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we're at a hotel in colby, kansas, on way to dh's aunt's funeral in wichita...

traveling with 3-month old and tantruming 3-year-old? not so fun...

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As Heather would say, you might want to check OY for some news!

from your friendly Heather blog stalker sherri
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Yipeeeeeeeee!!!! Congrats Heather!

My email is down right now, and I looked online OY, but didn't seem to see all the messages (???) but I can't wait to hear all about it and see pics!
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I got into her blog and this was posted by someone else:

IT'S A BOY!!!!

H.J. was born at 10:45 a.m. and weighed in a 9 pounds 4 ounces.

That is all! Eagerly awaiting details. Happy happy about big healthy boy! (*wrongly abusing afro smilie yet again*)
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going to check her bloggity-blog now...

and OY to see what's up with that...
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dangit i don't have access to her blog. must remedy that.

a boy! wow. and a BIG BOY!!!!!!

going to check oy
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Happy happy joy joy! Yay to the Feather family and way to go mama Heather! So great. I knew it was a boy all along. Can't wait to hear the deets...

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Oh hooray hoooooray! What great news, and what a big boy! Yay!

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Why oh why have I never made pot roast in the slow cooker before today? I will never make it in the oven again.

Good day today. I worked at the winery and sold 5 wine club memberships ($10 commission each - yizzah!), plus I sold a bunch of wine, including 2 huge sales of $975 and $650!!!! That's a lot of wine, folks. I kick ass. :
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Meg, you do kick ass. And oh, yeah, on the slow cooker pot roast.

Congratulations Heather and welcome H!!! Can't wait for the birth story. Glad about that big big boy!

Allison has bronchitis and has been coughing up a storm for the past 4 days. Poor babe isn't sleeping well and is (understandably) so very whiny and fussy. Of course, that means I'm not sleeping either, and I'm getting pretty : There will DEFINITELY be a nap in my future this afternoon.
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Oooh that slow cooker roast sounds good. I need a slow cooker, and some good organic meat...we rarely have meat and we're usually chicken/fish types when we do, but every so often...

Yesterday I had a few hours to myself, and Viet has agreed to make that happen every MWF so that I can remain sane, and he can continue to live with us. So yay! I worked on a headpiece for bellydance which actually came out really goofy, but was fun to pull out the sewing machine and actually follow through on something.


coldcoldcold mornings here, and no central heat. Brrrrrrr

Meg those wine sales rawwwwk, you rock! Nice selling, mama. Good for you!
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Sitting here at work while Alison prepares to go pick my mom up at the airport. I am so so so excited.

I am delighted and excited to hear more about little baby H too. Heather, I hope your babymoon is peaceful and calm filled with all the help and care you need.

I literally have piles of files surrounding me. Imagine those pathetic cartoons with the caption "Is it Friday yet?!!?" featuring a guy with his tie askew and his head in his hands surrounded by bulging files. Totally me right now.
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Anyone have veggie slow cooker recipes? Or ones with just a little chicken/turkey/fish without being totally meat-centric. I want a low-fat, near-veggie, slowroaster cookbook for Christmas. Does such an item exist?

Do any of you have favorite recipes?
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Congrats Heather! Can't wait to hear the birth story!
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Really want the MMF to git chatty. Where IS Renae when you need her?

It's been a luscious weekend around here, because for the first time in memory-cached history I have, like, nothing in my datebook to do. So I am being a MAMA! I am reading books, baking whole wheat carrot cake with cream cheese frosting using real maple syrup for the sweetener, pushing a stroller around the fountain plaza next to my house, driving a walkable distance to the small, grassy playground near our house where there are not usually any other kids (this is desired at the moment), changing 3 poopy diapers in one day (a low # for Miss Amara Pooper Machine), picking Amara up when she cries for me after .076 seconds apart, without rolling my eyes.

Cruising around on OTHER PARTS OF MDC (unheard of for months), reading a novel before bed, going for a walk around same fountain plaza listening to Black Eyes Peas all by m.y.s.e.l.f., sharing loving energy with Viet, applying oil to my parched skin-last in a line of priorities, farting around after eating too much carrot cake, thinking about Henry. And his mama.

*contented sigh* Wishing this peace to radiate outward, and thinking lovingly of all my mmf. Wanting to tell Jstar how I still use and adore the kitchen towel she sent, and whoever sent that delicious body wash, I still use and enjoy it special during showers after long days, and amara still uses the dipes sent by Heather and Renae and Sherri.
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nak- hooray for lil H!

visiting my pops in Oly, WA tomorrow. may post more then.
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Elsanne, that was a nice post. I felt a little bit of peace radiating up from down south.

I wish I felt more peace here. I am on call tomorrow for 24 hours, and right now I am tired and cranky and haven't gotten enough work done this weekend. We did carve our pumpkins tonight but it felt more like procrastination than good fun. Sigh.

Fiddle, have fun in Oly and hug a hippie for me, 'k? Do you ever go to Traditions and get Olympic Mountain Creamery ice cream there? I seriously love it so much sometimes I feel like making the 2-hr drive just to get some...

So, chatty, huh? Questions, anyone? I did it last time and they weren't that great...someone else?

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Fiddle will just then hug herself because Oly's not that full of hippies unless I'm wrong? I have a cousin there who is, now that you mention it, fairly hippified.
Anyway have fun in OlyWa, FiddleFernitude. How is the travel up with the two babes?

Waking up to nice java here. aaaaahhh

Sarah, I hope you are feeling more optimistic after a good night's sleep. Carving pumpkins is nifty fun, we don't have pumpkins here--at least not bushels of them outside the supermarket. I haven't seen nary a punkin, actually, except plastic ones. We have been invited to a fun halloween party and now I have to get my act in gear for a halloween costume. *sigh* SO not my forte.

Question: If you HAD to change your first name, not a choice people, what would you re-name yourself?

I would choose Ethel Gertrude. Just kiddin'!!! I would go with some kind of e-name, because I'm partial to them. So, Eliana is a fave, Emma, all those popular-for-your-baby names like that. Edwina, however, is not among them.
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I have another idea: let's pretend we all went to a life-changing seminar that wooed us to the very core, meaning it made you "woo woo", and now you are going to anoint yourself a new human with new purpose.

Let's give ourselves or each other new age names!

Optional names: Govinda, Shakti, Shanti, Windsong, Anastasia, etc.

My new name would be:
Farahshanti Eliana

*stated with proper reverence and not a little pomp*
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Oly not full of hippies? What are you smokin'? It is the home of Evergreen, my alma mater, which is the hippiest of all hippie schools.

I will think on the name thing and get back to you. I've never really thought of it before as an adult.

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