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"If you mean rude and crude, say rude and crude. When you use the term "low class" or "lower class" instead, you are saying that lower socioeconomic level = rude & crude. If you use the term "low class" to mean "lacking in elegance in dress or behavior", you are saying that people who are of a lower socioeconomic level are lacking in elegance in dress or behavior. This concept can be extrapolated to many other racial, cultural, ethnic and religious slurs. "

Yes! I think this is preferable. This thread has some very interesting ideas wrapped throughout it. I think it has made a lot of people reflect on how we feel about some basic concepts. Fascinating!!
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Ok I'm going a bit OT here but if he pooed on the grass, mum picked it up in a bag and took it home would that be ok?
No, not for my DD. Her poop was still quite soft when she was in diapers and still nursing. It would have left a lot of residue on the grass.

OK, let me get this straight... poop is germy and unpleasant to step in, but perfect acceptable to have squished up next to your child's delicate skin and genitals for an hour? you'd rather have it on your child than on the bottom of your shoe?
If you'd read my PP, you would have seen that I said I'd never left my DD in a poopy dipe for an hour (unless she was asleep and I was unaware).

But, yes, given the choice, I'd rather have my child's poop on my child's bum for 10 minutes than my child's poop all over the ground in a public place for the next week. Is this thread going to go down the "diapering is child abuse" road? Are we now in favor of pooping in public, too?
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Wow, what a thread! I'm not going to comment on the boy/girl thing. No matter, really. At this age this really doesn't bother me one bit, especially if it's helping to educate some younger kids.
To echo others, there is a huge difference between adults/older children being encouraged to pee publicly or doing it often. However, I'm not sure these kids/toddlers were encouraged to pee on a tree anyway, weren't they just allowed? And I don't think kids are always going around peeing everywhere, or that we have to worry about hundreds of toddlers peeing all over parks. This was a few kids who were peeing on a tree for fun. At this age I think it's more about the need and learning, it's interesting for the smaller kids too.

Originally Posted by attachedmamaof3 View Post
It's an innocent thing that they'll soon outgrow, not a big deal and IMO, certianly not "inappropriate, disgusting or gross". They're children for crying out loud.
Yep, I agree. Children and innocence need to be protected. If it becomes a 'habit' that needs to be dealt with later. I don't really know too many people with this 'habit' though.

Originally Posted by pixiepunk View Post
i hate to break to you all, but squirrels, chipmunks, birds, stray cats, possibly rats and other animalia who frequent public parks are rarely, if ever, toilet trained (though i'm sure there's a You Tube video somewhere to prove me wrong). there is likely pee and poop on said tree and surrounding leaves, sticks and other things your child might pick up and even put in his/her mouth.

this thread is really too much

it is our obsession with cleanliness in this culture which is largely responsible for increasingly virulent strains of all kinds of diseases. and there have actually been studies, i believe there was one in Germany (can't remember, saw it on a PBS documentary a while back) that showed that kids who grew up on farms and were exposed regularly to small amounts of fecal matter, dirt and germs were healthier, less likely to have allergies, and had stronger immune systems than their clean-living urban and suburban counterparts.
Yes, it's a dirty, dirty world. That's why we wash our hands. And that's why we're going to start selling dirt on ebay.

To finish up, I"m going to share a little story even I was mildly shocked by. Down at my inlaws' farm one of the employees' young, potty-learning boy squatted down in the middle of the driveway to poop. (He often runs around naked in the summer) His mother calls out, 'Johnny! Not there! Go in the grass!'

Rural Ontario, Canada. We're truly 'backwoods' up here, to put it nicely.
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Very interesting thread! When DS1 was a baby and I saw toddlers peeing (both boys and girls, equally) at our apartment complex's playground I used to be really grossed out (they used a tree, not the playground equipment, but I still thought it was really inappropriate). But now that DS1 is potty learning, I see it as a necessity. I still feel kind of bad when we have to use a public place, for some of the reasons mentioned (mainly that I think it is disrespectful to the people around us) but I also think it is necessary to the potty learning process for DS. I hope the people around us understand that he's just a little kid trying to train his bladder, not trying to be offensive to others. We try to be discreet as much as possible, but, yes, DS uses a tree/bush/gutter about once a day. It would be counterproductive to keep him in diapers when he is at this point in the PL process-- he can hold it for a long time but rarely knows ahead of time that he has to go. FTR, I'd do the same for a daughter.
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i'd rather she not run thru someone's pee, kid or dog. that's why there are no dogs allowed in our park.
I'm sure there are raccoons that frequent the park at night, birds go all over the place, squirrels do their business wherever and all the other animals that roam the park pee on the grounds as well. It isn't just the dogs you have to worry about.

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This is so normal where I live in Asia. Boys and girls both do it. If there's no nature around they tend to do it in drains. Girls are held over the grass/drain/whatever so that the pee doesn't get on their clothing or feet. It doesn't bother me at all. That said, I have never seen a kid poop in public and don't really want to.
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Ok - The park in question does not have a bathroom? There is no way I would go across the street to take my child to a public bathroom at an establishment where I felt I had to buy something to use it. They aren't there for the park bathroom. The park should put one in. Of course if the park put a port-a-potty in, I'd still let my DS pee on a tree.

There is a difference between a grown man peeing on a tree in public and a child. A BIG difference. You can't compare the two. It isn't indecent exposure (crime) when a 3YO does it.

My DS does this and normally by the time I catch him at the park doing it, it's too late. He knows to go to the bathroom in public establishments, and asks, but when he is at a park, he just goes when nature calls. Then the girls try to do what he did. The mom's don't care.

This country can be kind of prude when it comes to awareness of the body. If you have a problem with it, then you have to deal with it, but mom's will continue to let their children pee on trees in parks when there are no bathrooms around. It's dangerous for a child to hold it long (can cause UTIs), and they can't hold it long. I'd rather them pee on a tree than pee in their pants.

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I have no prob seeing little boys pee against a tree and don't feel disgusted by the idea. Since I just don't see grown men doing this at all ever, I don't sense a growing dilemma but don't deny it could encourage an adult rogue urinator. We own a little plastic container with a flat bottom called a Little John with an adapter called Lady J for when you need to #1 in inconvenient places. My boys (even the smaller one), really like using the Little John, and it has helped us on on numerous occassions outside of hiking/camping. I think I found it either at Cabela's or Campmor. Btw, it is perfectly easy and unmessy for an adult woman to use inside a minivan with minimal undressing.
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Originally Posted by meaghann View Post
Since I just don't see grown men doing this at all ever, I don't sense a growing dilemma but don't deny it could encourage an adult rogue urinator.
They don't do it sober. Alcohol makes 'em do it.
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They could have used a little more privacy, but peeing on a tree seems a perfectly logical course of action for boys with nowhere else to go.

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I have to say I think for kids under 5 it's fine.  I don't think anyone needs to be concerned about forming lifelong urban tree-peeing habits with such young kids.  They will grow out of so many things, and they should grow out of this, especially if parents start letting them know that it is best to find privacy when they can.  My one concern is about creepy folks that might be interested in getting a peek, makes my stomach turn to think about it. We bring a potty everywhere, and usually try to find a little privacy, but sometimes it's impossible.  Our LO is petrified of public toilets, but happy to drop trousers and pee in the grass or use his own mini potty chair.  For me it can mean avoiding a huge tantrum and maintaining potty learning successes.  

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Wow, talk about resurrecting a 6 year old thread!
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