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~Just waiting for the new October Feather, May 04 Mamas~

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I'm sitting here posting to the Sept. thread when it dawns on me that it is not OCTOBER! The month the newest feather hopefully premieres!

ETA: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=743005
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my babe is 4 months old today!!!!

i got isaac's pics taken at 3 months and wanted to do ebin's in teh same outfits. we didn't have the $$ last month so i just paid the bills to see if i can take him in this week for 4 month pix. and i'm going to dress him and isaac in matching outfits and get one of them together. i'm such a CHEESEBALL!!! but i can't resist

a sock exchange sounds GREAT! i am twice burned on this gift exchange thing though : third time's the charm?
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Maybe this time you'll get triply gifted by your matchee this time around??

I'm a sucker for doing the same outfit thing---must share pics!
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Hi everybuggy. Jstar did your person just not ever send you? That suxors.

Socks for everymama!
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sock exchange sounds nifty!

$$ limit???

i'll have bill do the matching, if that's okay with everyone...

juice and danile: i hereby officially invite you to participate in the MMF winter sock exchange gifty-thingie! if you are able and interested...

will OY a DB for addys and such...

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How expensive could socks be??? :

And if they ARE so expensive, just don't buy 'em.

I vote $10 ish. Up to $15 if you must.
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I'm playing catch up in the brief minutes before the baby wakes up again.

1. Do you have a "signature" birthday gift you give to friends in the $10-$30 dollar range?
I'm also really bad with birthday gifts. If I remember, and I haven't done this in at least a year, I will make a point to go to one of my favorite kitchy little gift stores and buy something cool and unusual. This usually ends up being a delicious candle, some sort of bath item, or a great little notepad or the like. I like stationary.

2. If you could choose a fun gift for yourself in that range, what would it be? (More than one answer ok).
Ditto. I am totally guilty of buying things that I would like and giving them as gifts.

3. What was your favorite class in college? Why?
In college? I loved all my music classes. Composition was great, as was music theory. I loved the performance classes because i was good at that. But I really just loved all my classes because I loved my classmates and I loved the content. College was a lot of fun.

And count me in on the holiday sock exchange. As long as it doesn't mean I have to buy socks with santas on them.
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i always read all the question-y type things and then always say i'll reply later and then sometimes don't, so i'm replying, albeit briefly, now.

1. no signature gift. flowers, maybe. but i'm very inconsistent about giving gifts. i'm not so big on the receiving of gifts. they're nice, but i don't need them. i like giving useful, practical gifts, but not like underwear or socks or stuff. just not tchotchke stuff.

2. i like receiving fancy chocolates. truffles or some such.

3. favorite class in college... hmm... i really liked all my community health classes. there was a methodology class about research in the topics of sexuality issues that was awesome and had an awesome prof. the one and only history class i took was fascinating. it was about the origins of stereotyping in the u.s. based on the advent of the modern health care system in industrial europe. the prof was this intellectually sexy, middle aged but slim, bald with a white mustache gay man. i also loved the anatomy and physiology classes i took as prereqs for grad school at the local community college here a few years ago. prof was awesome.

okay, marek done with snack.

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Yay for a sock exchange! Can't wait. I lurve me some fun knee socks. Yippee!

Heather, I hope the version is not needed. Head-down vibes to babe!

Emmalola, good to hear from you. How is life with two in the SW?

Dentist went well. Lily was a champ. We did get the whole "Where is she going to preschool? Oh, why is she not in preschool? Oh, don't worry sweetie, you'll be in school next year" convo. Ugh. Hard to navigate for me. I don't know why I feel uncomfortable bringing up the homeschooling thing. I think I'm worried that the other person will think I'm being judgmental or something. Hmmm. Must do some inner work on that one...

OK, off to get some stuff done while the nanny's here. Gotta go read about infertility for Gyn class. w00t.

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Sarah, I'm feelin your pain on the homeschool thing. Since Sol is not going to school this year largely because a) 7.45 am, no way, and b) $, I have put effort into shapes, letters, art projects, etc so she has that stimulation and realized that HEY--I'm homeschooling!
And I kind of feel guilty because her little friends go to school and I feel like she would like to, although she's never said so. Anyway it's a strange topic of convo for this age and others interested in her edumacation. I hear ya.
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Sarah--ack on the hs'ing stuff. We're obviously not, but C is a bit asynchronous in her development and really into letters/wanting to read and got into depth a lot more than same age kiddos so we've done and will do a fair bit of "schooling" type stuff at home when she wants to. I actually just got her the pre-k/k handwriting without tears wood pieces/cards; she wants to write so badly, but has some fine motor/planning issues. Do tell here what you guys are into as you know we mmf are all interested!

counting the minutes til DH gets home and letting curious george babysit as we speak. might be a clifford double feature as the quiet is luxurious after the day we've had!
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2 times no one sent pressies. wah wah wah. i will show my belief in the greater good of (wo)mankind by participating a 3rd time!!!!! i love fun knee socks as well

if you're buying socks at imelda's they can be pretty durn expensive. i go in and fawn over them and leave

i have a new school interest for isaac: the ivy school. i didn't know about it until emily posted a link in the pdx thread. a montessori public school. i just wrote pubic school they're planning it for the NE which would *hopefully* be in some part of the NE that would be easy for me to drive to. because i could dig that!

isaac is only just starting letter recognition. not for my lack of trying either....but if a kid isn't ready they aren't ready but i am excited he is finally getting it! he is nowhere near writing anything legible or any pictures other than scribbles.
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Whew! about had a heart attack when at the end of the last thread HF wrote, "3 is not fun today." I was like, WHAT????? she had the babe and neglected to mention it? Then I realized she meant 3 YEARS old.

Els- harrowing story. good ending. Glad you're back safe and sound. I took notes on __'s great car trip entertainment ideas.

L loves school but I do worry that the jump to Kindergarten will be hard for him when it comes, because there is no focus on letters in his special ed preschool. Which is actually appropriate for L's level. He can count, but the concept of letters is too much at the moment. In my perfect world, I would send him to pre-K and then homeschool him from about K-3rd grade, but that's not gonna happen.

1. Siggie gift: I tend to shop at Mirador, a locally owned housewares/snazzy gift type place with lots of recycled art etc.
2. I like: small or expendible or non-material gifts (CD's, food, gift certs to movies, money for a message or car repair [fav daddy gift], etc.) Mostly because I live in a 2-bedroom apt with my 4-person family!
3. Classes: I loved modern dance despite the big research paper, and I really enjoyed organismal bio. Mostly, I think, because I was an aid after I took the class, and between taking it and helping with it, I saw so many connections and had all these mind-blowing thoughts. For instance: why does no one ever point out that trees are made mostly of water and air??? ( H2O + Co2 = C6H12O6, well basically, it's a litte more complicated when you ballance the equation and also think of the nitrogen and all the micronutrients needed from the soil , but in terms of biomass, that's pretty much it).

Soooooooooo tired and avoiding the dishes. Hmmm maybe I'll just go to bed.
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just subscribing for now....sock exchange sounds fun, though.

Will write an actual post at some point....
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Just checking in here morning action because I can! So sos ossososoooo happy to be back in the mdc swing.

Getting ready for this big belly dance festival I have happening next week, so much to do and no time to work for a real paycheck. This is hard, money is very tight. Hopefully I'll make enough to pay rent out of the festival. Hopefully all will be wunderbar, as it usually is.

I wondered about "3 is not easy today" too--but figured beanie in the belly counted for her.
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Time-strapped, but subscribing. :
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PS I tend to think of trees as being made mostly of SUGAR, all hooked together so as to be mostly inedible.
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Bear with me.. I'm going off of memory.

My fave staple gift around or under $30..

Usually a pedicure or manicure or a massage. I like to pamper. Those gifts are for a lady though... for a guy I'm usually pretty stumped.

My fave subject- was that in college or hs?

HS was probably band and history. College... I find it hard. When you have a good professor I've been able to find subjects that I despise interesting. I am NOT a science girl. I put myself into the "uninterested" category until this quarter... when my current science professor is so wacky and has such crazy stuff to tell you that I walk away with something shocking that I didn't know the day before- EACH DAY! (If only he didn't assign so much writing... )

Crossing my fingers for Elsanne and Heather! Hoping all goes wonderful and nothing but amazing goodness comes all the MMF's ways. I start my two week prenatals this Thursday. Then three of those and I'm at every week. How crazy is that?! Alright.. off to classes.. and a little twist on the usual love vibes... *Smoocheroos!* From all of us Ducettes
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money is stressing me out too. now we each have a business we are at the mercy of other people paying receivables to have any income. one of us should be working for the man or something the benefit of a steady check! it didn't even occur to me that i was actually starting a business of my own but i am. i don't even *want* to have a business! but i did my invoices last night and this is me hoping to get paid quickly -------> :

i had to come up with a name for my engineering business last week. and i am also trying to come up with a name for my baby quilt business so i can make little tags. i'm going to start churning out quilts. it is a pretty slow process but i have stacks and stacks of squares and triangles cut out. mad hatter? goody gumdrop?

yesterday i took isaac to the fabric store and picked out some red stripey fabric to make him pirate pants. and some black velvet to make a belt and vest with a great big square gold belt buckle. fun!

my lil stinker has quit sleeping through the night the last week. i thought the glory would be over but he slept all night last night...and is still asleep. i got up and pumped.

i think the transition to kindergarten will be hard just because it is 'change'. i have sweet memories of kindergarten. my favorite thing was this big sunken semicircle in the classroom where we would sit. such a great design! i was a nerd even in kindergarten....i remember being the announcer at our christmas performance with this boy paul and tostadas were my favorite lunch.

i must say i HATE HATE HATE grocery shopping with the 2 boys right now. i did a big shop yesterday and it just about killed me. isaac wants the race car and it is so hard to talk him out of it. he says 'mama put ebin in the sling' so i do. and by the time i am done pushing that thing around and slinging that 18 lbs i am ready to die of neck pain. ebin isn't comfortable in the ergo yet (can't open his legs that wide comfortably). but i can't wait til he can go in the ergo or sit in the cart!!

i want one of those bei bei or silly goose carriers. (the two shouldered cloth ones with ties). they seem like they would work great right now. but man i can't spend another $70 on a carrier.

i am just must go make sure the baby is alive......
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Oooh...jess....I have a way cool rocket print baby fairies pack pack I think it was that I got from our very own mcsarahbee that I can give/lend you. I didn't use it with E til she was much bigger. lmk and I can send it your way if it would help!

E had a fantabulous well check and we just love her ped! Off to the mw in a little while...
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