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Congrats on your pregnancy, Steph! That's so exciting! I wish I had a sibling close in age!
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Sorry Barefootscientist, it took me a while to respond to you

Any way, we are hiking on the mt. sanitas trail, if you take Mapleton all the way west, past all those beautiful houses, past the hospital, it is on your right, I really reccomend the hike. Also I would love to get together, I go to a play group of 0-5 yr old at "beach park" up near "the hill" on thurs, and also to the "Parenting place" on Mondays another 0-5 yr old group. PM me and we should meet up!

Originally Posted by BarefootScientist View Post

You live really close to me! We should get together sometime so I can try your Ergo. Where were you hiking in that pic?

Uh-oh, munchkin awake.
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Originally Posted by gurglebaby View Post
Willo, thanks I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with sleepless baby!

Steph, I am in complete shock that people would be so utterly rude!!! First of all who are they to even comment when it's none of their business. I'm sorry you have to deal with that.

Well it's Thanksgiving here in Canada and we went to the in-laws for dinner. DS cried for pretty much the whole time because he woke up 10 minutes into his nap and wouldn't go back to sleep. My lovely dh wouldn't leave until I pulled him out the door because he kept thinking ds would fall asleep again. As soon as we got in the car to go home he fell asleep...and continued to sleep after we got home. Just another lovely family dinner!
After all that stress my dh "needed" to go golfing this morning and left me to deal with sleepless baby. Oh it must be nice to be a man sometimes.

OK I'm done complaing for the day. Ds and I have had a nice morning together but now he needs me. By for now.
Gurglebaby, LOL, I know what you mean about your "Oh it must be nice to be a man sometimes" comment. DH and I have had issues with that lately too! They just don't get it sometimes, I just wish I could feed DH some of the hormones that I have so he could breastfeed, feel all the emotions etc, etc... It is MUCH easier for them to get out, or have a night/day away than it is for us. Even if DH gives me a day, hour, etc, I still feel the worries, and pull to be home caring for my babies, not to mention if I am gone for a feeding then I am getting engorged and my let down soaks my bra. DH was complaing that he doesn't get to do the things that all his single friends at work do, like go for all weekend bike trips, camping etc...I was so fed up with hearing it, I just had to tell him to let it go! I was loving and actually said I understand how he feels, but it is a part of his life he has to "morn" and realize that it is never going to be that way again. I Also highlighted that this is a VERY special time for the kids, they are never going to be this age again and "we" need to learn to love living in this moment in order to portray that love to our kids. You know kids aren't dumb, they will know if we are wishing we are doing something different, I never want my kid's to feel like a burden.
I am kind of ranting, but I hope you are getting what I am trying to convey. Dh was very receptive to what I was saying, I think the "morning" what he has "lost" and celebrating what he has gained really hit home with him. I have so many things I want to be doing right now, but have had to realize that this is a "season" in my life that requires so much of me, that I must give to the best of my ability. I can pursue my dreams in a few years when I have more time ( hopefully). Now I have to get a PT job, this is going to be hard, how do you moms do it all? I will have to learn I suppose. Just being a SAHM I feel like I have ZERO time. I guess it is all time management, like not writing a novel on MDC when you have a moment, right?
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Wow, this thread moved fast! I have been lurking for a while to try and keep up with everyone. Then I went to Door County, WI for the weekend only to come back to page 5 of the Oct. thread!

Steph - How terrible for people to say things like that to you! I went to an art fair this weekend and saw a woman with a very small child and a big pregnant belly. I felt happiness and compassion for what she may be going through at this point. Remember that you were meant to be the mother of 2 children so close together and your and your dh will be wonderful a it!

Vanessa - I hope that things will get better for you soon! I do agree though that you need to voice your feelings to dh. I think that it just might help him understand where you are. Maybe you cen think of ways to be intimate without sex.

DS needs to cuddle so I have to go for now. Hopefully I can get back to write more later.
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I have been lurking but not adding much lately

Vanessa - so sorry about your dh's place, that is unfair.

Steph - I am so use to getting comments (I have four kiddos in five years - bigger gap than yours though). I cannot go anywhere with four kiddos and not have at least one person say something. My dh is still amazed at what I hear each and every day. In general, though - most people say odd things but don't mean any harm. They just can't register the idea - it is tough having lots of little ones close in age! I also think many many people are envious of my little gang (and yours too!) Having them close will be simply awesome and don't worry about any comments - just smile, giggle and say how awesome it will be.

Some of my comments ... "well loved, not well planned", "now I know what causes this" - with a lot of laughs too! You will be a spectacle (especially if you add a third or fourth) but I still think it is the best way to go!

Sleeping - alright - don't shoot me, my child is unusual. He goes to bed at 9pm and wakes up at 6-7am. He sleeps in a cosleeper so he is very close. None of my others did this - so I find it so odd. He also only has one nap - 1pm to 5pm today (not normally quite that long). If any of you are feeling a big short-changed, don't worry - the 21 month old gets me up most nights. I sleep on a bean bag in his room!

Happy thanksgiving to the other Canadians!
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Are any other babes sucking their thumbs a ton now? Willa can't get enough of hers. She's actually pretty much traded her pacifier (which she never used much in any case - mostly just to help her get to sleep at times) for her thumb. And she seems so enamored of it. Sometimes she starts to suck on it when I get ready to nurse her and I have to practically force her to trade it for the nipple!
She also discovered her feet recently - the foot grabbing is so cute. All sorts of fun developmental things going on lately.

Steph, I can't believe anyone would say anything so thoughtless and cruel - that's pretty staggeringly rude. Honestly, while i know it wasn't exactly what you were expecting, I think there will be all kinds of benefits to having kids so close in age, and how fun for them - it gives them a chance to be really close siblings.

Willa's had three good nights in a row now - hopefully it keeps up! I feel like I'm pushing my luck still up and at the computer at 10:30 at night. definitely past my normal bedtime.
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Hi gals.....popping in to say "hi" as I have been only about once a month.

My Isaac is doing well. Gaining slowly but steadily. I am pretty sure I won't have any more kids so I've been wearing/holding him like crazy and co-sleeping of course.......just taking it all in......the good with the bad.:

DH and and I have tried to dtd maybe 4 times now. My goodness it hurts! I feel so sore inside. I don't know what that's about. I didn't tear. Oh, and when I got my pap at 12 weeks my mw had to insert the speculum at an angle so it wouldn't press on where it was sore (just under the front part of my pubic bone.) Not sure if this is something where I should leave it alone and let it heal or keep trying to dtd to toughen things up.

Steph-where in CO are you moving?
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I was wondering where the Happy Thanksgiving was coming from! Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

On sleep - Annie sleeps soooo much better than Will did. It amazes me how different 2 kids can be. So I can't really complain in that area.

Milestones - Annie started rolling over almost 2 weeks ago. Will never rolled over until after he was crawling. I was so excited at her accomplishment that I screeched and scared my little bug. Oops!

Teething - I too think that Annie is teething. So far I don't see any signs of a tooth but she chomps all day long.

Annie has loved her thumb since birth! I also have to pry it out of her mouth in order to nurse. I love the way she hooks her thumb around her nose when she is sucking. I think that she is an easier babe to take care of because of it. It's nice to have one less thing to remember to pack when we leave the house.

Marital things - Dh and I are seeing a counselor as I previously mentioned a while back. It is pretty casual but is really helping us get our communication in line. We've only been married for 3 years so I know tht it will take sometime to jive completely but I think i will be better to have it happen soon rather than later. Since our sessions have started we are much happier and more aware of eachother.

As for S-E-X we just passed a 5 week stretch of nothing. Life just got the better of us. I do have moments that I feel bad for not giving DH that part of me but I also feel that he has to realize where I cam coming from. When I am physically and emotionally in the mood I let him know. I think the men have to be more understanding. Our babes are coming on 4 months of age but we still have tons of hormone changes still going on.

I sooooo want Fall to be here! I am in Wisconsin and we just had a weekend of blazing hot temps! So much for the frozen tundra.
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We have a thumbsucker here! He's been gnawing on everything that comes his way too. My daughter thinks its hilarious to get close to Sean so he will "latch on" to her nose and suck.

We went to our local Oktoberfest last weekend and did some polka dancing. Here is a pic of me, ds, and dd. I'm sportin' the beco, complete with loose shoulder straps.


It's not a very good pic, but so far, its the only one I have with this new carrier. Had a pretty good fit at Target today. Maybe I'm starting to get the hang of it.

Steph -- I can;t believe some of the things people say. SOmetimes I wonder if people even hear themselves. Sheesh!

No rolling here yet, unless you count from back to side in order to suck that thumb with more vigor. We also have a WBV tomorrow. I have such a nice ped, I kind of look forward to visiting her. On the other hand, this will be the first time I will have dd in tow also. She doesn't like not being the center of attention, so we'll see how that goes... Her behavior has actually gotten a lot better lately.

One last thing... The house 2 doors down from us caught on fire last night because a 6 year old was playing with matches while the family slept. No one was hurt, but the house was totalled. Just a reminder to keep those matches out of reach for those of you with older kiddos. I;ve never actually seen a house of someone I know burn down. It's tragic.
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Molly- Thanks! I think I'll do the same and have a conversation with dh in a loving and understanding way. So far I've complained and told him everything he is not doing. It hasn't worked!

Megan- what's up with pain during sex? I thought the pain was bad the first time and maybe it wouldn't hurt the next time but after what you've said I don't think I want to let my dh near me for a while. I think I need to ask my mw about this. Is this something that happens to alot of women after giving birth?
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Ad- Oh my gods....I'm so glad nobody was hurt! When I was little the apartment building across the stream from our house also burned down after a little one got hold of a lighter. It really stuck in my head and for a year or so I always told people where I would be "just in case" there was a fire.

Painful sex- It's actually not uncommon in breastfeeding moms. Everyone is different and how your body responds to the breastfeeding hormones is going to change over time but often these hormones result in "thinner" vaginal tissue, less natural lubricant, and less elasticity. So even without a tear there can be a lot of reasons for ongoing ouch if you're nursing.

Last time I used something called Replense (over the counter at my grocery store, my fam practice dr suggested it since it helped her after her birth). It's essentially a moisturizer for vaginal tissue. It's not a lubricant but it helps a lot...I think I used it twice a week for about a month and it made a huge difference. I was actually thinking I'd pick some up just yesterday!

And one mdc mama who had a tear suggested using the female condom since that way there's another "layer" between you and the friction.

Ooops...babes are calling!
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Steph- Congrats on being PG again. Everyone should just be happy for you. The "maybe it won't stick comment" is a really sick comment to make. Why on earth would anyone even think such a thing.

So DS has already doubled his birth weight at 3 mths (his Daddy is 6'4" & was that height by HS). He's a long & pleasantly plump baby & my back is really feeling it. I'm at the point where I feel like my back is going to go out. I visited the chiro but was really hoping to be able to take something stronger than Advil for the spasms. My reg Dr, Ped & Pharmacist said nothing is safe, which I don't believe. Anyone taken anything for back spasms while nursing?

I have yet to find a baby carrier that works. The Karma Baby ones did not work for us, luckily I was able to sell one but am still stuck with the other one (that I'd love to sell). I have a Baby Bjorn, but I'd like something a little less bulky & easy to deal with for around the house.

This thread is moving so fast I can't keep up.
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Amy, Have you tried either an Ergo or just a wrap? Both are WAY more comfortable for me than the Baby Bjorn (Willa is also pretty chunky, 16 lbs at her 6 mo checkup). And neither feels super bulky to me. Plus I like that they distibute the weight evenly unlike some slings. Or maybe a Mei Tai? I don't have one, but I've heard great things about the baby hawk ones.

On sex, I was really worried the first time we DTD that it would be painful and it wasn't. I really think it just depends on the individual (and things like having bad tearing, etc) and is hard to predict. For a couple of my friends it was really painful in the beginning, but eventually got better, and for a few it was never really painful. I guess you just need to try it (with the understanding, of course, that you can always just stop if it's unpleasant) and see....
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Thanks everyone I feel better today... At least the family members that know have taken it pretty well, my MIL who I am very close to was just shocked and happy, she only needed about a day to process before deciding it is great news and wanting to start buying more things...lol

NorasMommy: We just moved right outside of Durango, where are you in Co?

SEX: We obviously we have done that , I had a pretty bad tear, but I heal fast. It still hurt the first couple of times however, now it is not painful.

Perrin has slept from 8-9pm until 7-8am for the last week :, but who knows if that will last?
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awallrising- during the recovery from my tear I was give lortab and the tylenol+codeine (tylenol3 I think it's called?). I took the tylenol blend for 4 days and the lortab daily for about 2 weeks. But narcotic pain killers do go through the milk and can make your babe sleepy. They can also cause bigger problems for babe depending on how big babe is/how much goes through the milk. You can plug medications into http://toxnet.nlm.nih.gov/cgi-bin/sis/htmlgen?LACT (lacnet) to see what info is available on specific drugs.

I took the "mega dose" ibuprofen for about two months though. Since it doesn't add much to the milk ibuprofen is the "best option" breastfeeding drug. Check out the chart on kellymom http://www.kellymom.com/health/meds/pain-meds.html (L1 is the safest, L5 is totally dangerous). And ask your dr's to check Hale's. Lots of med pros just aren't trained in lactation safe meds...
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Originally Posted by StephNelson View Post
SEX: We obviously have done that
: That made me laugh! I cannot believe that someone said "maybe it won't stick" I would have been dumbfounded. It is a human being, not a piece of tape. The nerve of some people : I think having kids close together is wonderful, I honestly wouldn't be too upset if I got preg again within the next few mos. There are so many benefits to having children close in age, a good friend of mine has 3 closely spaced and they are little buddies, it is adorable.

We're still passing germs back and forth here, courtesy of DS's preschool.

Evan is a major thumb sucker, he also grabs my hand and pulls it into his mouth He's more than doubled his birth weight, but then again his birth weight was only 6 lbs 4 ozs so it wasn't hard to double. He was 13 lbs 9.5 ozs today at his pedi visit

I think DH and I are gonna have to attempt to dtd soon and I'm scared. I had a perrenium tear and then two inner labial tears. The inner tears hurt a bit and it burned when I peed for the longest time.

That is awesome that some of the babes are sleeping for such long stretches. I'm gonna have to have a little talk with Evan about this.

I'm turning into a carrier junky. I want to try them all. I've been buying them used, trying them out, then reselling them for what I paid. It is great. So far my fave is still the new style Sachi MT and the vatanai stripes wrap.
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wombatclay- I've been on the lactnet database but haven't found a muscle relaxant, which is what I need. I took Percoset for 10 days after my C-seciton & still have some. I will try prescription strength dose of Advil & see if that helps. Plus I'm going back to the chiro tomorrow. Maybe I'll try to take a soak later.

As for wraps, I haven't tried an ergo or wrap. Maybe I will try those. Thanks!
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Maybe check out Baclofen (sold as Lioresal or Atrofen)? (http://www.kellymom.com/health/meds/...oved-meds.html scroll almost all the way down)

It's a muscle relaxent rated L2.
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herbmama- well, actually, I'm not in Boulder, I'm in Laporte. So I couldn't really go to your playgroups or anything. But, if you come to Ft.Collins for something, or I go to Boulder maybe we could meet up. Or we could go hiking some weekend or something...anyway I will PM you and we can exchange emails.

vanessa - that is rough. i can't even imagine if my DH said something like that to me. And especially when you have so many other things to worry about! Just don't let yourself or your marriage become complacent, don't run away from it. Obviously I don't know the specific problems, but talk things out with your DH, compromise, give him what he needs to the best of your ability. Hang in there! I hope things get better for you soon.

sleep - DS is great at night but not so much for naps. Since day one he's known that night is for sleeping, and although he wakes several times, he'll go right back to sleep after nursing, peeing, and/or getting a diaper change. During the day, though, he either takes tiny catnaPs or wants to sleep in the cradle position in my pouch sling, which is really hard on my back. Lately, nights are getting frustrating too because we EC, so he wakes up having to pee, won't take the milkies, but just screams when we get him out of bed to pee him. Then he won't pee, but afterwards he'll happily take the milkies and pee in his diaper. : So I'm not quite sure what to do.

carriers - I have a wrap and a couple pouches, and a Snugli. The wrap is the most comfortable but I am getting very frustrated trying to figure out a good way to get him on my back. I can get him up there but he ends up all crooked, or I feel like I'm cutting off circulation to his legs, or he falls asleep and his head flops around and I can't reach back and adjust the fabric to hold his head. I need longer arms. However, it works great when DH is around to help.

I need to go, he is fussy and chewing on his stuffed turtle.
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Originally Posted by BarefootScientist View Post
carriers - I have a wrap and a couple pouches, and a Snugli. The wrap is the most comfortable but I am getting very frustrated trying to figure out a good way to get him on my back. I can get him up there but he ends up all crooked, or I feel like I'm cutting off circulation to his legs, or he falls asleep and his head flops around and I can't reach back and adjust the fabric to hold his head. I need longer arms.
I just started doing the rucksack carry with Evan. The best way that I've found to get him on my back (and feel safe about it) is to lay him in the middle of the wrap while he's on my bed. Then I lower my back to him and pull the fabric up over each shoulder. I pull it up while leaning my back closer to him. I keep the facric really tight so he doesn't slip. Once he's on my back I adjust and do lots of bouncing to make sure he's straight. He loves the bouncing, it makes him laugh.
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