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wow, that's gorgeous!! LOL at the naked little one, adorable

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Thanks. It's looks even better in person. It's so cozy. I can't wait for Christmas!

The minute he walks in the door, all the clothes come off. It's winter and he still won't stay dressed.
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I am sure at some point I posted pics of at least a couple rooms of our house, but currently (with the exception of three bookshelves, a toy car, a recliner, and a couple wall hangings that all need to go or be dealt with somehow) the rooms in my Flickr pics are clean and clear. Now I am not gonna show you the guest room closet, the hall coat closet, the garage, or the attic...cause those are still embarrassing (but it is a work in progress)!! But the rest of my house is beautiful!!

I can come back later and post pics of the master closet, nursery closet, and the interiors of some of my cabinets...I just don't want to put those on Flickr!! orngbiggrin.gif

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very nice! looks so cozy esp. with the holiday decor and your tree is so full and decorated! we had to put the ornaments on the upper part of our tree. how do you keep your little one out of the wine rack? 



LOVE the tv area! our tv is wall mounted and we've yet to find something to put the tv box/dvd box/vhs on.

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Thanks Brees_Mama. My two year was obsessed with the bar cart for the first 2 weeks. We kept a close eye on him and told him "no" whenever he tried to bang stuff on it. The novelty wore off and he hasn't touched it since. Last week I dropped a heavy glass on it and it didn't damage it at all so I don't think we need to worry too much about it.
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You're welcome! Sounds very sturdy! 

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bump.gif in hopes of more inspiration to get me decluttering!! :)

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I was just sweeping and getting ready to take a picture of the living room for this thread when Dh got home and spread himself out on the couch with the 500 remotes and some snacks. Haha!  Maybe tomorrow!

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I love this thread!!

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Can you see subtle changes?


The black-hole looking spot is where my dd dropped the drawer and it split. Needs to be repaired.

I'm clearing the decks. Usually I deep clean in summer, but hey. Summer is gone. Someone is coming Tuesday to give me an estimate on deep cleaning my house. Gotta clear the junk out so that it doesn't cost me so much!
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kerc, Doesn't it feel good to get those things organized!  Great job!



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Hi everyone! I consider myself light minimalist and dp an i really enjoy collors. These are some pics of our home. It is a small 2 bedroom and the master bedroom is actually the attic. The pictures are not so good, because we had just move in to our new house and my camera was pretty much lost in the proces so i used my awfull cel camera. We try to keep our posessions simple and wont buy stuff only because it is cooler, hence the old tv and small kitchen.

There are no photos of our home office wich is still a work in progress. The bathroom is the family one; our master bedroom bathroom is not how i want it to be and because we are low on cash having bought the house and all, it will probably be unfinished for some months. I just realized that the picture of the stairs is terrible! Also, i havent got any images of the bed in the master bedroom. I really have nothing on my side of the bed, no noghstand. No small table, nothing. Dp has a small table, a lamp and a HUGE souns system! LOL.....eyesroll.gif . The room with the strips is waiting for the child we want to adopt, but the adoption process here in Brasil is completely diferent from the USA's and its taking forever, so we use it as a guest room for now.
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Lovely! And welcome to MDC, Marina! Thanks for sharing! I keep meaning to take some updates pics of ours to share. Should get on that.
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So, our co-op townhouse is about 900 square feet over three floors, which makes the footprint of each floor pretty cozy.
1. Our kitchen table / homeschool area. Most popular place in the house!
2. Living room (off the kitchen). Second most popular place in the house.
3. We converted the closet/storage under the stairs into a hidey-hole, playspace for the kids. Around the corner (where you can't see) is a beanbag chair and a bunch of pillows.
4. 2yo's bedroom
5. 2yo's bedroom
6. 4yo's bedroom
7. 4yo's bedroom
*should be noted that they have never slept in those rooms ... my mom uses the first one when she visits overnight weekly
8. Family bedroom
9. Family bedroom
10. My office, off the family bedroom (converted closet)
11. Awful, ugly, minuscule, mid-80's kitchen (the other end of the table/homeschool space).

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Can you come and do mine? We have 1200 square feet, but it doesn't flow as nicely as yours looks.

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Thanks! The flow of ours is maddening too in that we don't use the second floor (2 kids rooms) at all, and that the main floor (kitchen/living room) is SO SMALL. I wish we were saving money and living in a 1- or 2 bedroom while the kids are small,, but we'll likely grow into this space as the kids get older and they start spreading out. It's hard to get into a co-op, so we're not inclined to move! (this is our seventh home in about as many years ...)
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starling&diesel....jaw2.gifbigeyes.gif:twothumbs and :clap


Gorgeous home you've created for you and your family!! Very inspiring and very beautiful. :love

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So inspiring!  I'm not ready to post the rest of the house yet, but I've been working hard on our bedroom/office/temporary nursery (I'm 4 months pregnant).  We had to do this with almost no money, so...I guess I spent about $100, total.


Bed:  I got this brass headboard on Craigslist for $25 and spray-painted it black.  The bed itself is a platform that we built from plywood leftover from the last hurricane we boarded up for; it's tall enough to allow for those plastic storage totes underneath - 9 of them.



We built these floating bedside tables from scrap lumber and leftover paint.  I saw them on a website - Brett Bara, maybe?




Our office/guest room is now home to a long-term guest, so our office is now on these bookshelves.  We got them free from my parents' garage when they moved.


And lastly, this empty wall by the dressers is for the pack-n-play I just bought on Craigslist.  (It's currently stashed under the bed, as well.)  One of the dresser tops will be the changing table, and my husband and I are each donating our top drawer for baby things and diapers.




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