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Moldy maple syrup- help

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Ummm, I didn't know that you needed to refrigerate maple syrup after opening. Now there is a layer of slimy stuff at the surface. Is it okay after I remove this?? Or do I have to throw it out?

I tasted it but right now I'm sick and nothing tastes normal.
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If it is actually moldy, I'd throw it away.

Maple syrup itself does not require refrigeration, so long as you are very careful not to contaminate it. No fingers, tongues, dirty spoon, etc. Never pour syrup back into the bottle. It's the contamination that generally introduces bacteria.
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I *think* someone in the family used to scoop out mold and reboil the syrup with baking soda. Think depression era. My mom suggested this one time and I just said ick, I'll buy open a different jar.

My parents make syrup and we keep it in the freezer. Get one jar/container out at a time and keep it in the fridge. Not sure if we had problem with mold or what, it's just the way we did it.
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The first time I ever bought maple syrup, it developed mold. My mother just used it, so I kept using it too. It tasted fine, actually, and we didnt get sick, but then I decided to throw it away and make sure to refrigerate it the next time.
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I found that out the hard way too a while back- ick! I tossed ours and started over with a new bottle. I keep it in the refrigerator now. It doesn't get hard like honey does and I just warm up a little if I want to pour it on pancakes or something.
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How big is the package of moldy syrup?

If there isn't much in the package I'd just toss it. If you have a lot less, then it may be worth the trouble to skim off the yucky part and boil it (and either wash the container thoroughly and reuse or pour into a new container after boiling.)
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I'm just in awe you've managed to keep your maple syrup long enough for it to develop mold! Mine barely hits the fridge before I'm sniffing around it like a dog around a ham... schlp!
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Ok I filtered it through a coffee filter and then boiled it. Used a candy thermometer and let it be at 180 for 5 minutes. I bleached the container and poured it in hot. When I'm not sick I'll taste it and see how it is.

I'm just feeding myself with it and it is a big bottle from Sams, thats why I have had it so long.
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Mold on syrup is not a big deal (although I'm w/ the pp who is amazed at all of you who have managed to keep syrup around long enough to have it get moldy!).

Skim off the mold, reboil and skim again, and you are good to go.

Not to be too gross, but my dh used to work for a fairly large maple syrup company here in NE, and all the maple candy was made from barrels of syrup that had gone moldy and were returned by distributors etc to the plant. He would do the skim/reboil/skim, and then make it into maple candy.

So now ya know:
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