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I have heard that being on fire is the worst pain. Also, it never stops hurting -- for weeks and weeks!
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Originally Posted by truemists View Post
Just thought of something else... peeing after giving birth. That was unholy.
I would hit myself in the forehead to distract enough to be able to pee. Damn tiny tear at the top. Damn that evil tiny tear.
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Originally Posted by KailuaMamatoMaya View Post
I would hit myself in the forehead to distract enough to be able to pee. Damn tiny tear at the top. Damn that evil tiny tear.
A tear on the other end is hell too. I have a fisure and if it tears during cb OMG having a bm after that is sheer torture. I dug up my legs with my nails going to the bathroom, hit my fists on the wall, yea not good. I think I blocked that from my memory
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man, a bunch of these just made my body and fingers and toes curl up just thinking about it!
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Well... ...I've never given birth (all sections) but I can say that I have had an infected tooth that hurt WAY WAY WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more than my 4 day long labor in which I prayed for death.

That was horrifying, and I was pregnant with DD2 at the time so was "working it out" unmedicated. I REALLY considered giving DH a hammer & telling him to smash it out. (The tooth, that is...)
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Recovering from my myomectomy-i.e. C-section minus the baby. That was horrendous. It really makes me question the sanity of people who elect for a c-section...

I have birthed vaginally 4 times. Neither the back labor or inductions were anything compared to the month long agony of my surgery recovery.
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Originally Posted by rharr! View Post
Healing from childbirth
nursing through breast infections :
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A hangnail hurts more than childbirth with HypnoBirthing.
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I had a tooth absess 5 weeks after giving birth to dd, and my dentist was on vacation. I suffered through it for a week. It was definitely worse than birth.
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I'm sure i could add more, but here's what popped in my mind that I've experienced (in no particular order):
-3 dry sockets after wisdom teeth removed (nursing a 2 month old at the same time)
-kidney stones
-throwing out my back
-road rash
-Crohn's disease
-IUD embedding in my uterus/cervix
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Well, I haven't had the chance to actually GIVE BIRTH yet, but I have definitely been through worse things than the duration of the labor I experienced before I was sectioned.

-Hemorraging 1 week PP.
-Slipping a disc in my back.
-My worst migraine ever, I was throwing up and falling down and crying all at the same time.
-Falling down the stairs and bruising my butt and back black and blue.
-Being hit by a car while riding my bike.

These things hurt a LOT, and like a PP said, they weren't on the level of childbirth, which in most cases is, "Geez this really hurts, but it's going to be over soon and I get a baby out of it!" Whereas any other bodily hurt doesn't really have a definite end in sight and definitely doesn't offer such a great reward!

I probably shouldnt' be allowed to speak on what childbirth truly feels like because I didn't experience the full duration of it with completed pushing and the "ring of fire," but what I did feel, at least before I caved in and got the epidural, was not so bad. I was able to deal with it. Yes it hurt, but that hurt was amplified by meddling nurses being all up in my grill, and when I was able to just be alone and focus and do what I needed to do, it was bearable.
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passing kidney stones
tooth aches
having several of my teeth pulled at the same time
broken arm
broken wrist
flying over the handlebars of a bike and breaking both wrists and getting road rash across my face

I really really hate pain and have a low tolerance but labor is not a steady unrelenting pain it comes and goes the space between contractions was usually longer than a contraction I just had to accept that this is what I am doing and resolve to doing what ever it took to get through worked out for me- don't get me wrong it did hurt and hurt worse if I was upset or afraid
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Nothing compares... Birth was by far the worst pain i've ever felt. Really, I can't think of anything that even comes in as a close second.

I can think of a lot of things that would hurt worse, but none I have ever experienced myself.

If I had the option, I would rather give birth than have my leg chopped off.
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I have one- a Recurrent Corneal Erosion... Basically, it's where you scrape your cornea (painful enough) and it heals, but not well. So, every morning when I woke up, my cornea would come off with my eyelid opening. The doctor did 5 surgeries over the course of a year before it healed completely:

1st- he scraped off the remaining cornea
2nd- he punctured my cornea with a needle- hundreds of little holes
3rd- he scraped it off again
4th- punctured the holes again
5th- lasered off the entire thing (and SUCCESS!)

Then about a year later, my other eye got a STAPH infection in it, and it had the erosion- cornea kept sloughing off. I told my eye doctor that I would prefer giving birth ten more times at home again, with not so much as a tylenol, to doing any one of those surgeries or having my cornea peel off again. It makes me cringe to even think about it!

What I tell my childbirth students:

"Pain with a purpose is bearable!"
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pancreatitis. Hands down the worst pain I've ever endured. Repeatedly.
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I'd have to agree with a really bad hangover-the kind that comes with a horrific headache.
A crushed ankle
A migraine
When an ovarian cyst ruptured in the midst of a very traumatic miscarriage. That put me on my knees.
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Originally Posted by Quindin View Post
I have heard that being on fire is the worst pain. Also, it never stops hurting -- for weeks and weeks!
And on that note, having a second degree sunburn is also a lot more painful than childbirth.
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Rupturing an ear drum due to increased pressure from... what's that called? A deviated septum? DH's will hurt, hurt, hurt, and just get worse until he's in paralyzing pain and goes to the ER to have it drained. If he doesn't make it in time, it ruptures again and gushes blood from his ear. NOT fun. He has 25% hearing left in that ear after 3 ruptures.

Also, I have 3 wisdom teeth growing horizontally-into the nerve endings of my other teeth. Whenever they go on a "growth spurt"... ugh.

My 5 attempts at getting an IV hurt worse than the actual birth as well. They blew out 3 veins.
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Chronic appendicitis--I had several "attacks" before they finally took it out. It was like being in transition for hours and hours at a time ending in the vomiting and no baby as a reward. What's worse, I was only 12-13 at the time.
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