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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
Barcelona, seeing as I'm in a whole different continent can you tell ME what it's called? : It sounds fantastic.
Neener neener Neener....I'm special. I know! I know!!!

Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
And in answer to the preggo mamas question, I'm huge. I'm at that special point in pregnancy where every day I get out of bed, look down and go OMG because he's grown so much overnight.
OMG me too!!!!! After having last week off work my daycare lady was astonished at how big I was...she just kept saying it's like the kid grew 10 lbs since I saw you last...I feel it too...all in my back :

coming soon!!

Oy Gunter
*hugs* I know how much I hate the eww..and need things cleaned up. Even with the threat of evacuation I was running around cleaning things up so that *if* nothing bad happened I had a clean house to come home too. I hope you get it home-like again soon!!

LOL about the bread machine. I can't begin to tell you how many times I did that when I wasn't pregnant!! I'm so jealous of all that you are getting done. I'm attempting to teach kids who don't give a rat's arse about the periodic table...I have to say I'm starting to agree with them. :
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Monique, a friend of mine told me the other day that when she was pregnant, her brain turned to placenta It works for me. As for the cashmere, I'm not that nice. I have enough left over from MY cashmere socks that I'm prepared to use it on small people. That's all.

Kaspirant, hope the backache gets better soon.
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Gunter--sorry your place is such a mess. That stinks. Get some big rubber gloves for the cleaning, it'll make you feel less grossed out when cleaning up someone else's mess and yuck! Did you ever see the movie The Color Purple? Celie (played by Whoopi Goldberg) has just been married to the mean guy with a bunch of mean kids, and she's living in his filthy disgusting shack of a house. There is a little segment which shows her cleaning--washing the black filth off of the windows till they shine, cleaning all the stuff in the house, and at the end of it the little place is all clean and shiny and homey, and you see her putting things in jars (like beans and rice and such I think) on shelves in the window so they look pretty, creating beauty in a simple way and making it her home. I always think about that when I have a major horrible filthy cleaning job to do, and I find it inspiring. Generally I start in the bathroom and the kitchen, and once those are clean the rest of the place doesn't seem so awful. Also, on occasions like that I tend to forgo my gentle non-toxic earth friendly potions and go straight for the bleach and such!! : Kitty litter down on the driveway will absorb the motor oil. Can you force your brother to help with the cleanup??

barcelona--sounds exciting! I'll look forward to The Big Reveal, as they say in reality show lingo!! :-)
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Originally Posted by Kavita View Post
Also, on occasions like that I tend to forgo my gentle non-toxic earth friendly potions and go straight for the bleach and such!!
I am *so* all about the Lysol sanitizing wipes. The more, the better!

Speaking of which, I just finished sanitizing and painting the master bath and it is SOOOO much better. You're right Kavita - when the bathroom(s) and kitchen are clean, the rest seems manageable.
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Wow everyone is all busy and industrious! Gunter, I totally know what you mean... 10 years ago if I'd had a place and lent it to my sister, that would have happened. But, now she's a respectable lawyer, so you never can tell.

In an extraordinary coincidence, I am right now wearing cashmere socks. They were a christmas present from last year from my MIL. Fortunately I am one of those people who is a huge fan of socks for christmas.

Rowan did end up wearing her costume to playgroup - yesterday and today - and was definitely the cutest tiger on the planet for a while. And she will be again tomorrow. Yesterday I had to drop off a form at the university for my DH, and the place is even more infested with rabbits than normal. This, of course, thrilled Rowan to pieces. I let her chase the bunnies - who are pretty fat and placid - and they hopped and she giggled and shrieked and it was all so cute it made my teeth hurt. Then I thought, gee, imagine if she were wearing her tiger outfit, and I had the video camera. Heh. I think tomorrow, on the way to the g'parents (who live conveniently close to the uni), we may take a detour. And a costume. Oh, I am a bad bad mama, but I do so want a video of a little tiger chasing bunnies!!!

I am also a very tired mama. I have a bad cough and last night every time Rowan woke me up it triggered my cough and I spent a full hour surpressing it to get back to sleep But I am hopped up on caffeine so I feel ok right now (which is when I should be napping of course).

Monique - thank you for reminding me, I have to go make bread. I made pumpkin tarts yesterday and the pastry failed miserably. New flour, stupid me.
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Happy Halloween!!

I love Halloween. I just realized this morning that we haven't carved any pumpkins yet!! We have two, but they've just been sitting out on the porch. We need to do that this afternoon.

Can you believe it's the last day of October already and tomorrow is the start of "our" month? It's so exciting and unbelievable that our babies are turning 2 already!

Here's a link to the birth announcements thread so that we can keep track of birthdays.

Soos71, Soggygranolamama, averymybaby, 2tolove, bodogirl, cjbeach, oetien, mamaharsh (Sean's birthday is today!), and deathbygodiva all have two-year olds already!
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PS: Raaar!
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too cute for comments
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Carrie Louise.
I keep thinking about that family- anyone know if dziejen has had the new one yet? And so many mamas who I miss- I miss Kel, and Memorymaker, and everyone. I wonder if they'll check back in with us next month?
Am I right in thinking that all of our pregnant mamas are out of their first trimester, btw? Just wondering...
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Happy Halloween to all and Happy Samhain to those who celebrate. I'm 16 weeks and have my first mw appointment later today, but have yet to manage to get in the shower. It's just being a yuck day all around here. Bank idiocy leading to money issues, but that should be cared for later this afternoon. It also looks there is nothing for dh to do after this job is finished in about 3 weeks. So not what we need right now.

I just went looking and dziejen has 12/29/07 listed as her edd in her siggy.
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Happy Hallowe'en! I did get video of a tiger chasing rabbits at UVic today! It is supercute and we'll try to post it tonight. She is totally in love with the tiger costume now, yay!

The media here have been reporting that there's some sort of pumpkin shortage and none of the grocery stores have any. : If there's ONE thing people should be buying locally, it's pumpkins - there are pumpkin fields all over the place around here, but it seems the grocery stores are sourcing theirs from the mainland or something. Anyway, I had to go to a farm market today for frozen berries and fruit and they had thousands and thousands of pumpkins that they'd marked down to $1 a piece ($2 for the really big ones.) Silly media, silly grocery stores, silly people.... argh.

Anyway, now I get to carve them. Rowan loves the carved pumpkins but is not so interested in the process so I'll do them this afternoon while she's at grandma & grandpa's, entertaining them with her tigerness.

Amy, Brynn is an adorable dinosaur! Raar!

And on a separate note (I celebrate both, but differently) have a good Samhain everyone. We have so much harvest bounty here at the moment it almost feels like every night is a celebration of it... but I will light my special candle tonight and enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet and reflection, and plan coziness and warmth for the dark months to come.
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It's November!!

Here's the new thread.
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