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The reason I don't think anything serious happened with my friend is because it appears that all of her MySpace friends knew beforehand. I think if the reason she didn't tell me was because it was serious, no one else would have known either.
I think the true explanation is that we just weren't as good of friends as I thought.
Anyway, my sister read my blog post where I discussed my feelings on her replacing my friend and she flipped out, called our mom and dad and tattled on me and now my parents are giving me the silent treatment.
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barcelona - try getting Finley to nurse in fun and exciting new positions. That'll help clear the blockage. It might have happened if he was getting lazy on one boob and not nursing as thoroughly as he did before. And hot baths are always a good idea too

Mel - too cute about the potatoes! I don't know what the deal with the pastry was - it was like she was too attached to the cheese to see it covered up. She does love her cheese.

DiD - that's awful about your friend. I can imagine how you must feel.

Amy - good luck with the renos & cleaning. I'll be thinking of you!

My IL's are back and they took Rowan yesterday, so I got to the gym and stuff, which was nice.

The other day DH asked Rowan what she wanted to be when she grew up. She thought for a minute, then made "small" motions with her hands, scrunched up her face, and said "leeeetle tiiiiny baby". DH and I just cracked up. (She's seen a couple little tiny babies in the past while, hence the fascination.)

ETA: wrote most of that post last night and posted this morning so missed a bunch of stuff:

Gunter - I hope Ez gets better soon.

DiD - dude, don't post stuff about people who might read it on your blog!!! or if you must, do as a friend of mine did and use livejournal and set up filters. That works really well, you can post what you want about whoever and just not include them in the filter.
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Originally Posted by spughy View Post

DiD - dude, don't post stuff about people who might read it on your blog!!!
Um. Duh. Even I should know that, but in my grief over my friend, I just plain forgot.
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Hey, at least your sister READS your blog.

BTW- Lush? Try Temple of Truth bubble bars and whoosh shower jelly. And DON'T go to the forums.I'm warning you, seriously.
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Originally Posted by Gunter View Post
mel- happy anniversary!!! we went to the bird park here in singapore and ez loved it! there was one in bali but we didn't make it out to it. ez liked the emus and the eagles and the penguins are her fave. there is a pic on my blog of her hugging a penguin statue; she kissed it all over, too. maybe that's why she has a fever now, all those germs. anyway, where is the Raptor Center? if you want to PM me instead, i would love to know in case we can drive by it on our USA tour when we get back to the states. We're planning to fly into seattle and drive back to nc seeing lots of stuff along the way and eating tons of vegan delights.
It's in Eugene Oregon. (Which is a mecca for vegan delights, too) They do raptor rescue and rehabilitation with attempts to release animals back in the wild, and only keep birds that can't be released. So there's no need to feel bad for birds in captivity. Here is there website. I hope that Ez is feeling better soon.
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argh! I hate it when I miss the new thread!

We're doing fine around here. Ellie's too funny: she's developing more of an attitude, and it cracks me up. She's trying out saying, "NO!!!" really loud to everyone, especially her big brother. She's talking in 3-4 word phrases now, which is really exciting. And - thankfully! - she doesn't seem to have any of the articulation issues Killy has, just this week I think two strangers have commented on how clearly she talks. She's also currently in love with footie pajamas at night, and wearing jeans during the day every day - if I put her in a dress, she'll usually go to her room sometime during the day and put jeans on under it. She looks adorable when she does that!

I put a child seat on my bicycle this morning and we took a quick bikeride this afternoon - I think Ellie liked it. But, my goodness, it certainly ups the intensity to add an extra 25 lbs hanging over the back wheel! I got a great workout! I was worried that she'd rebel against wearing her helmet the whole time, but she seemed fine with it. I always wear my helmet when biking, so I guess she just gets that its part of the experience.
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Hey ladies! I just read and caught up with everyone but just have a moment to say hello! We spent the night in the new house last night which was exciting. It's still not totally done, but hey, we have a floor so that's all that matters!! The bamboo looks gorgeous, so it was all worth it.

We're off to school but I'll try to catch up with everyone later today. Peace out!
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
BTW- Lush? Try Temple of Truth bubble bars and whoosh shower jelly. And DON'T go to the forums.I'm warning you, seriously.
I'm not really a bath taker, like I'd have time even if I were. I love the Karma scent but my bar only lasted a couple of weeks. I am so bummed!
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I put photos of Rowan's and my trip on my facebook page. I don't think you have to be a member. Try this link and let me know if it works: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=4605&id=518027732
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just a quick note before we go to canada in the morning
to let you all know that my mastitis is gone!!!
it's the first time i've ever managed to keep it at bay
keep my fever from getting crazy high
and having to go on antibiotics.
so thanks for your suggestions and encouragement!
my clogged duct now just barely hurts, just barely.

i can't wait to get away.
i'm disappointed with the scene i am probably going to end up with
but it's not as bad as the over the top one i quoted.
i am trying to trust
and be positive and grateful.

amy, so exciting that you slept in your new house!
i love bamboo floors!
how very fun it must all feel, a new beginning, a new home.
how's it going with the school stuff?

q of c, ellie sounds adorable.
finley has also just started 3 and 4 words together.
i don't know how clear he is, though.
but it is so much fun to watch him talk!
i'm glad you don't have to worry about speech issues with her, though,
i am sure you are relieved.

spughy, i haven't had a chance to see the pictures yet, but can't wait!

if i don't get a chance to check til i get back,
happy thanksgiving to all you canadian ladies!
i'll be gladly sharing in the spirit this sunday,
over in the capitol.

happy autumn weekend to everyone else.
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I've been grossly nasty sick in bed and trying to catch up. When I get a chance I'll be back. Hopefully the antibiotics I don't want to take will kick this nasty infection out and I can get back to something like normal soon. I'm sick of not having energy to get out of bed!
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right now i am NOT enjoying my Nov 05 boyo. god he is hard hard work adn im handeling it ALL wrong

hes hitting the Terrible Twos with venom!!

he does the same things over and over even tho he KNOWS not to (throwing toys down stairs, opening the wardrobe in his room and trying to climb in it, no it cant be moved no where to put it, he will not stop jumping on the older 2, he wont leave baby alone when shes feeding, he wont leave me alone when shes feeding, he yells at me the instant she crys and keeps on and on and on and on about "beebee ry bee bee ry" im like yes harrison i know shes crying but as im in middle of changing DD1's nappy baby will have to wait a sec ok.

he is so hard to calm, he wakes from his naps and will cry for an hour and no amout of hugging, cuddling, nappy change, cup of milk, snack toy, tv will calm him at all he just stops and starts again and it wears me down.

his speach is great i can understand him better than i understood DS1 at his age.

he was a high maint' baby too, cried loads, hated being put down at all but i was not into babywearing then and had added pressure of CPS breathing down my neck(SW came to my house at 9.30am a week befoer xmas 05 on a day i had had only 1 hours sleep, i had flu, i had been up out of bed maybe 30 mins and she told me my house was not clean/tidy enought for my kids and if it was not better in 3 days she wanted to get a police order to take the kids, DS2 was 4 weeks old. the house was FINE, its been worse since and better since im so so sooo glad i am on on HER case load anymore)
so that give u a idea of the pressure i was under when DS2 was a tiny baby, i was told my Health Visitor, SW to LEAVE HIM TO CRY while i did the hose work!! can we say abandoment, not meeting babys needs! christ i bet if id left him to cry they would have had me on "emotional neglect" FFS, oh im getting mad now remembering all that.

anyway DS2 he is lovely at times but when he is "naughty" oh its awfull

he hates kisses, hates hugs unless he wants one, my little huggy baby is gone!!!

i have been losing my temper a lot easier recentaly(in last week) maybe its cos im tired and under pressure to "get back to normal" ASAP (from MYSELF as well as outside influences) and get my house upto standard, which is pointless really as its all gonna get messed up in 4 weeks when we get a totaly refit of kitchen.

well im about done, i have forgotten what i was trying to say my memorys shot at the mo, so ill go and hope it makes some sort of sense

love andhugs to all the Nov 05 kids, Happy October

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well, its october. duh. i posted in the other thread anyways, just stoping in to read posts.. we are at the library. its market day.
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we're safe in seattle. seriously jet lagged after a really crappy united airlines flight over 17 hours. anyone else not find them to be family friendly? they don't even provide seat belts for the toddlers on laps!!! but, beyond that, we had to beg for a bassinet or a bulkhead seat and were lied to about them not having either. so, at the last minuted we paid $260 to move up a class (there are four classes!) so we wouldn't be smashed in. still no room for a bassinet and five wide open seats in the bulkhead (they said there was no room there) and none of those people had kids (they told us two babes were already assigned to the bulkhead section). not a single UA staff was kind or helpful on our second leg; they were actually rude to us. wonder if they just don't like people to fly with kids? ez wasn't even grumpy or crying or anything. you all know we have flown a bunch in the last few months and airline staff have been so helpful, nice and even gone out of their way to accommodate us beyond anything we've even asked for. guess our expectations were inflated a bit b/c of that. sarah- i give you kudos for traveling w.o a partner. you are a stronger woman than me. it would be so challenging for me w.o dh! mad kudos, girl!

so, now we're just catching up on sleep and eating the best tasting food ever...just b/c it's familiar, really! we got to hang with dh's aunt and uncle last night and they are so funny. it's weird to be driving a car and even weirder to have ez in a car seat, again. we rode in cars some but never had a carseat. : i know, i know. she sure was happier though. we walked to dh's family's condo last night and wow, it's chilly here! okay, it would be normal but having spent 5 months in summer warmth, it's quite the adjustment. foolishly, i still had on my made in bali thin pants. off to the thrift store tomorrow to get some more appropriate clothing!
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Hey Gunter glad you made it back ok! I was lucky to have very helpful airline staff - I should do the good word-of-mouth thing and say if you have to fly between Canada and the UK, MyTravel Airlines is great in terms of flight crew/ground crew - nothing but helpful people all the way there. Mind you, the thought of a bassinette never crossed my mind, I spend the majority of the flight over with Rowan asleep on top of me! I don't think they have bassinettes on those discount airlines. Anyway, if you feel you can stomach a day trip, Victoria is just a couple hours away via the Clipper, come visit us!

Kiz - BIG mama. Sounds like you're going through a lot.

Not much new here... I was getting depressed at the thought of Thanksgiving at the IL's (yeah it's Thanksgiving here on Monday) - they don't GET it, we are surrounded by such wonderful harvest bounty here on the island and yet I know that probably not one single thing on the table there will be local or even organic (except the pumpkin pie that we're bringing)... so I decided to do a small "real" Thanksgiving here tomorrow night, with a local pasture-raised chicken, lots of good local veg, homemade bread, real wild cranberry sauce, and so on. And we've invited a nice lady whom DH befriended from the retirement home up the street. She invited Stirling over for dinner a couple times while I was away so I wanted to thank her by saving her from institutional Thanksgiving dinner.

must go make dinner now. DH has worked late every night this week and he's working today and tonight too I hate the software industry and its stupid timelines, they're never realistic.

Oh and the link I posted won't work. Here's one that should: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?ai...0&id=518027732
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Welcome Stateside, Gunter!!


Kristina - feel better soon, mama! ~Healing vibes~

Sarah, I couldn't get in! But I'd love to see pics!

Amy, glad it was worth it, can't wait to see some "after" pics. Hope it really feels like home soon.

flapjack, are you feeling better? No more fainting, now!

Happy Thanksgiving to you Canada mums!
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Sarah, wonderful pictures!! What an amazing, beautiful little world traveler you have!
Thanks for sharing them!
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I'm so stressed about the wedding. It's coming up so soon and we are just not going to have enough money for everything. I lost the hearing for my unemployment benefits so I've lost $400 a month, and that's totally making our budget completely screwed. Plus we got behind on the rent, and the IRS is threatening to garnish Jim's wages if we don't pay $110 a month. We have four paychecks left until the wedding and three of them go to pay the rent, not to mention our other expenses like electricity, phone and groceries.

For Jim's and the boys' tuxes it'll be about $250. The cake is $200. I owe my florist $460, the officiant is $150, the alterations for my dress are going to be somewhere around $200 and we haven't even bought rings yet. Then there's the stuff like wedding party gifts, hair and makeup and ceremony and reception accessories like a guest book, toasting glasses and cake serving set.

I am so at a loss. There's nothing we can do to cut our monthly expenses because we've already cut everything down as far as we could from when we were struggling so badly before. I know my mom and dad are completely tapped from paying for the site rental, caterer, DJ and photographer.

It's just kind of snuck up on me when I thought I had so much time left. We've had to completely scrap the idea of going on any kind of honeymoon simply because it's completely out of the budget.

Man, this sucks. Maybe we should've just gone to the courthouse. Which is so not what I wanted. Blah.
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Lydia, I know something of money issues. They suck. Does that help at all? Seriously though, do you have any friends who can lend out something for Jim and the boys to wear? What about someone to make the cake? And flowers from a friend's garden? A friend to do the alterations on the dress? The cake and flowers may not be as professional looking as otherwise, but you know they'd be made/arranged by someone with lots of love for you. Hopefully you can think of somewhere to cut expenses and still be totally happy with your special day.
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I don't know about someone to lend the boys something to wear, but we already are having a friend make the cake, for cost only she's not even charging us labor, the flowers I've already signed a contract and paid a deposit on and if I were to cancel I'd lose $400. My sister's friend is doing the alterations for about 1/3 of what David's Bridal was going to charge me.
We're going to buy cheap rings from Target, that'll help a little. But the rest of it, ugh.
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