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Another gross granola bar and I'm waiting for a chicken pot pie to come out of the oven.

Last night it was egg noodles. Mmmmmm.
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Melted cheese and tomato sandwiches broiled in the toaster oven!
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Some great organic bean dip I found in the dairy section at the store along with some stone ground wheat crackers. That filled me up for now, but in a little while I'll be having cucumbers and veggie cream cheese in a whole wheat pita.
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Just finished a frozen Wild Oats mac & cheese, but now I want a little of what all of you ladies are having! Mmmmmm.....
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A Reese's peanut butter cup.
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Originally Posted by Sunny Days View Post
Melted cheese and tomato sandwiches broiled in the toaster oven!

I had this minus the tomato. Now I might have to go buy a tomato.
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Malted Milk balls
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Originally Posted by cj'smommy View Post
Malted Milk balls
Evil... I've been craving those for days. I really have to get to the store now.
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I just ate two babybel cheeses and now I'm going to have some popcorn. I need to eat so I don't get sick but nothing sounds good today.

I did get 'vega' brand chocolate protein powder, and man is that good with yogourt and banana, blended. I want to eat, well drink, that all day long. But too much liquid makes me sick.
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Originally Posted by gabbyquilts View Post
i had some cranberry chicken and stove top dressing for dinner, but I just got home from my spanish class and tengo muy hambre! I think ill have a cucumber. I picked 5 out of the garden today. I really want a baked potato with ranch on it but all i have is those little red ones and they are kinda tangy.

Ooohhh I love it with the red potatos. I haven't found a potato yet that I don't like and can put ranch dressing on. Well maybe not a sweet potato but all others are great especially tangy ones!
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Home grown chicken, 1/2 of a baked potato, and a bunch of veggies. I am still stuffed! My "fun" thing earlier was 2 little york mint balls... yummy, and not too junky, lol...

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Chocolate Malt-O-Meal and toast.
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I had oatmeal with honey and milk. And just like yesterday, it all ended up in the toilet at work. Tomorrow I will try no honey and see if that is better. In a little while I am going to eat my second breakfast (i knew #1 would not last long, so I brought #2 to work). That is an Amy's strawberry toaster pop.

Originally Posted by Sunny Days View Post
Melted cheese and tomato sandwiches broiled in the toaster oven!
That sounds heavenly!!

I think if I went to the grocery store and bought eveything I have been craving or sounds really really delicious, we would be broke and there would be nothing left at the store!!
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Oh, you guys are GOOD! I alternate between really healthy (homemade lentil soup) to really bad....like how I just scarfed down leftover, cold fast food Chinese restaurant Lo Mein while surfing the net. It was my midmorning snack. I had a bagel with butter for breakfast and plan on having some more of that lentil soup for lunch. I'm hoping (i.e - you never know when a craving for something crappy will strike!) to have yogurt with honey for an afternoon snack and then homemade curry chicken salad for dinner. After that we'll see...maybe I'll pop some popcorn or something.
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Vegetarian sushi...mmmm. I'm seriously thinking about stocking up on some supplies so I can make my own whenever I want. Avocado, egg, tofu, cucumber...I eat the raw fish when I'm not pregnant, but I'm REALLY enjoying the veggie-style right now. :
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raisin bran cereal with milk, then 1 pancake with butter and syrup, and 1 poached egg. A smidgen of OJ, and 1 cup of coffee. I kinda wanted some bacon, too but skipped it - too greasy. This is at the diner around the corner from my house
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and lunch today will probably be

beef noodle soup, rice noodles - at an asian restaurant a few blocks from work. It is served with cilantro and lime, bean sprouts, on the side too, but I don't like sprouts much nowadays. I eat it with a bit of siracha sauce, a kind of hot sauce. I spoon a bit of hot sauce on my noodles, a bite at a time.
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I'm drinking coffee with lots of cream right now. I also ate egg, cheese and tomato on bread. I am so lazy that I go to the Tim Horton's drive thru in the morning and ask for the egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, with tomato and no bun (can't do sugar/white flour). Then I come home and put it on ezekiel bread.

I have to go to the same one all the time because they know me. Otherwise I get sucked in to a long explanation that no I really don't want the bun, yes you can ring it in normal, you can package it in wax paper with the cheese in the middle, etc.

It's totally getting me thru the first trimester, that sandwich. I've also had a protein shake. I'm eating a lot lately, and I notice I'm no longer losing weight but seem to be a few pounds up.
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Two pieces of white pizza. Oh how good. I could have easily had a third. And a big glass of ice water with lemon. Ahhhhh. I love the way I feel after lunch.
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