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Me too. Is there any way you can offer her a home as well?
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How many of you are considering adding to your family through adoption?
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Not right now. We used to do respite care, though, and we'll probably go back to it when we get a home of our own.
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NO- we're not living in cardboard boxes or anything. At the moment we're living with my FIL whilst he gets his confidence back after a LONG stay in hospital. (he went in when DD was 10 days old, came out when she was a walking, talking, singing, dancing toddler.) He's been back in three times since he was discharged in February with different complaints, and he's almost there- but we're hoping to be here for another year whilst DH finishes his teacher training qualifications. It's a small house, but they start digging the foundations for the extension next week...
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Hi all! I knew this group was in mdc somewhere, and now I've found it!

So I'll introduce myself! I have four kids- my boys are 8 1/2, 3 1/2 and 4 mos, and my daughter is 6 1/2. Life is good. I have a Waldorf preschool in my home three mornings a week- my youngest two are with me. My oldest is in public school (he's my challenging one!), and my daughter is in the Waldorf school (it was full for my son's class). I manage to sing in our local peace choir once a week. I'm married to a teacher. I have training as a midwife but have put that on hold to have a family...not sure what I'll do in the future as my last birth was unassisted and was very enlightening so now I'm not sure what version of support I want to/can offer women in the future.

I don't have a lot of time for posting, but I will lurk lots!

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Instead of being a stalker, I'll intro myself too...but I dont have many yet....but I feel like I have MANY.

I am Jenny with a ds, 4, and a dd almost 2, and another one coming in December.

I am still in shock from having 2, and trying to figure it out before 3 comes!
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ot: where are you all getting your mood thingies? How do I do that?
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Welcome Jenny! And Jenny!
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Originally Posted by mclisa View Post
ot: where are you all getting your mood thingies? How do I do that?

never mind, it's at the top by the link to private messages
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Hi everybody,

mclisa, I was wondering about the mood thing too, wouldn't have noticed that on my own, so thanks for pointing it out!

Welcome to the Jenny's!

Of course, you can steal the pea in the pod idea hippiemum21580! Wow, it sounds like you have your hands full, I'm glad school is going well this year though and that you are excited about your divorce rather than distraught. That is really something to be thankful for.

I don't think I have enough kids yet to dress them in coordinating colors, but I think it's cute when I see it. Heck, I saw a mom and a toddler (girl) at the mall this past weekend with matching outfits that I think she sewed (they were in reverse - like her blouse pattern matched the girl's skirt and vice versa)... so cute! Made me wish I could sew (for the hundredth-millionth time).

I'm still pregnant too, : Want me to share my smart-mouthed answers to the "WOW, YOU'RE STILL PREGNANT????" comment? Okay, I will!

A: Wow, did you notice that all by yourself? You have such keen powers of observation; you should work for the government.
A: (Hold up your purse) REALLY? You mean this isn't a baby?! OMG!
A: Not for long. I'm having serious contractions. Are you ready to catch?

Oh, I only came up for one for the "WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO INDUCE?" question, but I like it:

A: When I can hear him or her shouting at me from the inside: "HEY, can somebody help get me out please?!"

But seriously. The weather finally started getting brisk around here! I love it! I have been a walking furnace for SO long. Now I just want to sit back with my feet up and the windows open and knit something cozy,

I hope everyone else is enjoying their weather too.

I promise to post if I actually ever go into labor,
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Ah. Sorry, Molly, if you're still laughing about it I think you've still got days left I have the theory that it's only when you find yourself cooking dinner and you wonder just HOW much a DIY caesarean would hurt that a baby is truly done...

You missed one though....
Pregnant? What do you mean?

Hi Jenny and Jenny!
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First, re: answer "pregnant?! Whaddya mean, pregnant?"

Second, Oh, shuddup. You should have seen me last night. I seriously started crying because I had to make dinner and I couldn't figure out what the hell to do. Srsly, I am so blessed, my hubby works only about 7 minutes away, he actually came home from work and made dinner for us and then went back to work. I am NEVER like that ever. I wasn't bawling or anything but it was just like, OMG, what the hell? I'm losing it here.

I'm just happy today because we got paid and dh took us to Cracker Barrell for lunch and I got to eat catfish and not do any dishes. OMG, I had apple pie for desert. I watched "Pushing Daisies" last night and the whole episode, I was like, where's MY pie????!!!!!! SRsly, I didn't even care about the plot, I was just jealous over that girl eating all that pie. I didn't even register that she had an eating disorder until the end of the episode because I wanted to be the one stuffing my face with pie. Yea, pie!

I'm sorry. I just realized I'm babbling. While typing, nontheless. wow, who says I'm not talented.
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Hello to the Jennies (is it ok to pluralise you?)

Molly - People were asking me about when the babe was coming for about a month before she was due because my belly was so big. As it was several pople had to ask me when she was coming during the days I was in labour too I sent the children round to a neighbour the morning after my waters had broken in the night only to collect them again at 5pm because nothing was happening. She was expecting to see dh with news not me with a belly staggering to her door!

My naughty Haven't You Had That Baby Yet response is "Oh yeah, I think I left him/her somewhere: this is just a cushion" That shuts them up.

I hope this wating ends with a just long enough labour for you.
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Moms of Many,

What does bedtime look like at your house?

I can hardly manage 2....I am trying to prepare but something tells me nothing is going to prepare me to have 3 under age 5...
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Last night or bedtime looked like boys(10 and 14) in bed, dd(4) in bed - awake, babe(13months) asleep in bed......then lights on, both dds awake (one screaming the other complaining about the screaming...) and me getting mad because it them took me another hour to get babe back to sleep.

Tonight it looked like boys in bed and dd in the bottom bunk with her brother on pain of harsh words if she bothered him or so much as poked him with her toe, babe in bed standing up and banging the headboard against the wall, kicking me, feeding on and off but not being tired. I gave up and brought her downstairs then tried the bed again and finally got her to sleep at nearly midnight after much kicking and screaming. All of which is why I am still up at nearly 3 trying to get my half hour quiet time now that I've baked the bread and brownies and finished sewing a top hat for ds1's friend:

Our main problem at bedtime is that both the girls are in our room as we only have 2 bedrooms. The other problem is that we are all night owls and late risers which makes our evenings long. Yet another problem is that we are rubbish at routines even after all these years

Sorry if that's not very nspiring. If we ever have everyone in bed asleep before 9 I will let you know.
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I dont care what our picture ends up looking like, as long as I can be reasonably ok with it. (If there is screaming all night and I can not get too mad about it, than yea me.)

I would like to know why my house doesnt look like the nursery on Peter Pan, and why doesnt it seem like we will ever get there?

I think my picture is messed up.
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What does bedtime look like at your house?
Well, I have 4 kids (6, 4, 2, and 3 months) and 3 nights a week I put them all to bed myself as dh works a second job in the evenings. My boys share a room and I put the 2 year old in there as well (for easier bedtimes). The boys share the top bunk and dd sleeps on the bottom. At 6:30 I have them put on pjs and get ready for bed, then about 6:45 I start reading books (they each get to choose 2). That takes quite a while, but it gives us all time to reconnect. Plus it helps them wind down for the night. After books (around 7:30) I tuck my boys in and then lay down with dds on the bottom bunk (the 2 yo curls up on one side while I nurse the babe on the other). Once dd1 is asleep I get up and bring dd2 with me, though when she is older I will leave her there to sleep until I go to bed. Dd1 always joins us in bed at some point and we do have a mattress we roll on our floor at night if one of the boys want to come too.

Most nights go really smooth and everyone is asleep before 8:00. We started this basic routine with ds1 and just assimilated each child as they came along

Hope that long-winded reply helped
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How do all of your handle the holidays with your children. I only have 3, but I am the only family member with so many kids and I don't want people to feel they need to buy each of the kids gifts.
This year all the families with kids will draw names, not for individual kids, but for whole families. There are 4 families on dh's side with kids, so we will only have to buy one gift for one of those families and our kids will receive one gift to share from another family. Easier than organizing a gift swap with 10 kids. Grandparents can do whatever they want in terms of gifts and aunts and uncles won't buy anything (aside from the aforementioned gift swap).

I think it will work out great as we don't want to make it a big, expensive ordeal. We also have a rule against crappy things that break right away, anything with characters, and anything mass manufactured in places like China where lead would be a concern. I don't want a bunch of junky things that will be in the landfill by the end of January!

Dh and I are going to build the kids a playstand and buy some things to go with it (items to play store, kitchen stuff, playsilks for forts, etc). We will also get them each a few smaller items.

Here's hoping it goes according to plan
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Our bedtime looks similiar to your's. My dh and I usually trade off nights putting the kids to bed. We try to start getting ready for bed at 7ish, though my dh is more "flexible" about this! Two of the kids get to pick a book (this rotates) unless we are reading a chapter book. We read in the boys' room, then lights go out and I make my rounds scratching backs and giving kisses, then I sing a song from the hall so they can all hear it. I'm usually done with bedtime rituals by 8:15. Lately baby has been interrupting book time so my eldest takes over the reading for me, very sweet. He also gets to stay up most nights for an extra 30-45 min or so for reading downstairs, as long as he's in bed by 9:00. It's actually a peaceful time, compared to the rest of the day! I enjoy putting them to bed. It is a time to connect with them, for sure.
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