insurance we have...and the insurance my dh has isn't taken by our amazing AP family practice. I managed to get into another practice that has a really good "alternative/holistic" reputation but I'm nervous. I looooooove our peds and have 3+ years experience with them. I've heard great things about this other ped but...

Ah well, it'll be fine and if all else fails I can use them for the emergency stuff and pay out of pocket for my "out of network" visits to the ped my girls know and love.
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You live really close to me! We should get together sometime so I can try your Ergo. Where were you hiking in that pic?

Uh-oh, munchkin awake.
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So, the good news is that A. definitely slept longer stretches last night.

The bad news is that my uncomfortably full boobs (and my being accustomed to our usual 2-3 hour wake-up schedule) woke me up even though A. didn't!

And, on top of that, he and I are already up for the day (I was awake by 4 am, he woke up at 5 am) due largely to that ultimate baby irritation--a stuffed up nose. : I've got him in the swing now, hoping he'll fall asleep in it (he did once, a month ago ), so that he's upright enough for the crud to drain from his poor little nose.

Compared to waking up yesterday with suck-snuffle-wail!, today it was suck-cough/spray-wail!-snuffle-wail! (and so on...)

Seriously, though, we are at least tolerably well in the day time. It is just the detrimental effect of being flat all night that's making very early morning tough. I am well aware it could be much worse.

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He got to yawning and fussing in the swing, arching his back (which means he wants to stretch out), so I put him down in the still-dark family room because DH and DS#1 were waking up and I had to get some breakfast into the little one, at least. And, while we were all in the kitchen/dining room, my darling baby FELL ASLEEP!

Hey, that's a first for this kid. I'm pretty thrilled! (Not that I expect it ever to happen again, but, when my tired, mildly ill baby goes to sleep when he needs to, I'm gonna enjoy it.)

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Awesome Willo!! Even just one time is nice isn't it?
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Oh Vanessa, . I'm so sorry. I hope things get better soon.

I just have to say that today is the one year "anniversary" of my middle daughter's tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy. It's also one year to the day of when I found out about Lucy. I can't believe it. What a year it's been!

Middle DD has a cold so I suppose it's only a matter of time until everyone else gets it. Sigh. I like school/classes, but not the germs that come along with it. Other than that, Lucy's doing well. She immediately rolls onto her tummy every time i put her on her back. Makes for interesting diaper changes already. What am I going to be in for when she's toddler?!? She's "talking" up a storm and when she's not hurting from what appears to be reflux she's just as happy as can be.

p.s. Hooray for sleep!!!
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for Vannienicole. I'm sooo sorry! Sending good vibes your way.
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Hi Vanessa, I am sorry to hear of your FTT diagnosis. I don't bring DS to WBV so I don't know how he is doing weight-wise. If your babe is meeting all the milestones, why is the weight an issue?

sooooo on the topic of sex . we've done it twice but it's just been soso. i'm really self-conscious about my body right now and it's impossible for me to really relax and be in the moment.
Ahem, yes. Last time we DTD, I asked DH a MILLION times whether he loved me. Like, get a grip, right? But I couldn't help myself. For me... 1 month PP, being fat is expected. 2 mo. PP, being fat is understandable. 3 mo. PP, being fat is unfortunate. 4 mo. PP, being fat is JUST LIKE BEING FAT at any other time in my life -- terrible.

DS was on his belly today and his CD high-centered him... so he tried to crawl but he ended up just pivoting around in a circle. It was so adorable and funny.
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Vanessa. It sounds like you're getting hit with more at once than anyone should have to. Hopefully the clinic can help with the FTT issue - and really, since he's hitting all his milestones and is a happy babe, I'm sure your DS will be ok. The issue with your DH is tougher. Not much I can say, just - I'm sorry you're going through it.

So, after a couple months of not-great sleeping, Willa had a massive breakthrough last night and slept 9 hours in a row! I fed her at 7:30, she went to sleep at 8, and didn't stir until 5 am!! Of course, i was awake from 3-5 with engorged boobs and wondering when she was going to wake up, but I was still pretty thrilled. Now i'm just crossing my fingers wondering if she'll do it again tonight. I can't think what, if anything, we did at all differently yesterday, so hopefully it's just something she's feeling ready for.

I have 3 more weeks before i have to go back to work
I love my job, and I'm lucky that I can do a lot of my work from home, but I'm still feeling pretty ambivalent about it. Especially as it sometimes involves travel. We're in the process of trying to find a nanny or nanny share, and the idea of someone else looking after my child - even if DH (who has a fairly flexible job - more so than mine) and I can still spend some time with her during the day - is just hard. Plus, it makes me wonder if I need to do more to get her used to a stroller (she's been in it maybe twice, and we go for walks all the time) and napping in her crib (as opposed to the ergo or wrap which she far prefers). I don't think many paid caregivers can be expected to babywear, though it would be nice if i could find someone who was open to it. I figure I'll give this a shot and if I hate it DH and I will figure out what our options are and if it's possible for me to go part-time. I think it would be hard, though, especially since we rely on my benefits and salary. I keep trying to remind myself that it's the quality more than the quantity of the time that matters - and I'm sure there's a part of me that will enjoy having the adult intellectual stimulation of work - but it's especially hard since she's getting to a stage where she's so interactive and fun and changing and growing all the time.
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Vanessa, I'm so sorry about all of your troubles. DH has no business laying all that crap on you right now. You JUST had a baby, not to mention the recent FTT diagnosis. Let him know exactly how much you are hurt by what he said & how utterly selfish he is.

Sending good vibes your way!!
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vannienicole, I really hope things get better for you.

My guy started losing when I stopped supplementing 6 oz. a day and his pee was DARK and scant so we are back to the formula 3x a day
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vannienicole, so sorry to hear about the diagnosis and the issue with your Dh, it hurts really bad to feel rejected by the father of your babies. Dh and I had a BIG fight last night, and I know how bad these things hurt. I hope thing work out for you soon. I have often wished there was a section on MDC for relationship help with husbands and partners, kind of like counseling between woman, KWIM. BTW what does FTT mean?

Peace and blessings
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more hugs vanessa that's a lot to deal with at once. i hope things turn out to be fine with your babe.

herbmama- there is an MDC Parents as Partners subforum under Parenting Issues. and i think FTT stands for failure to thrive...
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Vanessa. This too will pass. I have a great friend that always reminds me of that. No matter how much something sucks it will pass and you will get through it.

So, Joseph and I have been hanging out by ourselves most of the weekend and I am totally exhausted but I just had the best baby moment. We were laying on the bed (I was wistfully hoping for a nap) when Joseph looked up at me and giggled. And giggled. And giggled some more. He is sooooo cute! It made me glad we weren't asleep (for about two minutes!).
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**Hugs** Vanessa! Your LO will be good and slow weight gain is not always an issue... Not sure what to say about your DH except that my DH when told what he said rolled his eyes and said "Tell him to get over himself"!

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Oh Vanessa...I'm so sorry. What a week! I hope they find what is going on with your little one (and finger's crossed that "what is going on" is just a naturally thin and light kiddo) so at least that stress will be taken care of.

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