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TC, now I have this mental image of celery stalks quietly peering around the corner to check on Heather.

Els, I hope you're having a wonderful, belly-riffic week.

jstar, ebin IS tall! Is he wearing 12 mo. clothes?

KK, suxors is just a good word all around. Fun to type, fun to say. Like 'Nefertiti', but way more useful.

fern, it makes me to think of you absorbing all that moisture.

'Nother wild and crazy day around here. Heading to the office in half an hour (not dressed, Ethan not dressed, girls' lunches not packed, but hey, cup of coffee down and Maymamas checked in with) and then, joy of joys, I get to take our five year old to the dentist to get the *last* two cavities filled. Ughity ugh ugh. Good that we'll be home later than usual, though, as the city will have the water off until 5pm. Just to make dinner more exciting

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Stalk stalk...


Nothing suxors right now

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mw appt uneventful--bah! But my doula stopped by a little while ago which was a nice surprise. Fall weather should return tomorrow---can't wait!
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Originally Posted by heatherfeather View Post
jess--yay! glad it works...isn't the fabric adorable?
i forgot to say YES! it is the cutest fabric. i have a couple of yards of it just waiting for inspiration. i made ebin a kimono shirt with it and cut out a couple of the little rocket ships and sewed them onto tshirts for the boys. ebin's is now a crop top so it went in the too small pile. the kimono shirt was too small from day 1 unfortunately

ebin is wearing a few 9mo and up to 18-24mo depending on the item. he has short legs and a long torso so pants he wears small(er). i squeezed him into a 9mo sleeper last night and realized when i was needing to contort his legs to get him into it that it was probably too small! and i love that one dangit! i went through my basement boxes yesterday to dig out some bigger stuff.

he had 2 vax yesterday and was a little fussy in the afternoon. i couldn't tell if it was the shots or his cold. his stuffy nose is pi$$ing him off. he was really hard to get down last night....it took 5 attempts. but then he slept til 5:30. yay

this is how i feel about isaac right now ---> : he is SO difficult. doug thinks he needs counseling. i think *i* need counseling. i'm getting depressed about him. he had a screaming fit in the coffee shop yesterday which was just humiliating. and with ebin in the carrier i just can't pick him up and haul him out of there. and with dealing with some postpartum anxiety that just makes me want to stay home anyway...i really don't want everyone staring at me and my insane child. after that drama he kicked ebin in the face yesterday afternoon (!). more drama over dinner. and then this morning he's saying 'i dont' like ___' (our babysitter who just arrived.) nice. i really don't know how to deal with all this. wahhhhhhhhhaaahhhh (suxors!)

well i'm glad someone likes the rain ff the gloom is not helping my badditude. i'm living for friday when it looks like we *might* see the sun.
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Jess---- C is into the screaming thing these days too. The defiance is just :. DH and I have agreed on having just one response to it and have been doing that consistently. Hasn't necessarily changed anything behaviorwise, but we're less stressed. Last night I had to put her to bed at 615pm!
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yeah we have lots of screaming NOOOOOOOOOOO at the top of his lungs. it is just : it makes me feel better to hear he is not the only one doing that. i am really trying not to be adversarial with him so as not to get him really riled up but he will find things to be defiant about
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Allison is totally defiant right now. She doesn't have the same screaming fits that her sister had at this age, but I think that's because she doesn't have time. She pulls a completely different kind of attitude - much more mouthy, which I am sure she picks up from her sister, who, sadly, picks some of it up from me. So in response to the question, "Would you please put your shoes on?" Allison might respond, hands on hips, "NO! And I do NOT like it when you talk to me that way!" My fallback mantra is still "This is not a deliberate assault on my sanity." (it only helps sometimes)
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yes, defiance over here, too. and combined with the selective hearing and the selective talking, drives me batty.

don't get me started on it because i am still grumpy over last night's not being able to go to my once a frickin' month evening meeting that i can't take the boys to because mr. 3 year old cling monster and mr. 1 year old too noisy and fussy around bed time and not going to take advantage of my too kind friends and leave 2 fussy kids who have to be awakened from a nap drive on the way to their house and bill has a double header hockey game during the exact same time... can you tell i'm grumpy?

not interested in solutions, just interested in grumping... grrrr...

but i just heard happy news that my good friend had her second baby just about a half hour ago via vbac and they are doing well. yay! new baby!

oh, and i just baked some cookies from a frozen box... mmm...

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hey, mamas. Count me in the defiant club here, too. G's favorite phrase to yell at me is "RIGHT NOW!" whenever I tell him no. DH and I are trying the calm approach "we don't talk that way to each other, if you continue you can go to your room" (which isn't a big threat since he likes his room mostly, but it allows him to reset. Most times, though, he continues to scream "RIGHT NOW!" which is lovely. Threw a tantrum at Vitamin Cottage a couple weeks ago, too. I agree with you, jstar, it's so much harder to manage while slinging an infant. Little things throw G into this mood...some days he's totally fine. Others, not so much.

Good news: G's stuttering seems to have stopped. Good thing since the office that takes care of that kind of early intervention never called me back after leaving two voice mails.

Also, I worked yesterday for two hours (I'm starting back gradual since A's bottle use is inconsistent at best). It went well. A slept the whole time! I'll just be doing 2 hours on Monday for a while to ease back in.

Went to LLL this morning and our leaders were sick, so we just sat around and chatted. I met a new mama who lives near us. She has a 7-month old and used our midwife. She'll be coming to our house on Friday for a little "play date."

I'm not feeling too well today. Got a tummy ache right after breakfast and have had a low (99.2) fever since. I tried to take a nap with A while G took his, but once she fell asleep, he woke up. I tried to put a DVD in and go back to sleep with her, but G kept coming to get me and have me "forward" it. I gave up on napping with A since I think I was disturbing her. My tummy feels a little better, but I still have the chills.

elsanne-we have been having those moments re: job hunting. Now that we've been here 1 1/2 years almost, we're hit with the reality of the high cost of living. Once we pay our mortgage and bills, we're really left with nuthin'. We love it here, but wonder how long we can live this way. I mean, we have no savings, it's all based on credit (which we usually pay off each month but even that has been hard). Quality of life is a real issue.

Also, stalking heatherfeather!
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L's favorite phrase these days is, "no, I don't WANT to." He says it at least 30 times a day, I am not exagerating. (Jess: s) And though I like the rain, I do NOT like the colds that come along with the rain. Both my guys have them too. W had a fever last night and slept in nothin but a diaper till it broke.

Feeding team appt today- L gained 4 ounces!!! YES!!! So we're weaning a bit more. Down to 16 oz formula for the week. He used to get 20 a night. We're still having to give him extra water down the tube because he won't drink enough, so at this point I'm guessing we'll be done with calories through the tube by the end of the year, but maybe not liquids. Anyone got very high-cal soup recipes that your picky toddlers like? That's what the feeding team is suggesting. (OMG, a food suggestion I actually like!).

Must get to my moldy cooler that I forgot to clean out from our camping trip a MONTH ago. Oops.

Stalking Heather...

ARgh, baby up AGAIN
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Fern: Cream-of-whatever soup. With real cream. Mushroom, Broccoli, Carrot, etc... Fry up onion/garlic in butter, lots of butter, mmmm, then somehow cook vegetables (steam them, maybe? Sauteed in same buttery pan? whatever), put them in the blender with a thing of cream and salt and pepper, mmmmmm.! Then, some homemade crusty bread with butter...oooh yes I can see this, especially on a rainy day.
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I make a mean potato-cheese soup that also has a couple of carrots in it. Same basic idea...saute onions in butter, add chunked potatoes, a couple of carrots and water to cover, and boil until soft. Then puree with as much milk or cream as you want, heat back up, stir in a cup or so of grated cheddar...mmm, mmm good.

Jacqueline - hope you feel better, mama!

Sooo happy for our friend with the vbac today! Hooray!

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Now I'm craving soup! I was going to suggest a creamy potato cheesy soup similar to Sarah's. Yay for more progress on the weaning! I still have to nag C to drink enough through the day half the time.

Nothing stalky to report upon atm. Up due to ^$&#$@# reflux which I shouldn't really complain about because this is the first time this pg I've had that burning near aspiration kind of choking thing happen at night. Darn chocolate. I should know better!

DH was relieved that C wasn't the only "3" having issues of the : variety. Bedtime before 7pm again tonight.

Okay...going to try to get back to sleep.....
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ok you guys gave me some chuckles (i love you!)

it is definitely a touch and go mood thing. like all can be well and then boom! go verrrrrrrrry south. he was still on a bit of a tear today but bath and bed were pretty smooth. it's funny - last winter he hated footed sleepers and now he wants one every night. baby-like? it isn't even cold tonight.

but 9:15 and they're both down so maybe i can chill for a bit. (i won't be surprised though if ebin wakes again. he has been doing the wash/rinse/repeat thing the past few nights)

i love bean and ham bone soups. or nitrate free ham hocks or bacon for fat. isaac won't eat very many soups. the only soups i can think of that he has eaten lately were chicken noodle, tomato bisque (because he thought it was ketchup soup), and amy's coconut with sweet potato.
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i just read those stories to my dh and i think he's relieved too i hope that acid reflux subsides. that is so uncomfortable

i forgot to say yay on the weight gain for L too!
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me again!

my mom tells me i once turned around to tell her 'i am not a dammit!!!' musta been around the same age : and my mom is a puritan type. not a whole lotta cussin'
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The new mood minder makes me feel pensive.
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Would someone explain the mood thing to me? I guess mine would be anxious/pensive/something of that vein...

I think everything is starting to hit me. :

Also, I'm sitting here working on a dissertation to do list and a cover letter and resume (while dh is outside playing in the sunshine with the kids).

Re 3: Z was in rare form today. That's all I'll say. :
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Look, I found a mood just for me.
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Maybe our moods can rub elbows and melt some of that stress away. Thinking of you!
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