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Hello Everyone,

I have only posted once but have been reading up on how everyone is doing.Cute baby pictures. When I get a little more computer savy I might post one as well.

Sorry to hear of your troubles Vanessa and I hope it all works out for you.

I don't know about everyone else but my ds hasn't been sleeping well day or night for the last 2 to 3 weeks (it's a little blurry as I'm so sleep deprived).
He wakes up every 2 hours or less at night and during the day he has little 30 minute catnaps...therefore I can't even look forward to a nap when I wake up exhausted.: I have to say I'm a little jeleous when I read that some of your babies are sleeping over 4 hours.
Other than that the little darling is doing great and growing like a weed.

Onto the sex thing...my dh and I tried it once and it hurt alot. I guess the
3rd degree tear would cause that but I didn't know it was going to hurt like it did. Haven't tried it since...

I have been wearing my ds in a sling since birth and my shoulders are hurting big time. I've tried my Ergo a few times and he immediately gets grumpy. He weighs a ton and I'm hoping him and Ergo will become friends very soon.
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hi everyone. vannienicole - very sorry for what you're going through.

is it a fact that at 4 months sleep patterns change? Z. was so good until just this past Tuesday. Now he refuses to fall asleep. He won't nurse. He fights his swaddle. Once he's sleeping and in his crib he wakes up screaming. And he's waking up multiple times overnight and I can no longer nurse him while sleeping because he turns his head and unlatches every 5 seconds! What is going on???

As for babywearing...I'm going to try out an Ergo, but I did get a Mei Tai and really like it for longer carries, while the ring sling is still good for in and out!
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vanessa - that's too much. especially the dh part : hello, you just had a baby. the world does not revolve around him right now. sorry - it just irks me he would pull that on you in the midst of the stress about the weight issue. babies can really put a strain on relationships

ebin has a terribly stuffy nose too and it is making him so mad.

and i feel so bad. i took the 2 boys in for pictures together. and then i wanted some of ebin by himself in his diaper. so i reached down to wipe up some drool and accidentally scratched his face with my nail. and it looks terrible! i still don't know how it happened. poor guy. he wasn't too bothered by it but everytime i look at it i feel terrible!

another mdc mama just mailed me a 2-shouldered carrier (i don't know if there's some generic name for those...the chinese style carrier). i'm borrowing it. i wore ebin for a while and it was comfy and then tried nursing with him in it and boom...he was asleep! then i untied it and layed him down in his crib. perfect i've been using the ergo to run errands the past few days but the shoulder straps slide off a lot with him in the front.

i should go get some sleep while i can......
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I have a question about the Ergo, JStar you said it slides off your shoulders if DC is in front? I have a small generic carrier with a simular style and the straps fall on me. I was going to get the Ergo thinking it would be better, now I am not so sure?

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The straps never fall off me on the ergo. You fasten them behind you in back with a clip, and I pull on the strap there to tighten it (if that makes sense) to keep them close together. DH needs it at almost the widest setting, but I can pull it pretty tight and keep the straps close in. I've been going back and forth the last few days using my wrap (which i like if she's awake since she can face out in it) or the ergo, and while i like them both, the ergo is in general much easier, quicker and more comfortable to use.
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It can also help to pull the "shoulder strap connector strap" ( ) up higher on the shoulders... With Laia I usually had the connector strap around the same level as my bras strap but with Ro it's comfier/more secure with the strap just off my shoulders, about the height of the neck of a boat neck top? That way I can use the sleep hood too (L hated it, R loves it).

DH has to let the strap out almost all the way as well.
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Phew, I finally got caught up on the end of last month's thread as well as this month's. Work keeps me away all day so when I'm home, it's all baby time.

Vanessa, hugs to you. That attitude is NOT what you need right now.

Sleep, I'm so very jealous. Owen has it firmly in his head that night time is a great time to make up for havving to suffer through bottles of mommy milk during the day. He's back to nursing every 1.5-2.5 hours all night long. during the day he's so active and exploring that he doesn't eat much at a time, and doesn't want to nurse that often. Night though... If we weren't cosleeping, I don't know how I'd make it. We rearranged the bedroom for cosleeping, at last. Now the long low dresser runs along my side of the bed. Owen sleeps next to the dresser, then me, then DH. A much better arrangement for everyone involved than trying to keep O in the middle. some DH's worry about rolling over onto babe, my DH was TOO aware of him and just wasn't getting any sleep at all.

Owen is growing like mad. He actually put on 6oz in one week. No wonder my arms are tired. He's discovered the fun of holding my hands and pulling himself into a sitting position. He looks so much older sitting up like that. Today he totally blew me away. He held my hands and pulled up like usual, but then kept pulling until he was standing. Eep!!! Why do I think I'm going to need to baby proof sooner than I'd thought?

Here's a link for pictures, for anyone interested.

Owen Pics
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Awwww... he looks like such a laid back loittle dude. May he sleep-happy soon.

My first week back to work kicked my butt...literally. It's a half hour walk home each day and on Tues I'm already walking over an hour taking Laia to and from play school. My tear is healin but OUCH! I have really done a number on myself.

We're preparing the house to sell...we meet with an agent on Wed (well, dh will. I'll be at work till 10pm). We looked at a great little house today though and we'd love to make an offer contingent on sale of our house. The only problem is the size... we'd like something in the 900-1000 sq/ft range but this is 856 sq/ft. It's possible, and in spring we could build an addition but... it's really small!
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Hmmmm.... shoulder strap issues. I have them too with my beco. I don't feel like I can tighten them anymore, and pushing the back strap higher on the back doesn't seem to help much either. Do I have mutant shoulders or what? It's not too annoying unless I'm trying to also carry a purse like object or bending over a lot. Oh well...it wont keep me from using it, as it is way more comfy then the sling for me. Maybe I will get better at adjusting it soon.

Keep the pictures coming! It is so fun to put faces to names.
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well i love the ergo for the back carry but i can't reach the chest clip to close it when it is on my back (and babe in front). so the shoulder straps fall off too easily. maybe i need to try again and see if i can do the clip? i think it is too high up between my shoulder blades.

cute owen pics

we have our 4 month wbv tomorrow. i should go to bed soon so i'll be rested to get up and out with the 2 kiddos.
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No time to write, really, but wanted to poke my head in and say "hi".

gurglebaby-- Don't be jealous of my baby's sleep habits. I've gotten three nights in his life of a single 4/5 hour sleep stretch, and my first was even WORSE. Exactly like you described, actually--S. would sleep typically 45 minutes at a stretch, with some as short as 30 min and the longest stretch about 2 hours. God willing, my second will continue being a bit easier than THAT. I feel for you! It will pass someday! (I didn't drive for over seven months--I was that tired, all the time. Ugh!)

Wombat-- Good luck with the house hunting. Are you looking in the same area or further out of town? You never got a second car, right?

Oops--someone needs to nurse, NOW!

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I keep forgetting to sub to this thread!

Vanessa: I'm so sorry for what you are going through. I hope you get some answers on the FTT soon. Do you have a hospital grade double electric pump? Maybe you can rent a medela symphony, they are great. Ask about fortifying your pumped breastmilk, that is what they do in the NICU when babies are not gaining. They did it with Evan for the first 2 days after surgery. Does your little man have any other "symptoms"? Does he get tired at feeding? Does he feed often? Any breathing issues?

Evan is still a horrible sleeper I'm exhausted, but it will pass....right? I keep trying to change things looking for the magic fix. He's back in the swaddler and it helps a little.

Standing babies and teeth?! OMG! These babies are growing fast! It is all going by so fast, I already look back on the newborn pics and wonder where my baby went. I can't believe Evan is 4 mos :
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If you can get a note from the pedi then WIC should let you use their breast pump for free. My sis had to pump for her little guy and WIC let her use the pump for a month.

I should be doing homework and housework too, oh well :
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Hi all!!!

I just need to vent a little and I know it is safe here... As everyone knows I am pregnant again. I am used to the idea now and it is fine, but OH the reactions I have gotten! Just plain RUDE... From "Oh my you will have your hands full" TO "Maybe this one won't stick"!!!!
I lost 3 babies before having the wonderful one I have now and would never ever wish that on anyone... Why cant ppl just be happy for us or say NOTHING?

Ok.. Rant over... I guess I just do not need to be told that this is really soon, thanks I know that and now with the first trimester almost over it is time to move forward!

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Vanessa: Thank You very much... I can not believe this pregnancy seems to be flying by also, but I agree with the baby in the house making time fly! I feel mostly fine, sickness has all but gone and really my only issues right now are I am hungry and tired, but I think I would be all that with just Perrin

I hope things get better for you soon! I am still very sure your babe will be fine and you will find a great solution for the FTT if there needs to be one, Perrin gains very slowly also, but he is doing fine

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Steph- I'm so sorry you're getting comments like that. I've never understood how people can be so rude. Grrr. But, wow! Time is going quickly-I can't believe you're almost through the 1st trimester already! And, you'd definitely be tired and hungry with just the one! I feel like I eat all day (maybe that's why I'm hanging on to a few extra pounds ).

We had our 4 month WBV today. Joseph has only gained a pound in the last two months. 1 pound! And he eats all the time. But, our doctor wasn't at all concerned since he is an active, happy little guy.

Does anyone else have a LO who would be happy to stay latched on all the time? I swear Joseph would stay latched on all day everyday if he could!

We had an 8 hour stretch of sleep last night. Actually, DS and DH had 8 solid hours of sleep. I couldn't sleep. : I was up 3 times and spent half the night wide awake. I was actually wishing Joseph would wake up so I could nurse him since I can sometimes fall asleep while nursing.

DH is home!!! And his presentation went really well. I'm just glad to have him home again-the bed wasn't crowded enough with baby, dog, cat, and myself!
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Willo, thanks I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with sleepless baby!

Steph, I am in complete shock that people would be so utterly rude!!! First of all who are they to even comment when it's none of their business. I'm sorry you have to deal with that.

Well it's Thanksgiving here in Canada and we went to the in-laws for dinner. DS cried for pretty much the whole time because he woke up 10 minutes into his nap and wouldn't go back to sleep. My lovely dh wouldn't leave until I pulled him out the door because he kept thinking ds would fall asleep again. As soon as we got in the car to go home he fell asleep...and continued to sleep after we got home. Just another lovely family dinner!
After all that stress my dh "needed" to go golfing this morning and left me to deal with sleepless baby. Oh it must be nice to be a man sometimes.

OK I'm done complaing for the day. Ds and I have had a nice morning together but now he needs me. By for now.
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Happy thanksgiving... I hope it gets better!

Wow, I can't believe someone would say something as thoughtless as "Maybe it wont stick". What the heck? That's just horrible!

I turned in my resignation today and am feeling a bit down. So I ate some ice cream anw I have a tummy ache on top of it all! urgh.
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