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if you have tried the bella band....

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is it worth it? or did it make your stomach feel like a sausage link?

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I have a bella band but have not had to use it. I have the feeling though I could grow out of my ususal cloths and not know it. I work at home and get to wear elastic or drawstring PJ and lounge/yoga pants. I haven't tried on my jeans in a while. I might have to go shopping in my PJs soon
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I have never had one but they look really cool!
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I am currently 8 months preggo and have not bought a single pair of mat pants because of the fantastic invention of the bella band. I wear all my own jeans and pants and shirts and it works like a charm. It just looks like you're doing the 'layering look.' I own two. They're awesome and they're super comfy. Go get some.
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I have one and I like it. I thought it got uncomfortable though as my belly got bigger, so I wouldn't do it the whole time.
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loved it - for a while.
It's great 1st and 2nd but at some point it does get sausagey.
Worth it tho imo.
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I love mine. I need to get a second one in a different color (mine is black), as I'm starting to pop out of my regular clothes already.
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I have the bella band lookalike from motherhood maternity, much cheaper I believe. It works great, it just smooths out your unzipped pants. I do not find it restrictive at all, and i have quite of a belly already. I reccommend it for the first few months b/c is lets you wear a lot of your won regular pants.
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I haven't tried the bellaband, but I got a cheap knock-off from ebay for 8.00. It itches like crazy. So, all of this to say, go all-out and get something comfy.
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i looked on their website and i think i want one. Do you know if the work ok with low waisted kinda jeans? does it look like you just have on a longer tshirt underneath? Are these things made out of spandex or something? I wonder if its something i could make...anyone know?
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I have one

wish I had more, for when I can't find the one, I'd like a color, I have the Bella band in black.

I think I have a size 2 or something. I think to wear it in the last trimester, I'd have to get the larger size, but the one I have is working great, now. I have pants that were loose pre-preg, and now I'm wearing them unzipped with the Bella band. They are dress pants, I wear a lot of black tops, and I have the black bella band with lace, so it just looks like I'm wearing a cami underneath. VERY comfortable - I'd recommend it.

I bought 2 pairs of maternity pants, 1 is a dress pant for work, and another pair of sweatpats for the weekend. I think I'll need to buy larger sizes for both, but they'll be good in the next few weeks to probably end of the 2nd trimester. I'm also wearking a stretchy skirt, no bella band, but will probably have to let it out (I stiched the waistband to fit, now I need the room) and wear it with the bella band.
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I bought one, loved it really early on, but now it makes me want to puke, with the nausea I'm having. Stomach constriction is not pleasant. It's better than my non-maternity pants though, because it has *some* give.

The other thing is I paid $40 for it (Canada), and just bought two pairs of maternity jeans for $30 and $35 each. So... a little pricey!
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I bought 2 SAHM made from ebay that are really cute. One is black with white lace and the other is white with white lace. It was less than 25$ for the two of them with shipping.
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kristinc, can you share her ebay name or a link? i am really interested in these.
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I have one and just started using it. It really is a great idea, but I have to adjust it all the time because it comes up off my pants. I will keep trying it and hope I get the knack.
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