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I now have a gut.

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Please tell me I'm not alone.

I will be 9 weeks on Thursday. In the morning my stomach is normal looking. By the evening, I look pregnant...or maybe I look like I just need to lay off the pie. This didn't happen with my last baby, but he was my first.

I feel gross.
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me too me too!
I will be 8 weeks Wed. Same thing regular in the am, by nitefall I look months pregnant.
Didn't happen last time. I think my ab muscles aren't as strong this time around. You know the whole stretching to ginormous proportions and then they cut through my muscles. I now have a pooch! I too feel gross and fat and just want to look preggers already.
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Right there with you. 9 weeks on Thursday too. My husband just told me today I must go get some new pants.

I don't look pregnant, I just look fat. :
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8 weeks today and this was totally freaking my out yesterday. It is so nice to know I am not alone on this one!
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Yep. Me too. Just pudgy...


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