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Oh, and as far as adoption goes, we are not planning on adopting. Honestly, we don't have the money to! We have talked about it though, so who knows what the future will bring! We have done short term/emergency foster parenting in the past and may again in the future but we've let our certification lapse for now.

I'm not sure if we are having another one or not at this point. I'm afraid I might be one of those women who never feels "done." I always wanted to have a big family, and my husband is the oldest of five so it feels natural to him. He's talking about getting a vasectomy and I'm like "does one of us have to have surgery to control our reproduction??" It seems really wierd. I DO remember being pregnant and sick for months, saying that that was the LAST time I was going to deal with that, and the varicose veins, and the headaches, etc...but I don't know. When I was pregnant last time I said it was the last one. I might have to eat my words someday!

the BEST (worst!) thing anyone has said to me about having four kids (my gosh, it's not like i have 20!!) is: "Well, you have four kids. Are you happy yet?" Hmmm...yes, people are VERY wierd!
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I would love to adopt! I don't think dh is on board with that idea though. I wouldn't mind adding another child, but I really don't want to be pregnant again. Right now I am content with my 4 though, no decisions will be made in any regard until she is a little older
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Originally Posted by transformed View Post
Moms of Many,

What does bedtime look like at your house?

I can hardly manage 2....I am trying to prepare but something tells me nothing is going to prepare me to have 3 under age 5...
Well, I cheat because I have a big age gap At 7pm, the TV gets turned off and the boys go up to bed to read for a while. (we do morning baths and they choose long reading times...) Skye says night-night, gets into jamies and her sleeping bag, grabs her baby, says night-night again and goes up to bed. Lies in bed and goes to sleep entirely independently Please, don't hate me. At 7.15 or 7.30, I'm sitting downstairs in an exhausted gibbering heap, thanking every deity I believe in that the day is over. Dad's carers come in somewhere between 7.30 and 8.30 and put HIM to bed, and we do lights out for the boys at 8.30 or so, once the carers have gone. It's going to be a lot easier once the extension is up and the boys can have a later bedtime, but for now, this is what we have to work with.
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I decided to have my ds, 4, and my dd 22 months share a room about 4 months ago but I have not been successful because they just play and play. The little one's body moves faster than her brain. I think she cant help it. ???

Last night I tried putting her into bed with ds when ds was asleep, but she tickled him and laughed and talked to him and tried to wake him up.:

I wonder if sometimes it just doesnt work. I dont want to give up yet.

But I have no solutions on how to get them to stop playing. It doesnt make a difference if I am with them or not, they just play "over" me.

Thanks for the peek into bedtime!
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Originally Posted by waiting4it2snow View Post

I'm still pregnant too, : Want me to share my smart-mouthed answers to the "WOW, YOU'RE STILL PREGNANT????" comment? Okay, I will!

A: Wow, did you notice that all by yourself? You have such keen powers of observation; you should work for the government.
A: (Hold up your purse) REALLY? You mean this isn't a baby?! OMG!
A: Not for long. I'm having serious contractions. Are you ready to catch?

It's still October.
No, I had that baby 6 months ago, why do you ask?
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Around 8pm, dh or I brush the three older kids' teeth with them. Ds1 and dd use the bathroom before bed. Any kids who are taking a bath that day will have done so already (after dinner). Then dh reads from whatever book they're working on, right now it's Return of the King by Tolkien, and a chapter or two from the Bible. Ds1 (7) and dd (4) sleep together and will usually talk for a while after we turn the lights out. We try to only go in and shush them if they're keeping younger ones up.

Ds2 (2) usually stays up for a while more with dh and I. If he hasn't taken a nap that day, I'll go nurse him in bed while dh holds ds3 (2 1/2 months), and he'll fall asleep. But if it's a day he's napped, he'll be up till around 10pm and pass out on the couch.

Ds3 (2 1/2 months) generally will fuss at us from starting around 8:30 and go anywhere from 15-45 minutes. It's his grumpy time. Then he'll nurse, fall asleep for maybe an hour, nurse again around 11pm and then sleep until 5 or 6am. He's the first baby that will sleep for a big stretch like that. I am very grateful.
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Also, I wanted to recommend a book I found at Barnes & Noble today:

It's called Table for Eight: Raising a Large Family in a Small-Family World and I cannot say enough good things about it. It's a book with other moms' experiences and advice, tons of practical suggestions on raising a larger family. She points you to other books and websites at the ends of the chapters. She's supportive of breastfeeding, different schooling choices and positive discipline. I'd swear she's a MDC mom.

Buy it, borrow it, just get your hands on it somehow.
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Bedtime is a tough time for us around here. DS1 thinks since he's the oldest that he should be allowed to stay up as late as he wants, and I tried that but then he'd stay up until like 2am and then sleep in until noon and be unbearable crabby all day. So at 7:30 everyone gets a bath or shower, into jammies etc. and then DS2 and I read a story while DS3 sits and plays with toys and DS1 entertains the baby. Then DH comes home from work and sits while I beg him to put DS3 to bed, who won't sleep for me at all. After about an hour of nagging he finally gets up and puts him to bed and inevitably he falls asleep so after about another hour of arguing with DS1 about staying up late he finally caves in and goes to his room and reads a book until I come in and shut his light off. Then DD and I hang out until she's tired and then I go to bed. All in all, it's about 4 hours and I'm left with about 6 broken hours of sleep and I'm getting very crabby about it. Something needs to be fixed. I just now got DD to sleep and DS3 will be up at 7am.
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Lydia (and Transformed.) This is what you get for commenting on how well Winter was sleeping all those months ago, though I think stories like this are why I'm so terrified of letting the 7pm bedtime slip- Alex is totally happy with a book in his hand, and really doesn't care one way or another if he's reading in his bed or downstairs or what, but he has a place at cubs after half-term, and that's a 7pm finish. I'm stressing, because the day starts at 6am for me, 6.30 for everyone else and everyone (i.e. me) gets cranky with not enough sleep.
We got our big-family-mobile! A 1995 VW Sharan AND it was cheap. I am ridiculously excited about this, I really am.
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I don't know if having 2 kids and expecting my 3rd qualifies me as a mom-of-many yet, but I'm joining just for the good advice! Honestly I'm not that worried about anything, which is strange. DH just got a raise at work, we just bought a family-friendly car ( finally ), we have a nice big place to live, I'm healthy and feeling great, I can't think of a better time to have another baby!

Okay here's a question that I've asked myself a lot: How do you handle public outings with really young children? By the time this baby is born, my oldest will be two months shy of 3, and his brother will be a month away from 2. I only have two arms. How do I get everyone to stick together and manage three kids?!?!? I'm not an octopus!!
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Baby in sling, kids in cart (ply them with crackers or those little boxes of raisins). Have them hold hands, kids love to hold hands. Give them little backpacks to wear and fill the backpacks so they are a good weight but not too heavy. This really helped my older 2 who really got overstimulated in busy places. The weight gave them some good sensory input to counteract the lights and noise. Plus it slows them down a little Stick to places that are more kid friendly (good shopping carts, no breakables on low shelves, etc.). Go early when kids aren't tired, cranky, or hungry (just hungry enough for the snacks you bring with you everywhere), and it isn't too busy.

I can do anything with a baby in a good, snug sling. Just this weekend we went climbing in the hoodoos. I nursed my youngest while helping the older 3 climb (and not fall), and kept the hyper dog in check. The hardest part was keeping the baby latched on when I needed both hands to climb

And like most things, practice makes perfect. When you take them out a lot on your own you get good at it and they do too. They learn what is expected behaviour and you know what works to make it go smoothly.

This has seemed to work for us so far, though I only have 4. I am sure that moms of more will have great ideas (that is who I always look to for great advice!).
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What works for us is to have the older ones trained to stay close. In parking lots they know to hang onto hands. When walking in a park to a play area, they can wander a bit, but within reason. No running ahead or getting out of sight! I can tell the difference when my niece is along. She just doesn't listen and her parents are always complaining of her running off. DH also has the count to 3 rule: before he counts to 3 they need to stop what they are doing or they get a time out.
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One more tip for going out: try not to have a highly scheduled agenda. If you are out just to be out or to get a few things done if you can, it seems to go easier.
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Originally Posted by FreeRangeMama View Post
Baby in sling, kids in cart (ply them with crackers or those little boxes of raisins). Have them hold hands, kids love to hold hands. .

They just started carrying the little boxes of organic raisins here...we love them!

I have my kids hold each others hands as well, they fight it less than holding mine. I think they feel bigger if they don't have to hold on to mom...our rule is as soon as they (mainly the three year old) starts running off, he is in the cart or stroller. Besides the tanrtum, it usually works..
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I never have figured out nursing in the sling hands-free. I've done it with the baby sitting up, facing toward me, but thats about it. I have a sort of pouch/wrap hybrid sling, and I like it, but something tells me its not very good for nursing hands-free. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
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i've never nursed in the sling either. I blame my boobs for not being the right size...or not bendy enough...
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I'm running the Holiday Helper this year, so if any of you have gently used items, or any WAHMs or crafty mamas have anything handmade to offer families in need, please PM me!

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Just subbing. I'm a "wannabe" mom of many.
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I was laying in bed last night looking at my very cute almost three month old ds and realized, I don't feel "done" yet. Logically, I don't want another baby until he turns two, but I do want more.

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Phathui. I know what you mean: but there was a point where DH and I were considering giving up trying. If we'd lost this one, we'd have called that "done", I think.
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