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Little Lounging Lizards

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Little Lounging Lizards makes hemp diapers that can be snappied. There is a strip of french hemp terry attached to the back of the prefold. These are excellent diapers for babies that are heavy wetters. I love to use the Nighty Newts at night. I've never had a leak. The froggy fleecers are also great for day and car rides.

Customer service is excellent.
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Nighty Newts are super absorbent, a must have for a heavy wetter at night! They are bulky, but no more so than other nighttime diaper combos we tried, and they actually work to keep ds dry without a doubler. Stacy is also wonderful to work with.
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I have the med./lg Nighty Newt. Excellent for nights, but I wish it was a little wider (hard for me to get the wings around to snappi) and that it came in a shorter "true" medium. Maybe it does now, I don't know. It would also be great if it had a loopy place to attach the third leg of the snappi.
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I got a Nighty Newt and it was the most absorbant dipe that I have ever owned. Stacey was quick to ship, too.
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I LOVE my nighty newts. They are not the only thing we use at night, and it's nice not having to layer doublers and fleese toppers inside a diaper burito! I use an aristocrat over the top, and while we do have a big diaper butt...it's no worse than any other nighttime combo.

I also bought a couple of blankets from her. They were hemp/fleece and so soft! I have washed them several times and they still look like new. My kids use them for naps, when they sleep on top of their made-up beds. We also use them in the car on long car trips....they are SO snuggly! I'd like one for myself!

Stacey's customer service and communication was great! I had a few special requests with my order, and she accomodated them perfectly. I am looking forward to ordering more from her, and am going to buy her blankets to give as shower gifts for friends having babies. You can't find a better blanket anywhere!

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I can't say enough positive things about Nighty Newts. They are the ONLY thing I can use overnight with my super-wetting toddler. As an added bonus, the unique way the layers are sewn means they dry quickly too! Stacey is also a dream to work with - incredible customer service from this Mama!
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You can see a pic of my Nighty Newt on the website...it's the one with orange serging and a microfleece layer. I love it...dd, who is a very heavy wetter, barely wets through all the layers. And you absolutely can't beat the price. 'em!
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