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they should have a mood called very very pregnant

i am psychedelic because i'm going to a tie dye party this weekend. i went to hanna today to buy a white pilot cap to dye. and i'm going to american apparel tomorrow to get white tshirts and onsies. i wish inexpensive plain white items for kids were more common....they're kind of hard to find. i don't really need to spend $14 on items at american apparel when this is my first time doing tie dye and it might not turn out that well. i think i'll get mens undershirts at freddies for myself.

this chesnut tree 2 houses down is 'ripe' and there are people with the longest poles in the world trying to knock down chesnuts right now.

i need to go pump to leave milk for ebin tonight. he is really grooving on the exersaucer now! at first he was kind of leaning but now he's up and playing
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Oooh, KK you're pink again! I read your post earlier and thought to self, "She's still blue." Humongous hugs for you, mama.
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my frustrated mood after the whole no-monthly-meeting-for-me situation monday night is finally melted away, so check out my mood now. :

heather: so glad you are relaxed. can't wait to hear news of your new babe. can't believe this is your number three. wow. easy, breezy labor vibes to you when you need them...

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Well I can guarantee no baby today. My doula just emailed that she is going to be with a mom in labor today and I don't want a random back-up---so there! My latest guess is the 18th---we'll see!

Quiet day here for a change. I think I'm going to peek in the cupboards and see what there is to bake. Pumpkin muffins w/ mini choco chips perhaps??
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Wait?! when did the mood thing start? I haven't been present because sweets is out of town and his lovely (not so much) mom is here "helping" if helping= doping your child full of sweets, ignoring all the house rules, and not communicating about anything. grrrr.

but I'm here, lurking today at least. mmf!
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Ughhh. This school shooting has really got me in a funk I can't seem to shake.

I guess that's all I have to say. Ugh.
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Juice-This shooting thing is pretty close to you.... We lived near Columbine when that happened, so I kinda know how it feels. Yet, I wasn't a mom yet, so these things hit me much harder now.

Heather, hope you found something fun to bake! So, you think another week? I'm anxiously waiting!

emmalola-Hi! Hope you and baby are good. Sorry about the mil "help." We had inlaws here last week while dh was gone, so I hear ya.

Why can't I change my mood? I tried, but it gives me no options. Do I need to have a pink name or be a senior member or something?!?

My fever went away after a pretty good night's sleep Tuesday. Don't know what was up, but I woke up at 2 a.m. to feed A and my bed clothes were soaked. I felt better from then on. Weird.

A woke up at midnight last night and then was a noisy sleeper/eater, so I didn't sleep so hot. My eyelids are so heavy...

G had lunch bunch today and it went well, I guess. It's weird for me to know that he experiences things of which I know nothing. For example, today on the way home from lunch bunch he said "mom, why do boys hate pie?" G said "I like daddy's birthday pie, but those other boys don't like pie." Then he started saying he "hated" other things, so my guess is they had a discussion today about favorite foods. He couldn't really explain the whole conversation to me. The teacher tells me he does well each time, so that's good. Still, I wonder what he talks about! I know many of you have had this experience at an earlier age, but since G has taken his time becoming "social" I'm just amazed at it.

Okay, gotta get the groceries put away since A is asleep (I think).
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BTW, figured out the mood thing. It wouldn't show up when I used my Safari browser, but worked with Firefox.
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jacq- i think it is weird too. especially during this age where they can't really tell you about things. you just get a little glimpse of it from a question they ask. or isaac will sing a little song and i'll ask him if he learned it at school. sometimes i wish i knew more about what he's talking about (what went on) so i could talk about it with him. and i don't know *any* kid songs beyond twinkle twinkle. i think it is wierder now than when he couldn't tell me *anything* about what he did that day

remember he was all bent on binoculars? well i never made it to buy any and then a couple of weeks later we went to burgerville and he got binoculars in his meal. OMG the joy! so then he takes them to school and mentions a kid T who he frequently tells me is mean to him. i finally get it - 'oh did T bring binoculars to school?' yep. there seems to be a love/hate thing going on with T. then he comes home and asks me 'mom what are these called?' and i say binoculars. he says 'not goo-goo goggles??' so now he keeps saying 'these are not goo-goo goggles!!'

the class is doing a field trip to the apple festival tomorrow. it isn't a school day for isaac but i think we will all join the field trip. sounds like fall fun!

EL - some 'help' there eh? how's the peanut? clingy lentil? isaac seems to have progressed from the clingy stage to pure rage about this whole baby brother thing. violence is escalating. (he even kicked the babysitter's dog last night so she put him in bed early.) she offered to read him a story and he said 'no i'll wait for my mom' he was "waiting" with his eyes closed when i got home

heather - are you worried this is going to be a 1 hr labor? how long was your labor with E? i'll put my bets on.....the 12th. i had a backup doula. it was kind of wierd but fine. she was there for all of 30 minutes of labor while i was pushing. but then she hung out with me for a while afterwards while doug went back home to get isaac and grandma.

ebin is taking his 4th nap of the day. growth spurt? i managed to sew a whole scallop-edged baby blanket from bend the rules sewing and do a gazillion loads of laundry.

i *think* we are going on our first voyage to the new ikea for dinner and basement shelves tonight : oh boy oh boy oh boy
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j---I just ordered that book! Not sure how much time I'll have to sew when it arrives, but maybe sometime this winter! no hope of a 1 hr labor given my 36+/24+ previous ones! Maybe this one will be 12+

This baby also needs to wait because I have an appt w/ the chiro tomorrow morning!
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i love it! i've made a purse, an apron, a curtain, and this was my 2nd scallop blanket. i really want to order the patchwork gift book that came out recently

ok i guess there isnt a 1-hr labor worry then
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It could happen, says the student midwife.

Here is a random thing my DH found while searching for something completely unrelated: http://img134.exs.cx/img134/6163/gotmilk0lj.jpg

I went to IKEA tonight, too!!! But we just got home; we were there from about 7:30-9. How funneh.

I love it when Lily says something random and I have no idea where it came from. Weird, but funny. Apparently the other day she started a story, "This one time, in the 1980s,..." I have no idea where she got that one. And she's started narrating her play in the third person. It is hi-larious. She will play the part of her doll or whatever, and say something in the doll voice, then she'll say, "...she muttered into her pillow..." or whatever. Too funny. I spend half of my time with her trying not to laugh out loud. Don't want to give her a complex or anything.

Alrighty. Time to hit the hay. Yawn.

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marek went to sleep in his bed all by himself tonight for the first time ever.
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Sarah---eek! Could happen....maybe not an hour, but surely quicker. That random language stuff is hilarious! C's latest is that everything is "when I was 2...." or "when E was my age...."
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Hey, just checking in. We have some friends coming over for a play date this morning.

I just talked to my dad. He's getting married tomorrow (for the fourth time since my mom and they were married for 27 years). This one is different, he says. Better be since he's now 71! Anyway, we have an okay relationship, but aren't super closer or anything. None of my siblings are able to attend the wedding, but his bride-to-be sent out invitations and everything. It's only her second marriage so it's a bigger deal, I guess! I called to tell him I'd be thinking of him tomorrow since I couldn't be there. And, now they've bought a home near Springfield, MO which is very far from Topeka, KS (where he used to live and my mom lives.) I feel like I won't see him much anymore, and I hardly saw him to begin with. That, and all the postpartum hormones that must still be going through my body made me a little teary. I honestly do wish him the best, but he doesn't have the best track record, obviously.

So, that was really just my digesting what's going on in my brain right now, but it just felt good to get it on "paper".

That's me today...so far!
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oh, and for those of you who are closer to my end of the age bracket, today Kirk Cameron turns 37! I was one of those nerdy teens who had movie stars pics from BOP and Teen Beat, expecially KC, plastered all over my wall in middle school and HS. (This was before he got all into wacky Christian stuff.)
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Jacqueline-I heard that about KC this morning on the radio, too! I had to 'cause I thought he was the coolest thing since sliced bread back in the day.

KK, I just read OY and I'm thinking extra hard about you and sending you all the good things I can muster. Big Big mama.

Heather, thinking thinking about you as you near the end of your pregnancy. For awhile I was thinking girl, but now I'm thinking maybe boy?

els and renae, how ya been mamas?

Been busy busy lately. Heading out of town this weekend so I won't be around till sunday night. hope you all have a fantabulous weekend!

PS, I'm hungry for Chinese or Thai food for some reason. Oh, and a new Japanese sushi place just opened here last week. Gonna have to check that out. Can you tell I'm hungry?
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Don't know about the school shooting. Not going to find out. :
I'm in a pretty good mood about Al Gore winning the Nobel Prize.

Sherri, for me, Thai food pretty much equals "pg craving".

Jacquie's comment (every last word of it) made me giggle. And dude, I could have written almost every last word about *my* dad! (Except he's younger)

TC, woot on sleeping in own bed..

Heath, I'm still stalky anyway. After a super long labor, a 12ish hour labor feels like a 1 hr labor.

I talked with my old grad school office mate, and I actually feel much better about my diss. (I'm hyper-self-critical, she remembers that yes, I *am* actually smart, and said my advisor still speaks of my work--in positive terms.) But y'all... I think life is so busy that in order to work on the diss, no more blog. I think the blog will understand. I'll try to be more participatory here... thanks for allowing me a moody week. Okay... I *have* to finish the materials for applying for that one job...
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kk---if I may say so, methinks the blog was a warm-up to the diss. --you sure can write passionately and concisely while sharing some pretty cool info. I thought of you when I watched Gore speak about the award today. I've heard more lately about PA offering more incentives for energy stuff---perhaps we may get some panels next Spring???

I'm still feeling relaxed, just tired and irritable as well. Lovely combo! DH's bday is this weekend so I ordered us takeout Italian for him to p/u on his way home. No cooking for me, yummy food for us all..... Then we have to bake a choco cake later!

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Originally Posted by KKmama View Post
Sherri, for me, Thai food pretty much equals "pg craving".

Originally Posted by heatherfeather View Post
kk---if I may say so, methinks the blog was a warm-up to the diss. --you sure can write passionately and concisely while sharing some pretty cool info.

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