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me too!

We're off to an apple festival in a little bit! Happy weekend, all!!
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Happy weekend back atcha! This is the calm before the storm for me. Starting Monday my world turns topsy turvy with curvy bellydancers.

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Hey all,
I've been reading but not posting. DH has been out of town since thursday and it's been a little nuts. His mom and stepdad arrived on Tuesday and were supposed to stay until today to help me out. They ended up having to go home yesterday at noon because they hadn't packed enough of their various medications (blood pressure, diabetes, etc).

So, I didn't get as much help as I thought I would. I know, it's just a little over 24 hours, but, I had expected to not be alone, so I felt like it was manageable. Now, I've just had to realign my expectations. And, Annie didn't sleep well last night. She woke up at 1 and was a little more awake than normal so she wanted to nurse longer than usual, which would have been okay if she hadn't been flailing her head back and forth on the bed and crying because she couldn't find the breast! I almost lost it a a couple times and just had to sit up in bed holding her...I just can't take a lot of crying and very little sleep. It just grates on me...and I know it's unreasonable cause she's a little baby, but I think I was also feeling sorry for myself because my help fell through. Perhaps she's starting a growth spurt? I can't remember when those are.

Ugh. Anyway, my concerns seem minor compared to what's going on with some of y'all OY. Just don't have anyone here to vent to :smile

Better get going. A keeps sounding like she's going to wake up.
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Just saying hi. Kind of tired. Kind of punchy. But at least the weather is good.
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Originally Posted by KKmama View Post
Just saying hi. Kind of tired. Kind of punchy. But at least the weather is good.
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Well that minus the part about the good weather...
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Jacq- I had a similarly horrid night with baby up and wanting the boob and super-super-super fussy (or alternately happy and crawly, also annoying). Got MAYBE 3.5 hrs of sleep.

Speaking of which, he just woke up.

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Warning. Drunk Poster Alert.

Yes, that would be me. We just got home from a winery event and I am semi-loaded. Not three sheets to the wind or anything, but definitely drunk. My DH became new best friends with the owner of the winery I work at and he also blabbed a little something to the wife about how I have "a lot of ideas... especially about event planning" so now the pressure is on for me to come up with a presentation about me being he event planner for the winery, an idea I came up with just last night during an impromptu how-can-we-bring-in-more money conversation I had with DH. So yeah.. now I have to present some real ideas. Blessing and a curse, all in one. That is soooo my DH. To the core.

Anyway, I have to put Jett to bed, but he is happily watching some kung fu movie right now. Oh, just came to me and put his sweet little head in my lap. Gotta go.
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What a great idea, Meg! How fun that youguys did something kind of fun.

Lazy Sunday morn here, ignoring nasty dipe that needs changing. Ignoring sibling squabbles.

Fern & Jacqueline---hang in there, sleep deprived, hard working mamas--ftr, growth spurts happen when you don't know what else to attribute things to. Then, it's teething.
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els: i just wamt to say that for some reason i noticed your "sunny san miguel" location and thought to myself, oh, that would be nice right about now... *sigh*

in very rainy and wet oregon
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Ah, yes, the rain, I know it well. Alas, I haven't been anywhere but the desert for 12 (gah!) years now, which does NOT seem possible. I think I really love sunny weather. Hot, I'm not crazy about. Sunny, I liiiiike. I would like a little more moisture though, I think that'd be nice.
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yes very wet. i was just lamenting to doug that it hasn't even been doing: rain, sunshine for a day or 2, rain, etc. nope. just rain. or clouds all the time. gah. i've been here 10 years in january and still don't know if i can handle the rain i'm a california girl at heart. i don't even mind heat.

heather - love the carrier! thank you i got it saturday, put ebin in it right away, walked around, nursed with him in the carrier and laid my sleeping happy babe down for a nap! awesome. it's comfy. we have ebin's 4 month wbv tomorrow so i think i'll sling him instead of taking the big ol jogger. i can't wait to get the weigh-in on this chunker.

i did some very frustating sewing with velvet today. not so fun! i made isaac a black velvet pirate belt with a gold buckle and holster for his sword. and then made a black velvet vest lined with red stripe fabric (that was the exercise in frustration). it fits ebin so now i have to make another one. and then make them both red striped pants. we bought this pirate bandana with fake pirate hair hanging off it. and isaac won't even wear it because it freaks him out but it looks realllllllllllllllly funny on ebin i only tortured him with it long enough to take pictures :

meg - you're funny i'm glad you had fun.

jacquie - aww i hate the sleep deprived can't deal with crying feeling. and i know it well. like gritting the teeth and thinking GO TO SLEEP. nooooow. it is so hard too when they're crying and you know they just need to work it out because they don't seem to want to nurse. and you're just praying it won't take them very long!

ok. i don't know how i can be starving right now when i ate a large chicken and risotto dinner and TWO pieces of cake. and my stomach is growling. i better have a bowl of cereal i love nursing!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wore my skinny jeans today. woo woo
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jess--yay! glad it works...isn't the fabric adorable? Can't wait to hear his stats! Bought C's costume on ebay and just making E some black kitty ears and a tail---pirate costumes sound cute!

this prodromal labor bs is getting more than a little annoying. blah.

Meg--your post made me smile. Glad you two had some time out and glad as well that it will nudge you in a good direction re: job stuff. Go you!
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Put me in the sleep-deprived club
Two nights ago Ethan was up to nurse at 2:30 (very common, usually no big deal) but instead of going back to sleep, he decided to hang out and chat for a while and didn't go back to sleep until almost 5:00. Then last night, he had a mild fever and was extra-tossy and extra-nursey all night. He seems fine this morning, but I feel like

Heather, I'm starting to feel stalky...

I'm glad you had a good time, Meg! You weren't even shlurring your lettersh

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Awww, jus! Sorry about the sleep deprivation. That suxors. My baby is squatting next to me, being all cute gnawing a bagel with butter and brewer's yeast.
I'm posting because it may be a while before I post again...Camp Bellydance starts today...

I have so much to do and I just want to dink around online.

Last night I had another one of those "look around for jobs online" moments; they happen when I feel all economically unstable and desperate. I found a few that seemed okay, looking in Southern Oregon (Ashland/Medford area) and...where was the other place...oh, Utah. Ashland because it's sunny, and Utah is very beautiful, I love it there--anyway, I'm not moving anytime soon, because that exercise serves to remind me that it's not all that great being a full time employee either, it's always just a juggling act. I'm going to keep on keeping on here as long as economically feasible.

It's always been a back-of-my-mind plan to go to the States sometime when the girls are in school, long-term I was thinking high school-college age. We'll see. I just get desperate these weeks when there ain't nuthin'! Viet scrambled up $20 for some groceries, and it's just dumb to have to do that.
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juice: stalky? like celery? :

heather: REAL labor vibes when you need 'em...

els: happy hippy dancing!

now back to my squealer (i wrote squaler... maybe that's more appropriate???)

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Originally Posted by TurboClaudia View Post
juice: stalky? like celery? :

: :
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have fun bellydancin' this week! and my vote would be for ashland because we pass through there a lot on our way down south that is, the next time you get the job search anxieties. mexico sounds like too much fun to leave

i'm sleep deprived today too. ebin will usually sleep 9ish to 4ish. he is hardly ever making it to 6ish now which i was REALLY enjoying a few weeks ago. last night he was up at 11, 2, 4 and 8! and did i sleep for 4 hours during that one stretch? no. doug's alarm went off at 6 and then mine at 7. i dragged my booty out of bed reluctantly after hitting snooze 20 times.

WELL ebin is 21 lbs 3oz and 29 1/2 inches long! he is so tall it is about an inch above the curves now. his height was about a half inch above the curves at 2 months so he is climbing in height %. in weight he is steady in %. mr big boy!!

isaac is not my favorite child right now :

fuss fuss babe
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Suxors is my favorite word (not because everything suxors, but because suxors sounds so funny).

Another fly-by posting, sorry, but trying to keep up with *reading* y'all, at least. Who knew that having an extra adult around made everything so busy?

mwah mwah to everyone, thinking of you all. (And stalking baby feather...)
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I love the rainy weather- there hasn't been nearly enough of it for me yet. :. I know I'm crazy, but ferns love their moisture. As long as I get a peek of sunshine every few weeks, I'm good.

The fam and I just got back from a visit with my Mom up in Oly. It was fun and I got to nap a lot .

Night night.
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