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PLEASE HELP! wv vacc laws

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i just had to move to wv beacause of a bad divorce and no where eles to go to get help w. a place to live and baby sitters etc.
darby will be starting his first yr in kindergarden ehre and now i am finding out that i can not use religious expemt!!!

i am so heart broken and torn over this. i dont want to ship him off to his dad in tn to go to school , but what eles can i do???

please help
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is this helpful?
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no philos. exemption in wv either?
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call this number. it is the 909 shot people... (fisher's group) I think they are in virginia.

please call our office at 703-938-DPT3.

I believe they may know the current status on west virginia. When I do a google search it seems the philosophical exemption passed the state senate. meaning I think you can use it.

but I think these people will know more.
let us know, okay?

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Actually, I called the number listed in the State Government section of our phonebook for vaccinations about a month ago. I spoke to a very nice gentleman, who kindly informed me that the bill DID NOT pass after all, and the only exemption currently available in WV is a medical one. He really was a nice fellow, and had just taken the job having moved here from Florida. He assured me that this would not be the end of the issue here in WV and that he was almost positive that it would come up in the next session.

I sure hope it does and that it passes!

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thanks so much for the info guys! i will deff look into it.
maybe i could try getting a med exemption, but im not sure how that works or how i would find a dr
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